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Capitalism and war exits because of females.(Male domination theory)

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 30yrs • M •
Stigmatized69 is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Capitalism and war exits because of females.(Male domination theory)
Capitalism and War exits because of females.(Male domination theory)

(The topic of interest will come up)

Growing up was a very slow intellectual process for me. Especially when it came to the aspects of female psychology. We have all heard the term innocence, and I myself was the very definition of a innocent guy. Many of my friends who I had never dreamed of achieving female related goals, became well accomplished in the womanizing field. Many of the basic things guys eventually actualize about females, I had no knowledge of until many years had passed. I remember the first time one of my friends got laid; it was about 3:00 am and I get a phone a call, at the time I was about 15. My friend had a very egotistical tone, as is the norm with my current age group.

'Hey man'
'Dude, it's like 3:00 am'
'Oh really?'
'So what's up'
'Hey guess what'
'Ah what?
'C'mon Guess?'
'I don't know'
My friend than starts to whisper:
'I got laid'
'OK?, so how was it?'
My friend than starts to egotistically laugh
'oh my god, really'

Now here I am today, 20 years old, Graduated from high-school and all my friends are long-gone. High-school to me was a learning experience, because between the ages of 15-19 I started to analyze a lot of shit and of all the shit I analyzed, such as the nature of the universe, the meaning of consciousness, societal corruption, the most enduring thing I perpetually thought about was females. During this time I also got into Buddhism, which is a complete philosophical contradiction to me wanting to think about girls. Now during this learning experience, I came up with a 4 step process that most, lets say, smart thinking guys will go through. I will now reveal these steps:

Step 1: Analyze Freudian Psychology and learn how men and women have evolved.

This was the first phase I went through. It was during this time that I started studying the differences between men and women and how evolution has played a part in shaping how men and women both have conflicting thoughts and ideals. Understanding Freudian psychology will teach you that people most likely have sub-consciousness ulterior motives. Freudian psychology will also play a major part in this discussion, as Freud's concept of sex and aggression is the very foundation of this intellectual debate)

(There are a lot of books out there such as 'Why men want sex and Women need love')

Step 2: Communication with females

Females are very good when it comes to verbal communication. This stems from the fact that females develop language skills faster than males and also because they didn't have to hunt and kill shit, they could just sit and talk with other females in a cave.(subjective Joke). This was the most interesting phase I went through, as I started to receive first hand confirmation from females about themselves and what they were attracted too. Girls want attention and have no problem expressing what they think and feel. Almost everything I was studying from phase 1 was true. Yes, females are attracted to power, yes females are attracted to dominance, and yes females want a commitment of that power and dominance to just them. Females like to refer to this concept as 'Love'.

Step 3: Cynicism

This was probably the worst the phase I went through, but sadly its true. Men and women are radically different. They each have separate evolutionary goals in life. One seeks merely to aggressively create life, while the other seeks to maternally protect life. And while the two classes of evolution work coherently, there are clashes of achieving what I like to call equality of the falsely perceived capability of having 'perfect competition' in nature. This can easily be applied to the failure of having perfect competition in capitalism as Adam Smith intended. There is no such thing as equality in nature as genes naturally have a superiority complex and merely seek to perpetuate their existence. There is no such thing as equality in Capitalism as business merely strive to become more successful than other businesses. Why the fuck would you want your product to have a elastic demand if it means less profits? Less profits equals less power. Less power equals less chances of getting 'laid'. Nature requires genetic progression in order to exist. Genetic progression requires power to exits. We males are expendable by natures standards and could be classified as the embodying powerhouse that competes to fuels life. Females on the other hand could be classified as the nurturing creators of life, who merely seek protection and resources for their offspring. The point is, why settle for less when you can have more? Genes seek to continue the human existence even if that means cancelling out other genes through 'dominant means'. This leads back to the Darwinist concept of 'Survival of the Fittest' . Considering males play the role to protect and provide, their natural inhibition in life is to spread their genes to the highest-birth giving quality females, as this creates the best survival rate for future generations. Females themselves are faced with strong jealousy towards other females because they are also competing on a genetic level to create the best survival life forms for future generations. I will elaborate on this later, as this leads back to the topic of discussion. The point is why waste your time trying to achieve a sub-conscious emotional acceptance within females in order to breed, if their emotional hardwiring is pre-set towards power and the willingness to share your societal wealth with them. It's futile on a genetic level because males merely seek sex, trying to avoid the evolutionary barbwire attachments that have been conditioned into a females personality in this society today. This of coarse is normal, as females have to deal with pregnancy, thus a selective processing is formed when it comes to breeding. This however, is where the basic evolutionary clash between males and females is formed. Power is like a genetic 'cheat sheet' for males in society today and could also be deemed the basis for universal corruption. However, it is also the easiest way to conform to natures natural intention without any religious or lawful intervention.

Step 4: Acceptance

This is the phase that I am currently at right now. Instead of resisting this cynical reality, I've decided to accept it. I've seen many guys who were cynical about love and started to actualize societal hypocrisy. I'm going to be honest, they were fucking miserable. There are many intellectual guys out there that learn to conform to societal standards and eventually find 'Love' within a female. But like Kurt Colbain said 'Nature is a whore'. It has been proven that females lose their sexual drive once a relationship, on a hormonal level becomes 'boring'. Females have increased testosterone only during the beginning of a relationship when their at the peak of emotional excitement. Considering males are the expendable backbone of genetic life creation, they are faced with a perpetual opportunistic sexual desire which if not satiated will lead to aggression and stress. Due to this expendable role of being a male, it would seem that relationships on a monogamous level will inevitably fail. However, many females because of their pre-existing maternal kindness will offer guys sex out of 'love' in order to keep a relationship going even if they are lacking the sexual drive. This could possibly be a dynamic primal response in order to maintain protection and resource stability. This itself is a testament to how complex human beings are. Though we may have natures evolutionary gift, we have the sentient option of 'Thinking'. Natures drives may tell us one thing, but have the option to defy it. Thus, it is possible on a altruistic level to dynamically adapt to your ideological preference. Buddhism is like a anti-nature revolutionary, like all religion and laws it seeks to defy the existence we have been given, only in Buddhism what it defies actually makes sense(I will cover this later) But what about those who merely seek the gratification of what has been naturally given to them?

Now it's time to think about are society today. For we are living in 'Natures Paradise' We are living in the ultimate alpha male society that was created and formed by alpha male men. Now lets face the facts. Men with a high status have sex way fucking more than men with lower statuses. The whole reason men have aggression is to compete with other dudes to achieve a higher status. It's a genetic message of survival. Now that its proven that females are attracted to these dominate features of survival, one would argue that reason why there is nationalism and wars is because of dudes trying to get 'laid more'. A horrific act to simply perpetuate their genes which have, as mention before, a superiority complex, therefore their genes are hardwired to think they a have a higher survival rate than other genes to be passed on to the next generation. Survival is not inherently selfish, natures perspective of the continuation of earthly life forms is selfish.

Lets analyze capitalism for a minute. How could something so fucking corrupt and blatantly irrelevant towards equality and human needs continue to exist? How could people accept the fact that poverty, which is the inevitable short end of the stick of capitalism is ethically acceptable? How could people accept the fact that everything produced today is eventually obsolete in order to keep profits fluctuating and the job market going? How could people accept the fact that consumerism , which is the very foundation of capitalistic economics, is a cyclical dead end that leads to nowhere? Well, People accept it because it is natures cheat sheet of power. What creates this power? Males. What I would like to know is how could females be attracted to a high-societal male knowing that his power stems from killing other human beings? How could females accept a high-societal male knowing that he manipulated and backstabbed others? Well, its what I call a genetic superiority complex. Evolution is the foremost importance in the survival of life, thus the maternal kindness that is evident in females likes to shut it's self off. For power and the creation of life are the most blinding sub-conscious tools that hide are normally self-perceived outlooks on morality and ethics. But atlas, there are those intellectual men and women like me who don't like the shit that's going on. Well, though few, there do exits females who know whats right and whats wrong. Well, though few, there do exits males who know whats right and whats wrong. I would never want to kill someday or manipulate people so I could achieve my evolutionary goals.

One might say 'Hey what about Hitler?'. My reply to that is Hitler himself merely sought power, but his ideals where totally genetically based. One could call Nazi ideals, the raping of natures power concept. The whole concept of a superior Aryan race is a male driven genetic goal, collectively gone to the extreme. Domination applied specifically to race of people could be led to back to nationalism; countries seeking power to perpetuate the wealth and resources of the top elite of that nation. Yes, America is powerful, but only a few have it. It all boils down to manipulation. People at the top need others at the bottom. Women at the bottom seek others at the top. It is the most clever secret form of alpha male domination and it is coded in economic slavery. All because of the genetic impulses of males. Basically a fuck you from nature, but a outdated 'horary!' for the survival of our species. Hierarchies exist because males exit. Males exist because life exists. Bob Marley was a dude who gained money and fame without killing or manipulating anyone in negative ways, he sought Freudian genetic power in a different form, utilizing his creativity. Once he got into a position of power, though it was peaceful, it was still power, he slept with as many females as possible. Once his wife denied him sex, his aggression started to rise. Don't believe me than go read the article his wife Rita posted. My point here is that Freud's concept of sex and aggression is true. The corrupt world around you is natures vision. For as long as a man and women compete to make love, there will be a lack of food, fights, and injustice. Lets think here, if we lived in society were everybody was equal, what would women be attracted to in males? For a guy is always going to want power to attract more mates, whether consciously or unconsciously. A female is always going to be attracted to that power whether consciously or unconsciously. Nothing is set and stone here. Ok, I'm just analyzing and thinking. Like I said before, there are a few smart girls and guys who think beyond what nature has given them.

In my next blog I'm going to elaborate more Buddhism and how Buddhism is just such a strong revolutionary concept. If your seeking something beyond this fucked up world that nature created. The philosophical ideals within Buddhism are your key. If people want to truly defeat capitalism; than they need a psychological outlook that Buddhism provides. Because it complete defies natures vision of society. I will talk about that in my next blog.

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 35yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
why are you equating capitalism to war?

do I really have to list off the thousands of wars before capitalism and after it's creation?

Also as for Freud he realized he had alot of sexual issues that were explored during the greek times......

He assumed that because those issues were the bases of his psyche that it must be the same for everyone.....

It's pretty naive and outdated.

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 29yrs • M •
Misconceptd is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
You lost me at step 4 paragraph 2

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 43yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Cainchild is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I will dive into the gender garbage, biases and overt lack of understanding in other areas later on, but first I would deeply love you to back up this...

"why are you equating capitalism to war?"

"do I really have to list off the thousands of wars before capitalism and after it's creation? "

Are we forgetting that capitalism as system was more or less founded by a man who advocated eugenics by way of imposed cannibalism?

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"Fear is the emotion that prevents us from doing thing we shouldn't have thought of to begin with."
Capitalism and war exits because of females.(Male domination theory)
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