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Life: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?

User Thread
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Life: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
The Word

¡§In the beginning was the word and the word was with Jah and the word was Jah.¡¨
¡V The Bible

There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet slips the mind every time. Number one is that in the beginning there was only one thing, and that was the word. The word is what created everything, the word is what the creator had, and the word is what the creator is. All there was in the beginning was this same word, all the creator had was his-self in the beginning and nothing else.
Number two is the simple fact that the only thing we should be praising is the word. Not a man, not a piece of stone, not a piece of wood, not a book, but a word; a living word that is the almighty, the only source of life that could ever be. The word is the essence of the spirit; actually the word is the spirit. And it¡¦s so amazing how vast and powerful words are, yet how misused and empty persons of unfulfilled understandings make them out to be used/treated. Where is this word you may ask? Well the creator of life, the creator which is the word (which is life), has been so gracious to place his word inside of us. Life comes from and is this word that we take for granted, yet without it we would return to what we were formed from¡KDust!
This topic of the word however is so delicate that speaking on it takes the most time and complete explanation. You see word emanates from sound and is formed by the mouth, otherwise it is useless. What¡¦s the point of forming words with your mouth and producing no sound behind it? When you do that you don¡¦t make words but only impressions of words, so I guess it¡¦s safe to say that innately word is the sound. Now that sound is useless if there was no way to project it, and the projection of that sound is only made possible by the air. Words can only travel on the air; they are formed/created in the mind but only reach the ear on the wings of the wind (words can be written on paper but they will just be an impression or a form, they are not live or living unless they are uttered in the speech). Still even before the word can get to traveling anywhere it needs to be transferred from the mind, from a thought, and changed into a reality, a new marriage between sound, air, and the heat inside of your body which would allow for any such formation to take place.
Now that you can partially realize how words are made then you can begin to understand/overstand how the creation process took place. Heat, air, and moisture/water in a compressed combination that would be uttered from the mind of the Almighty to come together and create a reality; a new realm of physical nature (remember that creation starts in the mind). Through this combination the Almighty spawned into existence a new life, a physical life from the spiritual life that existed before, that has always existed. I mean if anything is ever to be understood by the spirit is that it¡¦s the first thing that orders action, the first life, the first understanding or the beginning of all things. The spirit is what the almighty says he is, the heaven which is so widely spoken of is his realm, his home, his place of authority where the first spiritual beings (us and every other breathing thing on earth) was created. Creation of a physical realm is useless though if there is no life in it. How can your body survive if it had no breath in it? How would you think, discern reason, understand, or even show emotion if you didn¡¦t have thought/the spirit of life inside of you? Therefore the Almighty placed a piece of himself inside of the physical world that he created; if he didn¡¦t then everything would still be dust. A being is only created when you combine the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect of reality. Man was created in the image (an exact look alike) and the likeness (having the exactness of being) of the Almighty. Why then would man think any less of himself? We have been given a privilege to be in likeness of the creator to enjoy the fruits of his labor, to eat in his garden called earth to bathe in his oceans and rivers and such, so why are we living in all of this confusion?
We make life too hard for ourselves because we seek to please a king who is already pleased with us because he created us. Everything was perfect until we messed it up, and we¡¦re so lost in ourselves that we¡¦re yet to clean up our act but we live like we have. We need to stop for a second and think about reality. Not the world of stress and day to day troubles, but a world that we once had and the reasons why we do not have it anymore and make a stand (And according to the Almighty to fight is to be at peace, to walk away and let foolishness be foolish; leave the foolishness and walk away). Be that single solitary voice that speaks and no one listens to except the Almighty creator. Be that explosion in an abandoned city so that only the ones who need what you have to say will listen to you. Open up your mouth and your heart so that the almighty can use you; yes you will look like you¡¦re crazy to the world, but who cares what the world thinks if the creator of life sees you as a jewel. Open up your mind to the word, the word of love, peace, and harmony; the fruits of the spirit, the power of the almighty.
A word of hate and destruction is such a misuse of power. The Almighty king of the universe didn¡¦t create death. I mean just look at the two words beside each other and you will see a drastic contradiction. Life was created from death so why would you want to destroy life again by using the thing that was used to create life; the word? Why put a fellow human being down for something you don¡¦t understand? You¡¦re only putting yourself on the path to destruction and setting the receiver of your words to follow the same road that you are walking (ignoring can help, but how many are so strong of spirit?). If you don¡¦t understand a situation, then be quiet and wait to see the outcome; patience is a virtue that is hard to attain but like life needed to exist. Silence is the next best thing to speaking, because silence is death. A balance of life (the word) and death (silence) is always needed for a perfect existence to take place. If you don¡¦t know how to be patient and silent, then you will always be talking and always be obstructing the Almighty from speaking to his people, yourself included. Now is the time of redemption and condemnation of the spirit. Now you either live in righteousness or you die in ignorance and shame (spiritual before the physical). Why then would you want to voice your opinion in such a delicate and detrimental time? This is the end of a long road that we¡¦ve been traveling so why not give the almighty a time to have his say? We¡¦ve been pushing ourselves in the forefront and stumbling over so many obstructions in our way, yet still we don¡¦t let the creator do what he said he would do. Who has better eyes to see the path; man or the one who created your eyes? Man can tell you so many ways to make your life better, so many ways to improve your self, so many ways to destroy what has been given to you by the almighty; so that you could digest the lies you¡¦re being spoon fed. If the Bible is the written plan for man why don¡¦t we listen to it? Why do we seek after the dietary plan that man comes up with and not the plan that¡¦s found in the bible? And even further we seek the dietary plan in Leviticus and not the dietary plan before sin in Genesis? Aren¡¦t we trying to get back to the place we used to be? The purity we used to once obtain?
The problem of sin is that it¡¦s sweet, it¡¦s beautiful, and it¡¦s a comfortable place to sit. It¡¦s like riding down a peaceful river in a boat and you¡¦re way up the stream close to the source. Now you know that there¡¦s a waterfall at the end of the river and you know that you¡¦re going to have to jump out of the boat at some point in time before the end, but you sit and fall asleep along the way. What happens if you never wake up? That¡¦s the exact way that we¡¦re sitting in sin; right now we¡¦re sleeping and having so many unrealistic dreams of what life is right now, and how life is going to be in the future with all the new found loves of technology and the different celebrations of times and having all around fun. We¡¦re dreaming and not living; and if we¡¦re dreaming then that means we must be sleeping in that boat and not listening to the rushing waters, and just about to topple over the end of the waterfall. It¡¦s like you were told in the start don¡¦t fall asleep in the boat and you ignored and took a nap; so who¡¦s going to save you in the end? It now falls on if you die when you fall, or if you just get knocked around a bit and survive. But from the height that sin has placed us, it looks like if we fall over this edge we¡¦ll dive right into a bottomless pit that we¡¦ve been digging from the day eve believed the serpent. Forgiveness could be asked, should be asked, but how many people will actually take that step? ¡§Oh I ask for forgiveness all the time!¡¨ but who do you ask forgiveness from?


¡§I still believe that you love me baby, I still believe that you care, darling¡K¡¨
¡V Wayne Wonder

You¡¦re so precious! Jewels cannot make you more beautiful because the jewels in your eyes are way more than priceless. Makeup cannot make you more beautiful, because it¡¦s just a smear on my lips in search for the truth behind that thin mask, the texture of your skin is so perfect and lovely¡K..why would you hide it? What you¡¦re scared of a pimple or two? C¡¦mon baby-love we can fix that with a new diet, and besides a pimple or 200 will not stop me from telling you that you¡¦re beautiful and I love you. Look at the women who¡¦ve been defaced by burns, scars, and all possibilities that could deface man; look at them and see that they still receive love from some significant other. Don¡¦t hide your face from me and say that you¡¦re making it more beautiful because you¡¦re only blocking me out! You live your life in search for happiness and sometimes keep dragging us men behind you to search for that happiness with you. All this searching and not realizing that the happiness you¡¦re searching for is right in the heart of that man that loves you, and I¡¦m always right there waiting for you to just take that love. Honestly it¡¦s cute all the colors that you can put in your hair to match your clothes, all the extensions and weaves you can add on to your hair but I¡¦m not looking for cute, I just want the pure and natural you. The hype is not all there is princess and you don¡¦t have to listen to a man that tells you that you need to do this or that to yourself for him to like you more; if so then he doesn¡¦t love you more than he lusts for you. Your touch is something that can change my mood from depressed to head over heels in love with you in less than a second, the warmth of your body grabs my spirit each time you hold me. It hurts me to have to tell you that you¡¦re breaking my heart to fulfill yours, and it kills me inside to stick by your side while you¡¦re destroying me while destroying yourself¡K..My heart is yours, but listen to my voice!
Were you born with anything on your lips, eyes, cheeks, and nose with something other than skin? We grow up seeing all that man has influenced on earth and fall right into the trap of man made beauty. We grow up seeing our Moms, aunts, sisters, neighbours, and such looking so pretty in their painted nails, faces, and hair and immediately get blinded by the allure of vanity. Those who have come before us have fell into this same pit because it seems that society has a problem with nature/The Almighty for some strange reason. Honestly with all these paints all over our bodies we might as well join a circus and call ourselves clowns. Oh I guess that we¡¦re not clowns because it¡¦s organized make up, not overdoing it like they do in the circus; and you think that clown makeup isn¡¦t organized? Stop arguing with yourself for a second and read/listen! Paint is Paint, Skin is Skin, when you take paint and place it on skin (a fleshy canvas) you create a pretty picture¡Kbut I thought that we¡¦re already an image of the Almighty? And you also clog up your skin, ¡§blah, blah¡¨ you can say that you hear it from doctors and all of that and all, but seeing that you don¡¦t listen then I guess that you don¡¦t give a damn about yourself or reality as it is.
And my beautiful Ethiopian women, why don¡¦t you like the hair that¡¦s on your head? Well actually I think I get it, because you want to be pretty, and all the pretty girls have straight hair right? Or no, it¡¦s too much of a hassle to comb it, and braid it or keep it proper right? No, what is it then? O.k. here¡¦s a solution lock it. ¡§Ewwww!¡¨ Or you can chop it off! Look at something so simple that we get so dramatic over¡KIt seems that we forgot how to love ourselves right so we seek to love ourselves for the things that we can dress ourselves with. Let me rephrase a bit. We dress ourselves up and create this masquerade about ourselves and don¡¦t love ourselves in true nature, ¡¥my eyes are too big, too small, too chinky, too puffy¡K¡¦ when the Creator of life created you just as perfect as you are for the one that¡¦s supposed to love you in life. Every man that loves a woman loves her for the reason that she¡¦s what he wanted from the spirit of compatibility entered into his bones. Everyone has a certain criteria of how feisty, tall, short, funny, crazy they want their partner. You might not have a list but you have a spiritual connection with that person from the moment you speak to them. Yeah we can say that it has to be looks that attracts you first but we know that¡¦s not true, and if it¡¦s true to you then you¡¦re lost in your self made make up of your perfect partner. Even in coloring your hair you read all the chemicals and know all the poisons that you¡¦re putting in your head yet still you keep doing it. You¡¦ve been tricked into thinking that you only have one life to live and not been told that life is forever lived. Time hasn¡¦t stopped from the first man was created, your life has been in the past and it is still going on, only you decide if there¡¦s a future for yourself (your seed is a part of you, your progression). Then you know why your hair is breaking and falling apart, and you still keep doing what you keep doing all in an effort to look beautiful? You¡¦re destroying yourself slowly, and at the same pace you¡¦re destroying your brain, because in your skin there are a few holes called pores where substances go into and come out of your body. I care for you and for the way that you¡¦re leaving me for yourself, and for what the media shows you is what you¡¦re supposed to be. But don¡¦t hate me or ignore me for the things I might tell you about yourself which affects us, and don¡¦t look at me different because I still look at you in the same way I did when I first saw the hypnotizing shape of your body, and felt the warmth on the back of my lips when I saw your smile. You¡¦re still my empress!
¡§Thank you mama for the nine months you carry me through, all the pain and suffering...¡¨ ¡V Sizzla. Tears drop when a loved one of ours dies don¡¦t they? Do you love your seed baby love? I know you do, and I also know some of the reasons why you can¡¦t keep it at times. I know that poverty is no type of life and has no type of income in order to give a child life, in this section of the world. I know that the fear of parents sometimes gets you down and you seek a way out. I know the fear of responsibility gets to you and stresses you that¡¦s why you do what you do sometimes¡Kkeeping your figure, and the list goes on and on. The whole Idea of abortion or (calling it what it is) murder was made into a way out by the destroyers of life. Ending the life of a seed is killing a tree, the ones that told you it¡¦s the way out really mean it¡¦s a way out of life. It¡¦s a way out of holding up to your responsibility. I know that they¡¦re the ones that created this whole trend of sexual pleasure, and the ¡¥feel good¡¦ point of view to life, I don¡¦t blame you for anything. You¡¦re not the one to blame for being a victim, yet you¡¦re not innocent for effecting an action. If you love having sex then you have to hold up to the consequences, all of it! There¡¦s no way out of it, it¡¦s either you accept it and live or you don¡¦t and you kill/murder. Think before you act! You hear it, heard it, and will keep hearing it until you listen to it. If you¡¦re not ready to take care of a child, then don¡¦t have SEX! I¡¦ve had sex before, and I apologize to the ladies for corrupting their bodies¡KWhy I say that is because if you¡¦re going to have sex other than for reproduction then you¡¦re playing with the life inside you. Princess, I¡¦m as much to blame for your search for pleasure as you are, because you need love and you need that touch, and you need that climax in love but if you don¡¦t know what love is then you need to have sex for that climax; that¡¦s how we think! Do you know how to savour every touch from your loved one? Do you know how to savour every word from your loved one? Sex doesn¡¦t matter that much after you¡¦ve had it a few times more than enough. It turns into an addiction like smoking or drinking, you do it to feel good, to reach that state of happiness. Am I lying? Ask yourself if I¡¦m lying please! See at the peak of love sex does occur, but that¡¦s only when you want to reproduce (This goes for the Men too!!!). The sperm inside of a man is rare and can be depleted as he knows (now you know too). And for women you suffer a period because of corruption of the first created woman. You see women are usually more emotionally driven than men, and when you act with emotions before thought, proper thought, then corruption is the only thing that remains. See we can say it¡¦s Eve¡¦s fault for eating the ¡§apple¡¨, yet we don¡¦t realize that before she ate the ¡¥apple¡¦ she had to fall to an understanding. She was lured into a situation because she trusted on her emotions and the hunger of (an apple- a lie, a fruit of the mouth) a fruit and therefore she couldn¡¦t think properly. She did suffer a consequence of not using her mind as it should¡¦ve been used, so she is constantly being cleansed every month of every year. Diet as you should know also helps in the heaviness of your period, the more pure you eat the lighter it is and the less pains you have; Natural/first diet! Go ahead and argue, I know sex feels good, and I know that after the first time you want to have it again and again and again, however that¡¦s where will and control comes in. If you can¡¦t control yourself then you turn into a mindless sex freak/one who has sex for pleasure/an accomplice in the murder of children-sperm. Are you going to argue too that sperm is not a child? Isn¡¦t it? Isn¡¦t Oral sex also a destruction of life? Are you producing anything other than pleasure?........I¡¦m waiting for your answer!

Man ¡V Emperor (Ras)

¡§I am a shining light in this dark world, I am the Rastaman
Despised and rejected, still I¡¦m doing the best I can¡¨
¡V Anthony B

You¡¦re not a baller, unless you play some sort of sport that involves a ball. You¡¦re not a ¡¥G¡¦ (gangsta) unless you¡¦re talking about being a girl. If you work, or struggle to survive then you¡¦re a hustler you¡¦re not special because you move your movement better in your area of skill. You¡¦re not a ¡§man¡¨ because you can put a bullet in a man, the gun does the killing you only pull the trigger (the heart it takes just depends on the mans mentality/heart). You¡¦re not a man if you can admit you¡¦re gay¡KYou¡¦re lost! Yeah you know where life originates from, so why waste the kids that are not yours; every time you ejaculate whether in a condom or not you are destroying children and that¡¦s if life is not coming from it (don¡¦t argue about women who can¡¦t produce children, you¡¦re trying to justify a false reality!). There¡¦s so much to say about the so called men of today and the steps they take to obtain their manhood. Yes I agree with you that ¡§You gotta do what you gotta do¡¨ to survive in this systematic world we have. If your life is threatened in anyway you should protect it, if you¡¦re broke and cannot eat then you have to find a way to get food. I feel our pain as a man too, I see and live the same struggle, but to what extent do you want to go past survival? How many have to die so that you can live? How much hate can you have for another persons ability to progress in life? After all you only hate on another person when you¡¦re dissatisfied with your own accomplishments¡KBe a man!
We¡¦ve learned some pretty words in the past few years, and with that we¡¦ve learned how to destroy our very selves. What is a baller? Life education told me that it¡¦s someone who has money (paper), we associate it more with those who flash that they have money now a-days. Yes it¡¦s progressive for humanity to reach for goals but who¡¦s reaching for the goal of the earth? Who¡¦s building back what we take from the earth just to bling and blind a lot of the young ones? ¡§We¡¦re not blinding them, just showing them what life should be like.¡¨ Don¡¦t show the kids what life should be like, show them what life is, that¡¦s the only way anything can get changed, doesn¡¦t that make sense? You can only get the shine if you have money, and you can only get money if you work for it (anyway that you work for it), and money is NOT the basis of life! We¡¦re blinding each other and enlightening the young ones how to live in the creation inside of earth and not teaching them how to live on earth. And the corporate ¡§men¡¨ aren¡¦t helping the situation any different, because the bling can only come to fruit because of corporations who seek after them to feed the blind, wanting, and hungry nation of human beings. These business men are also blinded because their focus is also on money and on business, which like the diamonds and gold is their version of bling. All they¡¦re doing is playing, you grown babies are just playing with over grown and intelligently designed toys. Is this what it¡¦s supposed to mean when we were told that we have to be children for life? Actually children don¡¦t give a damn about toys, they can play with dirt and be happy so don¡¦t you think that it¡¦s more than just the toys? We need the heart of a child, to always be truthful and joyous in no matter what situation of life and only then can we be forever young.
And Hi ¡§Mr. Gangsta¡¨ how are you doing today? What makes you a gangsta? Is it the fact that you can make large amounts of money in practically no time? Is it the fact that you can ¡§buss a shot¡¨ with no remorse? Sorry that¡¦s being done everyday you¡¦re no different~! There are people on this earth who work for a penny a day just to breathe, and they¡¦re still alive so I¡¦d rather call them true hustlers. It seems that in this western civilization that we live in, that we¡¦re so absorbed in ourselves and the little things that we can do that we get all caught up in the foolishness and label our own selves as something great. If you made it out the ghetto and you don¡¦t look back there¡¦s nothing wrong with that, it¡¦s just what you¡¦re looking at; if fame + riches is what you¡¦re trying to attain then your eyes and heart were never in the right place to begin with, so looking back wouldn¡¦t really be something to do. Now the steps that you would take to achieve your goal is also another factor we should take into consideration, because we¡¦ve taken the murderous mentality to do what we want to do in life ¡§get down or lay down.¡¨ The more we destroy life is the more life keeps coming, the more people get killed the more babies are being born. Then we sit and wonder why young ladies are sexually active at age 13 and such, when life is taken then the urge to create is what is replaced (Think about it). If somebody is going to die then he has to die because of a just reason; we kill people for prying in our business, we kill people for believing something different than us, we kill people for loving a past love we had, we kill people for being in the wrong place at the right time, we kill people for¡K¡K.We kill people! If your reason is firm enough for somebody to die, then you should accept the same fate for yourself if you¡¦re ever in the same situation „²that¡¦s being a man „³ (owning up to your responsibility). You heard this before somewhere didn¡¦t you¡K.ready to listen to it yet?
A man is not a man if he can take a dick up the ass! And you¡¦re definitely not a man if you can put another mans dick in your mouth. No lies I can tell you that you¡¦re brave and you can take pain, however that is not the case! You¡¦re either confused about what Life is, or you just didn¡¦t develop fully yet in your-self. I will take the last reason in full effect to describe your actions and mentality. Then you want the world to accept your actions? ¡§Doe mek me mad now!¡¨ You corrupt a gift that¡¦s been given by the Almighty and you want acknowledgement and acceptance? Yes you¡¦re accepted because you¡¦re still alive! This goes for every single evil that man does, we destroy the creations of the Almighty and then seek acceptance of our faults? Why don¡¦t we just do our best to do right? Sex is meant for a man and a woman that¡¦s how you came into this world! Did you come out of a mans ass (Women this is for you too!)? Then if you want children you take another mans child? ¡§Only if they¡¦re orphans¡¨ In your actions against nature you seek to justify a reason for raising a young one? What you want a new race of people who accept sin as truth? That¡¦s what it is. Don¡¦t let scientists fool you people, the only way creation can come to life is if a male entity (Spiritual) and a female entity (Physical) combine. We¡¦re so blinded by sexual pleasure that we do the most foolish things just to feel happy. With all the children who are coming into this world, and how this world is quickly depleting in resources right in-front of our own eyes then we can see the over in-balance that¡¦s going to take us under ground. When we look at the amount of immorality that¡¦s ingrained in our bone marrow then we will see how quickly that we¡¦re erasing ourselves from reality! When we look at sexuality in man then we¡¦ll see that it¡¦s not about love, but just about how much pleasure you can get out of it. I won¡¦t cry for humanity no more because tears don¡¦t do nothing but release tension inside of the soul, we¡¦ve messed up, so let¡¦s clean up or go to sleep! And don¡¦t get mad at a book, or the one who wrote the book because it says something true. The one who wrote the book didn¡¦t write it because of his own thought, the Creator of life, which is life put the thought in the being writing this book so that truth can be presented. Please don¡¦t blind yourself to life any further, you¡¦re closing the door to your heart and you¡¦re standing outside in the cold. Think and Act!!!


¡§¡KWhere money¡¦s more important than a person¡¨ ¡V Lil¡¦ Wayne (rapper)

There are so many scriptures in the bible about vanity and the petty things of life, but how many know vanity face to face? Not even I know. I¡¦ve heard that vanity is the love of objects more than loving the Almighty, and that being vain can be as simple as loving yourself more than those around you. Selfishness, well that¡¦s what some say it is and others like myself are still searching for the true meaning of vanity, what it really is and what it¡¦s supposed to be. Therefore I challenge you as a listener to see if what you¡¦re hearing makes sense or if it¡¦s just another idea, again you be the judge or rather let your understanding guide you.
What does the corporate world have to do with living a life of freedom, peace and love other than pure enslavement? I mean we work so hard to get money (paper) to buy food to put in our bellies, when food naturally grows from the ground; go to the good soil and start working the land not the other way around. Some hate this idea because it takes so long for a fruit to grow, but it takes only 15 seconds to buy it from a store. Where do you think it comes from so that you can buy it from the store? ¡§Wait we have people in this life to do those sorts of things.¡¨ So why don¡¦t we help them? I mean we put the entire burden on these select few and expect to live life freely? We put all the blame on the sinners and expect to be saved? Then it gets worse, because we linger on every word of our dare persons in authority who only tell you lies and seek your souls and bodies just for a daily laugh and you just take it all in. Lovely people don¡¦t you see what you¡¦ve got yourself into and what you¡¦re still getting yourself into everyday? We¡¦re following the laws of man, and not the laws of the earth and love; the two things that began our whole existence in the first place. We were created from the earth, and created with love so that we could love. The earth is just a place of entertainment now, the devils and demons of this world have corrupted our minds and heart so much that we don¡¦t even realize what we¡¦re doing and how we¡¦re living anymore. To enjoy yourself in what you were given freely from the start is now called a vacation. To search through the majestic trees and be with the animals is called sightseeing, and if you go to Africa/Eden then you have to be going on a safari. And if earth is not just a beautiful spectacle for the eye of man it¡¦s a place that is constantly robbed to fill the wants and petty pleasures of its inhabitants. We seek to create all these inventions from the products of the earth not realizing that we¡¦re only taking and not giving back at all. Are all these stones of colors and textures really made for decoration of the human physique? Stones are stones no matter what category you put them in. ¡§Some stones are created for different reasons though!¡¨ Listen to what you¡¦re thinking and what you just said, Stones are stones. I would dare you to call a diamond or a piece of gold anything other than a rock or stone. People this is where you were born, this is the dust you were formed from, this is your HOME! Why are we not living in it/using it appropriately, but looking to leave it to go into the lands of opportunity and the dwelling place of the stars; that place in the sky. We call the Creator the master architect, but how do construction workers build things? They start from the Ground then build up! Don¡¦t you think the master architect who put the skill in man would do the same thing? The spirit or mentality of one so amazing created what we could never fathom in this lifetime, his-self; a breathing picture or image of the Almighty. For goodness sakes he is the creator of life, he gave life to something dead and still we awe at what man has made and not what the Almighty has done. We live like we hate our flesh, or are totally lost to how marvelous the flesh really is, it must be because we¡¦re constantly seeking to go to the place of the spirit, when the spirit can only experience life in the same flesh that we¡¦re trying to get away from.
The only thing that¡¦s promoted in society is money (or the things you can get with it), charity, politics, how to make yourself more beautiful, and then you got the stuff like violence, immorality, and wars which are looked down on but always talked about. Notice I say that they¡¦re only talking about life and not talking to you personally concerning your life and how you¡¦re living. You¡¦re listening to other people talk about their situations that have no concern with how you¡¦re dealing with struggling to survive the straining pressures of this world. And the same pressures that you¡¦re dealing with are the same ones they keep you longing to lose, yet you¡¦re only gaining more when you keep following the trend. You¡¦re told when to wake up to go make some paper so that you can survive in this life. Can you eat money (paper)? Can it bathe you? Can it hold you and give you a warm embrace? So why are we fighting and slaving for it so much? ¡§Well it can be used to get you all of those things!¡¨ Think about that statement again and ask yourself a question, can money (paper) really get me those things without a person there to do them? I perceive that the answer is ¡¥No¡¦, and if that is so then I guess we shouldn¡¦t be really that into money should we? I guess that we should be more into people right? That¡¦s what the case is supposed to be, but society with all its ills and propaganda has created this sort of rift between us. We look at people for what they can give us or what they can do for us and not for who they are as people, not what their feelings are or not what they¡¦re going through why they do what they do. Well maybe if they¡¦re my friends, or maybe if we stop and take a look at ourselves while considering our downfalls and realize that we¡¦re all the same, maybe we can start viewing our fellow human beings with more compassion and warmth. It¡¦s so destructive the things that we do, we kill, we steal, we make unnecessary wars, lie, gossip, and the wrong keeps on coming down. What¡¦s the reason though that people do these things? Is it simply the evil spirits that jump into their bodies and get them to act a certain way or say certain things? There¡¦s a reason for everything because everything is real. People act and react because of situations that they¡¦re put in, pressures that they¡¦re not strong enough to handle so they act in desperation. I¡¦m not justifying the evil that men do, but only getting you to understand/overstand that we do the same evils in different forms and on different levels.
A lot of that desperation spawns from the want of societies many gifts and many realities that are usually difficult to attain. We constantly want so we constantly work to get what we want, and don¡¦t realize what we need is nothing that we strive so hard to attain on this daily basis in our lives. We seek after pleasure, pleasure of the temporary and mundane to give us a certain sense of happiness which only lasts for so long. We¡¦re constantly down and dreary and push our hearts to long for the creations of mans hands to make us smile everyday. Why are we like this? I mean you can ask yourself the question so many times but none of us are really prepared for the answer. We separate ourselves from life and seek to pleasure our own individual persons, but if alone we sit in so much sorrow and grief asking why over and over again. Stop placing your eyes on the creations and place your eyes on love of the creator of life. Look into the eyes of your fellow man and ask them about their life with no input from your own mouth until they have finished. Only after you¡¦ve listened to the life story of another can you begin to realize the common sense of relation you have to that person. No matter where you grow up on this green earth everybody is put in the same setting of life. In society it¡¦s even worse because we have sets of rich and poor and middle class; creations of classes of persons who are the same in all aspects of their chances to live.
Am I better than you because I can live in a house with a car in the driveway, having money in the bank and an education in a good school? Am I poor because I don¡¦t have all the products of societal riches? Am I crazy because I scorn the actions of deceivers, liars, and oppressors of my beautiful brothers and sisters of this lovely earth that the father has given to us? Am I all the things that you say I am, or all the things that you want of me or want me to be; just to meet the requirements of your expectations or what you think the creator expects? We¡¦re so quick to say that God says when we see a wrong with our eyes, but never want to listen to the truth of the Almighty when he cries to you from his bleeding heart. We see the wrong that other people do but not our own, and if it¡¦s blown up in our face we take offense from it instead of accepting and humbling ourselves. It¡¦s good when we do things to improve society and the way that this life is leading us to eternal damnation, and terrible when there are a few selected people who fight against it. It¡¦s terrible to steal from the government and its business so that you can live a proper life, but it¡¦s good for them to keep raising the taxes and increasing your payments for the use of their luxurious amenities. We don¡¦t want to fight against the system because we fear for our lives and we fear for what people might think of us. We don¡¦t fight because a gun decides your fate, or does it? Who decides your fate other than the Almighty creator of life? So why be afraid if you¡¦re on his side?
Vanity is contained more than in the product, and more than in the love of a creation or physical thing. It¡¦s a corruption of the spirit which if not tamed it will spawn into something physical and detestable even in your own sight; the same sight that we rarely ever recognize as the creators and not ours. What did the Almighty give us from the beginning of the world? He gave us a body and a garden of pure delight that we should do nothing but live in. Only after sin affected us were we told to work the soil for food, only after we accepted the curse of death did we have to struggle to survive. Yet still after all this struggle we yield constantly to what we¡¦ve fallen into, and loathe the thought of going back to where we fell from. It¡¦s lazy to relax and bathe in the sun, it¡¦s not breaking your back day in and day out to get paid, so that you can make money to go on vacation to relax and bathe in the same sun. They say you have to work in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor; to enjoy the same fruits that were here from the beginning when the Almighty made it. It¡¦s a big circle of confusion that the mind of man keeps running, and yet he seeks to justify his own actions and not give up his empty fight. What are you fighting for? Are you fighting for a principality or for a reality? Are you fighting for a right way of thinking, a right way of following the law, or are you fighting for the right to live? Are you learning about life, or how to live in this created world you see around you? I mean that¡¦s what it is, a creation inside of the creation that was already set here from the beginning. We ask so many questions to gain knowledge and not any questions to gain realization and clarity. We want to know why things fly and how things work and which way the wind blows when the seasons change; why? ¡§We ask because we want to know about it.¡¨ Why? It may feed your need for knowledge, it may feed your mind, it may feed your need to learn about the mechanics and relations of all nature, but while we¡¦re seeking to learn about these things we¡¦re not loving what we already possess; the reality of life that¡¦s present and your fellow man. Constantly we promote work and school and possessions, but what does your heart possess? We should stop looking for externals to make us happy and to fill our spirits and start looking inside of ourselves. Not in the bible (which is a beautiful book), but we need to search inside of us and inside of our neighbours. Also we need to search for the substance in what we seek for so much, if it¡¦s not uplifting to the Almighty creator and lord of all then it¡¦s only uplifting to the self, which is wrong at all avenues. Please lose the thought of being anything other than love, anything other than a living breathing word of peace and compassion, because when you lose that sense of being anything other than what you were created as, you become infinite and true to the creator of all.
Let¡¦s take a moment to swerve on a different topic for a minute. Some people might remember that story about Cain and Abel, a pair of twins that religious folks always talk about. If you don¡¦t remember then¡KCain and Abel were the sons of Adam and Eve, and Cain killed Abel over some sacrificial practices and such. Abel liked sacrificing lambs and his brother liked sacrificing fruits. In the end Cain ended up getting banished and Abel ended up being dead. Something that a lot of us don¡¦t know is that the names of these sons mean something that could probably alter reality in the minds of persons forever; or it could just be another piece of useless knowledge. Cain as I found in the ¡§The African Heritage Study Bible,¡¨ means ¡§possession.¡¨ Possession is something that we all look towards as human beings, if we don¡¦t possess anything then we hold nothing at all. Meaning if we don¡¦t possess breath we don¡¦t possess life, if we don¡¦t possess wisdom then progress would never be made. Therefore possession is necessary for advancement in any aspect of life. Abel on the other hand means ¡§Vanity,¡¨ the very topic that we¡¦re talking about, the very thing that plagues the hearts and minds of man to this very day, the feud between brothers, ¡§Possession¡¨ and ¡§Vanity.¡¨
Vanity goes hand in hand with possession at every avenue but one and we¡¦ll get into that one a little lower down in the script. Without having a ¡¥thing¡¦, an item, then vanity could never come to fruit. Having a car is nothing more than having a car, and that¡¦s ¡¥Cain¡¦ (possession), but having such immense love for that car that you don¡¦t want even a bird to shit on the bumper is vanity (Abel). To place anything above the creation of the Most High leads to this corruption of the spirit, and it¡¦s hard to separate it after it¡¦s been ingrained as mere possession. Nothing created by the hands of man should ever take more importance than the ever flowing motion of life; if it does then you¡¦re literally putting death over the Most High which is this ever flowing life.
Now that you¡¦ve read that then we¡¦ll get into the rest of this puzzle. The one thing that separates Possession and Vanity is simply love. Love of the Most High or love of the most captivating to the eye, an eye that can only perceive purely between the two when the Almighty is the source of what you see. Cain offered fruits to the Creator for all that he was blessed with, he worked and tilled the soil and returned his good works to the one that gave it to him. Abel tended to the lambs and offered up a burnt sacrifice of flesh and blood from the flock that he was lookin after, get that he was only looking after the flock and not supposed to destroy what he had not created. Now all you people who eat flesh and love flesh and (meat) stuff can argue all you want but the diet of creation is vegetarian pure and simple, and that¡¦s as natural as you can get. Now in the bible it states that Cain killed Abel and though it should be right that Possession should reign over Vanity that is not the case. How could the Creator of life accept death (a dead lamb) as an offering of thanks? How could Cain be wrong for offering the earth (fruits) back to the one who created the earth? Yes lambs are created from the earth also yet look at how many animals have disintegrated because of mans lust for flesh! Should vanity die and possession be free and continual in the love of the Creator? Vanity is the thing that keeps us separated is it not? What you don¡¦t want to read no more, is it too twisted or too real? Why do you get mad if somebody wears a color you don¡¦t like isn¡¦t that vanity and foolishness? Possession has no regard for difference or discrepancies, rather possession is complete it is having and not wanting, lusting, needing, or seeking after. Ask yourself a question, please! Am I vain?


¡§You should give some more, to the poor everyday; can¡¦t you see the people are suffering yeah¡K¡¨ ¡V Bushman

Poverty is the most natural occurrence of earth; it is basics. It¡¦s the lack of riches, the have-nots, the lust less, and the wanting. If life was taken as it is, and not created and manifested into dreams and wishes of baseless truths, then we would realize that the life of a poor man is the life that is needed to survive in fullness on this beautiful green earth. Poverty and being poor are sometimes separated as words but in reality it¡¦s equal in every aspect, I mean if there were no poor people on earth then the word poverty would have no place for existence and vice versa. Anyways what I¡¦m trying to say is, is that the standards set by the corrupt mind of man has set certain standards between ourselves where we consider ourselves as being in a certain class- status wise. The rich are considered rich based on status, dress, financial position, and possessions; in drastic contradiction the poor are quite the opposite. The middle class to the surprise of many is non existent, yes you may have a little more than enough to survive, but you are still considered poor in the eyes of the rich. The middle class is only separated by perception, do you see yourself richer than a poor person, or do you see yourself as poor and helping out the situation of your fellow ¡§have less than the big spenders , struggling daily¡¨ friends at the bottom.
Everything ever made on this earth came from earth. Every solid, every liquid, every gaseous material that we have on this ¡§firmament hanging in the middle of space,¡¨ was and is made from this very earth. The balance needed to create such a wonder had to be so precise down to the last ¡§Particle¡¨ that the wise and well educated teachers and scientists of today are still confused on its origin. The earth is equal in all aspects; matter of fact the universe is equal in all aspects. Take a moment and ask yourself a question; if you subtract something like rain from the flow of the earth would anything else on the planet survive? (Think about it). Currently the natural function of the earth is so out of order for what man has been subjecting it to. One of the main reasons why nature is retaliating in so many ways and in so many so called ¡§Phenomenon¡¨, is that nature and The Almighty is trying to recalibrate itself over aeons of blood soaked land, robbery of food, plant life, pollution and the list goes on and on. Balance, that¡¦s what it¡¦s about, complete motion with no alteration. Basically that means nothing will ever be greater than the other because that would cause the whole thing to go off course and then ¡§Crumble, crash, crash,¡¨ it all falls down. By now I¡¦m thinking that man would probably have realized this but I guess that I¡¦m wrong in more aspects than 1------.
Slowly walking along this path called realization, we¡¦ll try to translate the equality in the earth, to the equality of everything created from, by, and in the earth. Each being alive is a part of this balance and can only survive in this balance as well, whether it be plant, animal, man, or celestial creation. The most high has blessed all with breath and therefore has put them in unison with the function of the eternal universe. Why then are there such things as upper class and lower class citizens? What is your class that it is so high? Do you sit on any plateau other than on earth? Wisdom and Knowledge is the only separation between man, and wisdom is ¡§Not¡¨ a separation, only a tool that is used to right wrong and adjust perceptions and understandings. We can create so many things with our hands and possess them and tell ourselves that we have more, when in reality all you have is dust in your hands; just another tool created from earth in your hands. We seek after so many ¡¥things¡¦ are we illiterate? Build the earth itself; building on it is a much slower process. Cultivation of a garden is the only way you can eat, building a house will get you out of the rain; what¡¦s the point of having a house and no food to put into it? That¡¦s exactly what we¡¦re doing to earth in this search for the finer things in life, we¡¦re creating walls and blocks between ourselves from ourselves and believing that we¡¦re more than nothing. You¡¦re not rich because of what you have in your hands, because it¡¦s worthless after you die. We can argue this point back and forth because the ¡§Powers that be¡¨ have stated that after one is dead his possessions should be high priced. What a foolish concept! We pay so much for vanity and pay so little for our own progression of our next of kin/family.
Are you rich in possession or are you rich in righteousness? Are you poor in status or are you poor in self-righteousness? Where are you in this great position of life, what is your goal for your fellow mans upliftment? We¡¦re so focused on the ¡¥I¡¦, and what the ¡¥I¡¦ can obtain, when the ¡¥I¡¦ will get no where without the ¡¥you¡¦. It¡¦s a balance that¡¦s needed, a balance that¡¦s natural and forever set, but how could we know this when from birth we¡¦ve been pushed in a direction where materialism is the basis for true existence? Our basic mentality is barbaric, no not animalistic, because animals have a reason for doing whatever they do; one that we don¡¦t comprehend. The mentality of ¡§only the strong survive¡¨ has been sadistically twisted in so many ways; the strong will always survive because they are strong, but what about the weak, how will they learn how to live if they are constantly being killed and not educated on living? How will a poor man ever obtain riches if he is constantly buried in poverty¡K? How long will it take for the rich to stop speaking about the effect of poverty, and start helping change the situation with more action? So many questions can be asked, and only one answer will ever satisfy them all, but the thing is, not a lot of people like the idea of losing in order to build. Funny we think that all the work that we do is for ourselves and not for the betterment of ¡¥ourselves¡¦ as a universal unit; one world not under the rule of international law, but one people under universal truth; that¡¦s what it¡¦s supposed to be but I guess I¡¦m wrong in more aspects than 1-------. (Think about it!)


¡§Who would think in elementary ¡¥hay¡¦ I would see the penitentiary one day¡¨
- Tu Pac Shakur

In our heart is something called a mind (not the head) and in that mind we notice all of these ups and downs in our lives that we call emotions; i.e. anger, love, hate, passion, fear, and such. In our head we have a brain, and the thing that drives this brain of ours is what we call our ¡¥conscience¡¦ I call it the Spirit of the Creator, breath, Jah. When we go through an experience like a death, or rape, or something that the professionals say affects our psyche (our mind/heart) we break the seal of what is considered to be normal consciousness and step into the reality of life. Some it seems break the seal out of the norm into the reality of life and run right into a wall, which doesn¡¦t turn them crazy but actually exposes their spirit to a realm where they¡¦re not equipped to handle. Talk to any ¡¥crazy¡¦ person and you will see that they¡¦re not ¡¥crazy¡¦ but actually have insight that¡¦s usually coded in metaphors and misunderstood phrases, insight that we ¡¥Normal¡¦ people seem to be blinded to on a day to day basis. In this state of heart break/ distortion of the mind we can fall into some sort of living trance, it¡¦s a revolving door of a single episode that keeps playing again and again in our thoughts, and pulls in similar situations and effects similar actions in our life to keep that episode spinning around in our minds. At times we try to free ourselves by seeking to bury the tragedy, drugs, shopping, sports, Relationships (a lot of them), and so many little things in life that keep us from thinking about this one thing that will always be there until it¡¦s forgotten completely. This is how we lock ourselves in our minds, this is how we lock ourselves inside our dreams and problems, and this is how we¡¦re made into zombies that are controlled by the ones who make the rules.
We are the products of time in fullness; creation of this earth by the Almighty sparked a consciousness and a mind that could record every single occurrence in our lives (speaking about every living being). If we take a single step back into our- story from the beginning then we can make a trail that leads right back to the very spot that you¡¦re at while you¡¦re listening to this. While taking this journey we can observe all the stages in our past living where we have constantly sought for power over our next of kin. ¡§Crabs in a bucket. ¡V k-os.¡¨ As long as one man seeks to uplift his-self above his brother because of thoughts of superiority in some way or another, imprisonment of some sort will always take place. As long as you think that you¡¦re better than me and not one that can teach me, and as long as I think that you¡¦re a show-off or jealous of me then imprisonment of some sort will always take place. The creation of the cell is taken from the most ancient barbaric art of capturing animals, setting traps where they would be enclosed and not escape until the hunter comes. Is that what we treat human beings like? Are we so lost in our superfluous ignorance to believe that we were created from monkeys and therefore we should be treated like animals? And a matter of fact what¡¦s wrong with a monkey (it¡¦s hairy and intelligent just like a grown man who studies, has wisdom and never shaves!)? Did the Almighty make a mistake when he created the creature? Man in his search away from his roots has sought out an avenue which if was so true would still be going on today as creation, as begun is still continuing. The leaders of this world and the many civilizations in HIS-STORY¡¦s past have created what we call armies and soldiers and wars of such. What do we fight over if not differences in skin color, land, money, jealousy, lust, sport, and all the other evils of mans creation?
While we¡¦re still walking through then to now we can see that the creation of these same armies and soldiers/police are the recycled images of civilizations lost, not progressed! If we were moving on the right path, then the earth would be balanced and we would concede to truth and not law, and we wouldn¡¦t have armies or police because there would be nothing to keep in check that the righteous citizens couldn¡¦t handle by themselves. We grown folks are like little children in this world calling ourselves men and women, when our parents are the ones with the guns and the money, and the laws. I am not disregarding the necessity of law enforcement by the inhabitants of the earth, but what is a soldier other than a trained citizen? And in essence and purity a single citizen has no authority to place another into a box of any sort, as the saying goes; ¡§do unto others as you would have them do unto you.¡¨ Taking in effect the story of Joseph and his twelve brothers in the bible, Joseph was thrown into a pit and then sold for 20 pieces of silver which by the graces and blessings of the Most High Jah he was made governor of Egypt in the end. The same beings that we destroy morally, physically, mentally, emotionally, and all other ¡¥ally that we can come up with are the same ones that we constantly give praise. If there are no criminals then law doesn¡¦t need to be enforced, therefore creating no chaos and no jobs and no circulation of money, rich, poor, and such. So am I the criminal or is it the ones who profit from my actions? Honestly because the one committing the crime gains nothing except a sense of shame or fulfillment of purpose; well other than slavery there¡¦s no crime that¡¦s profitable!
¡§4000 years and more¡¨ ¡V Turbulence! Asian, Indian (all alike), Caucasian, Cushite (Ethiopian, African), have all been captured and subjected to work under such master as was seen appropriate; taking in mind that even the like races have enslaved their own people in a quest for building a ¡§proper society.¡¨ Most recently the memories of what we know as slavery fell on the Ethiopian, one of the most gruesome and terrible occurrences that can ever befall man is what happened in those days where a living person was bought and sold then abused, tortured, and wasted as quickly and mercilessly as another piece of garbage (It feels and sounds a lot like how we work today if you compare it wisely!). The descendants of these so called masters (we¡¦ll call them Abusers) have twisted this part of time into something that to most nations seems unreal, we¡¦ve taken a reality and turned it into a story and not a memory as it is. There are still bones in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in chains of people who were mercilessly shackled both hand and foot and thrown into the deep. Since we love using our imagination so much then imagine this, you and 100 people you know chained with 10 pound shackles around your hands and feet, all connected by a 70 pound chain and thrown into an ocean; would you survive? Since we love using our imagination so much then imagine this, You and 100 people you know being beaten with a leather whip that¡¦s been soaked in water 77 days, your skin barely hanging on to your flesh, the white meat showing, and not your master but you as a good servant doing these evils to the other 99 people that you know. A number of people taken from a continent whose descendants have filled up the Americas/Caribbean have suffered this fate, and we expect everything to be all good? You scar a child and he grows up missing a piece of his-self which turns him into whatever the economic situation of life puts him in, you bruise your skin a mark stays, same reality. Then the ¡§respected citizens of status¡¨ today look at this same people and judge and say that they¡¦re immoral, they have problems, they need help to cope with themselves, the children of this race are turning everything upside down, they are corrupted, they are this and that! BULLSHIT!!! This is what the imagination of man has done, and this is what it still does day to day to our children and even to us ¡¥older ones¡¦. Oh wait! If I take in mind all that movies have done to our senses as humans in perceiving death on picture then I guess that we couldn¡¦t really feel what it¡¦s like until it happens to us. Better yet I¡¦d rather say when it happens to us, because the cycle of life if continued will take us on that same path again and we¡¦ll have another conversation like this again¡Kmoving along!
This world that we live in is based on bloodshed, our most prominent religion which is Christianity is based on the bloodshed of ¡§the son of God¡¨; you think that if the son of the Most High died that his father wouldn¡¦t be mad? And how foolish our religions have made us that we say we¡¦re all children of the Most High yet we look to one son as our saviour and not to each other to build. As I was saying, this world that we live in today is one based on bloodshed of people whose souls and spirits and blood have been mixed in with the mortar and stone to build our fine towers. These same people have fought wars for countries/ a state name which cares nothing more than for keeping the rest of the world in check with knowing what their status is, and what their expectations are in the world. Now these pompous and proud descendants of these slave masters who have taken hold of the known world, have tried in their hardest pursuits to discard the harshness of that reality and make it into a softer toned truth when the ugliness is still plainly seen. Almost every single image that we see either on television or in society has a violent basis to it, we start conversations and our first words are to bring down another person drowning their spirits in the deepness of darkness inside our souls. Television, even the cartoons that we think is so safe and wonderful to the children is a medium for the truth of violence, the subtle kind, and that¡¦s the worse kind because it seems natural after it¡¦s ingrained. We want peace and preach war? Can someone explain this for me please? I mean why do you think that 7 year olds kill their grade school teachers? It¡¦s the parents job we¡¦re constantly told by the ¡¥experts¡¦, but when the parents are locked in a job because they have to hustle daily to make ends meet for the end of the month, how can they take care of the seed that they¡¦ve planted in this life? Enough, I think that we¡¦ve heard this ¡¥theory¡¦ a little bit much around our social circles and such so lets move on.
Seeing that History and the constant blood work of humanity has effected this present that we ache to deal with, then we can go into a little bit more heart ache to resolve a section of the puzzle. The law which has been created and constantly implanted in the minds of the silent sheep has caused our very downfall. We allow our rights to be stripped off of us constantly, yeah we bicker a little bit but the quick fixes keep it shut long enough until another chunk is taken out of our souls. We¡¦re living in a one world police state of an existence; the earth is now called the globe, tell me who re-taught your mind and brainwashed your wisdom. See even the words that have been erected in the past 200 years have changed our out-look on the insight of life. When you say Earth we think dirt, trees, sea, wind, clouds, creation, and on and on. When you say Globe we think business, commerce, trade, war, an international place; it¡¦s different when you sit and actually think about what you¡¦re supposed to think about on a daily basis isn¡¦t it? The chains of slavery on our different races have been taken off and placed on our minds, our perceptions, because education is not the standard no more it¡¦s what we call ¡§getting paid and living a good life for your family.¡¨ We work and save money for our future generations of children to live a proper life where they don¡¦t have to struggle like we had to, and with that the children are beginning to hate work altogether. No not working in an office and no not working on business because all that is worthless if the ground is not worked for the food that keeps us alive. Back to the thought though; we put away money for these future generations and don¡¦t realize that we don¡¦t even know if we will wake in the morning. We set up for something that we hope is coming and don¡¦t support what is already there, the unfortunate of society.
We¡¦re locked! It¡¦s no coincidence that we¡¦ve reached to this place in life, no not at all, we can take a look and see that time will never lie, and that the actions that were made from the beginning in the plan of the Almighty is the plan which is unfolding right now. How do we differentiate the evil from the right though? Love! Love of the person you don¡¦t know more than yourself at times, it seems that that kind of love is so fragile that we¡¦re scared to stare in the mirror too long cause we might break the glass. Will it change? It can but we must take such a loss of pride and ego that it¡¦s not able to be fathomed by the mere mind of man, and to certain persons their life is only pride and egoism so that would mean instant suicide and/or insanity. There¡¦s no reason firm enough for babies to need to be born in jail, there¡¦s no reason firm enough why young men have to be abused by the ¡§authority holders¡¨ in society. There¡¦s no reason why we would need to take such extremes to come to the conclusion, when in reality we damn well know in our hearts that we would not hold up to the consequences of our actions. Our actions that have separated us so far from each other that we consider ourselves not children of the Most High Jah, but colored (black, white, brown, yellow). Argue the fact all you want but in the end you still just referred to another person as a color! I¡¦m not a color and should not be referred to as a color, but I am a name. What name is that? Ask me!
Mind imprisonment, physical imprisonment, all of these internal and external cells have made us claustrophobic in the openness of the earth. We¡¦re so shy at times to even say good morning, Hi, to even smile it seems that we¡¦re detested by the very thought. It¡¦s funny at times and I laugh until I feel the pain inside of my bones, then the reality hits me harder than 200 times the force of the destruction of the twin towers, we¡¦re cold. All the zombie movies that we¡¦ve seen on t.v and such is us, we¡¦ve lost so much of our wisdom and ingrained light that we¡¦ve become blocks of ice that melts and re-freezes at every instant we open up and shut back down our emotions. A rock will never consider his-self sturdy because a rock doesn¡¦t consider his-self, at the moment you think yourself confident is the moment the Almighty shows you your weakness. Lucifer I heard from somewhere, was in the same predicament of thinking that he was IT, but that was quickly erased from the presence of the Most High. Now all this talk of the creator might be making you angry but oh well! That¡¦s life deal with it or deal yourself a loss!

e-mail me at: theunknown730@hotmail.com if you want the rest of the book...

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"Being is not knowing!"
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Is anybody even interested in it?....lol

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"Being is not knowing!"
 34yrs • M
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First, did you write that?

Second, I read the first segment of it and I liked the waterfall analogy for sin, but I applied it to my own beliefs, not Christianity. Another thing, if you want people to listen to you, you can't just bombard them with such a large amount of material like that. Those are bad persuasive skills. I was somewhat interested in what you had to say but after I finished that first part, I didn't realize that I had only seen the tip of the iceberg. Far far far too much information for one post. I was expecting a sandwich and some fries. You gave me a sandwich, some fries, a vat of oatmeal (the original kind, no flavoring added), and about 20 cheese calzones to go, in case I got hungry later.

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"The truth will set you on fire"
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^^yeah the most High and I worte it....the fingers keep talking... and yeah I know it's alot, but it's enough for if you get hungry later.....

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"Being is not knowing!"
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julzz is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.

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"i am cruel because i am just being kind"
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I started reading this and was fairly impressed. Very sophisticated thoughts I thought for someone so young. And then I started to get bored because there was just so much of it!! First of all I think it should be in the religion area because you are obviously quite a charasmatic Christian or whatever but certainly there is nothing wrong with reading the bible and thinking to yourself, "yeah, you know that makes sense to me, the word and how God must have created the universe and all that. But.... I'm wondering if you've been slightly brainwashed! And don't give me all that "at least I know whose washing my brain Jesus crap!" I'm a Christian and so I know where you are coming from but it seems to me that you have been to a fair few Christian conferences and workshops etc. etc. and church and bible studies and prayer meetings, and you have absorbed a lot of information from other people, I'm right aren't I?

It's easy to listen to a preacher and try and preach to someone else because you believe it all so wholeheartedly because it sounds right and true and really impressive. But from my personal experience what you need to do is read "the word of God" that is the bible and then just sit and meditate on it, don't read loads, just a simple verse and then open your mind a bit and try and understand it from your own perspective not someone else's (i.e preachers and teachers). Read stuff outside the Christian arena, yes science is good!

The easy road and hard road come to mind here, the easy road isn't always the best route and sometimes Christians get hooked on thinking the world is the easy road and their way is the hard way, but do you know what? When you get pulled into a faith, any faith (including Christianity) it is EASY to get so absorbed with material and views that are presented to you by the church or whatever institution it is and forget that God gave you as a human being the greatest gift he could give you - FREE WILL. That means a mind to question WHY, HOW etc. etc. Next time be consise about what you are trying to say, don't waffle and to be honest, I thnk God has a sense of humour, look at Australia, you're aloud to be funny!!

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""Each child holds the world in an open hand to mould it into any shape they choose.""
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i guess god was always there, but us humans refine him, i mean okay... theres our perspective reality with time and space, saying relatively hypotheotically speaking, if you think of an object long enough it apears in astral space long enough... so if one person exist in the whole universe through out time, the ideal of god and yin yang would be weak but imagine all those people past future and present thinking of this , imagine what maginitude this is. I think god is in all of us, in all ascepts we are god because of free will, god is an ideal you live by and worshiping him you would really worshiping the might creator of all this. But.. with all these different religions there's still this one idealism of evil and bad, good and evil vice versa, thus the creation of the ONE, the mighty one, and thats where i believe he gets his power from us. The question is, whats beyond astral space, astral travel, heaven, hell, whats beyond that? can't be nothingness, can't be the void , relatively speaking there is no such thing as the void cause the frequency never has a high point nor does the lower frequency.. What is beyond?....

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"Thy Lovest Soul"
Life: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
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