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The headscarf controversy is stupid and so is the government of Turkey

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 24yrs • F •
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The headscarf controversy is stupid and so is the government of Turkey
I lived in Turkey for 3 years and half of my family is Turkish, and my grandpa is a very devoted Muslim. So I have seen a lot of different aspects of Islam - in Istanbul you sometimes see a woman with a headscarf and skirts down to her ankles, sometimes a headscarf and a really, really, short mini skirt that may as well not be worn at all. Don't even ask about the rape levels. I am sure they are pretty high. And women that wear the full black garment are frowned upon because it is "anti-Ataturk" and therefore politically wrong.
There is very little respect towards women - a man can beat his wife in the street and very few people care, and those that do stand up for women are ignored. My dad had a job in the university in Istanbul, and a woman he knew was being discriminated and not offered a job there because of some headscarf-related controversy, but the university was denying that they were discriminating and giving ridiculous excuses. He sent an email saying he knew they were discriminating and he was going to resign from his job if they continued to refuse her the position. They sent him an email a few days later saying "We can no longer work with you for blah blah blah reasons. Goodbye."
There is an extent to which things aren't just religion and personal beliefs - they become ways to abuse the personal beliefs of others.
It seems to be less of a problem with the religion itself and more of a problem of government - this kind of discrimination is actually perfectly legal and so is domestic abuse. Don't get me wrong - Islam is a perfectly wonderful religion - it just sucks that a lot of Muslim women have to live with a really, really stupid kind of government, and very few people can do anything about it. Women may have the right to vote, but that's pretty much all they've got and there's really nothing good to vote for.

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 43yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that BHU is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Things change. Governments change. Attire changes.

History has shown this.

Be patient.

Turkey will change.

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The headscarf controversy is stupid and so is the government of Turkey
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