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delicious audible seduction

User Thread
 48yrs • M •
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delicious audible seduction
This delicate night, delicious audible seduction.

Sounds I hear now...

Gentle rain drumbeat on a thousand leaves,on blades of grass,on damp tarmac sloshing in puddles.

Distant cry of many seagulls, in bursts, taking turns, louder, quieter, fading gently away.

Breeze rustles tree...

Drone of far away factory machinery...

Seagulls more distant...

Fridge buzzes into consciousness...

Rain still pitter-patter...

Hungry stomach rumbles, mumbling discontented...

Solitary seagull...

Pen scrapes across this paper...

I breathe...

Sounds I hear now...

Delicious audible seduction, this delicate night.

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delicious audible seduction
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