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The Uncanny

User Thread
 79yrs • M •
dumbcluck is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
The Uncanny
The other day a neighbour of mine was talking to me about UFO's. There has been nearly a century of studies on this subject with the theme "there is someone else out there besides us"....without success. Research resources are being wasted on this subject...resources which could be better spent on other projects.
I believe that UFO's with the accompanying "strange looking people" and lights are real, however, they are a glimpse...not from another planet...but from another "plane"....'another world' which we are not aware of.
This world we live in is uncanny in itself where it obviously, amongst other things, and for reasons which I believe are beneficial to us, operates on a system of contrasts...extremes.....from that of hot and cold...to that of light and dark.....to that of wet and dry...which translates into....summer and winter.....night and day.....flooding and dry spells.
I believe that there is another "world" out there "another plane" which operates alongside this world and into which we transition when we pass on.. This 'world"...this "next plane"... has nothing to do with any religion.....holiness.... or a God as depicted by those religions. I believe that there is "someone in charge" but that s/he is elusive and unreachable as it is not necessary for him/her to be so to us as everything is taken care of....from birth to passing on. We are born and we pass on....whatever occurs in the intervening period is irrelevant and superfluous in determining our only destiny....that "other plane"
I call him/ her a "supernatural being" in the absence of a better description
There is another recognizable trait with this world we live in. It is flawed as similar to it's inhabitants. It's existence alongside that "other plane" is similarly flawed. I believe that these sightings are a result of those flaws. This does not mean however that in that "other plane" there are flying saucers and strange looking beings surrounded by lights. The nature of the flying saucers gives a hint. In every report these 'machines' whizz along at great speed. This translates into "instant thought travel" which may be present in that "other plane"."Strange looking beings" can translate into "spirits" surrounded by lights. Therefore due to these defects we have a portal to that "next plane". However for some reason we "view" them in a symbolic fashion, not in their real form....perhaps due to those same defects...perhaps due to the fact that in "this world" this is the only view available to us.
Interesting and uncanny

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 46yrs • M
Post Omega is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
There may be UFOs but what good will they do us? Sure, the technology is impressive but even if extraterrestrial beings were to visit us and provide us with the technology where do you want to go? What more do you wish to experience?

The human condition is planted on Earth. The Universe is a hostile place of hot gases and cold asteroids seeking to destroy living things.

IF aliens exist they may have superior intelligence but they certainly don't have beauty or wit.

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The Uncanny
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