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Have you used such term as a `program`?

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 53yrs • M •
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Have you used such term as a `program`?
Men`s programs. Have you used such term as a `program`?
For example:
All living creature have bios like computers.
In bios prescribed programs is.
Programs can be divided into the recognition programs and the executive programs.
E.g., bee find flower (recognition) and then collect nectar (executive).

Men have bios likewise any living creature.
E.g., women programs optimized for finding of partner.
But women are more complicated then bees.
Women bios re-switches programs accordingly to age.
Accordingly my book `Sex and Rank` women have two recognition programs: find `the chosen one` and `find alpha`.
If woman find one of them (accordingly to her age) then executive program runs.
Executive program runs set of programs and among them `real love`.
Real love is also executive program.

Programs consist of sub-programs. All programs and sub-programs can be easy analyzed.
Behavior is predeterminated by interaction of programs with social environment.
Programs cannot be corrected, they only can be suppressed. Social suppressing of programs results in stresses.
Have you used such term as a `program`, for example, in relationship analysis?

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Have you used such term as a `program`?
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