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Product Reviews Forum Guidelines

The purpose of the Product Reviews Forum is to provide accurate, detailed and honest information about products through hands-on experience. Only high quality and original reviews are permitted. Reviews that do not meet the following guideline standards will be removed, so please make sure you are informed and understand what is required before you start posting your product reviews.


How to Title Your Review:

The title of your review must include the product name. Here are some examples:

Logitech Z623 Speaker System: The Best Computer Speakers
Why Kaizen Whey Protein Isolate Is The Best Choice
The Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker Cooks Amazing Brown Rice

Each Product Review Must Include:

1) The Product Name - use the official name of the product. If applicable include the brand/manufacturer, model and serial number.

2) The Price - the cost of the product with the currency in which it was bought. If you have information on international pricing then please provide the cost of the item in USD, GBP (UK), AUD and CAD.

3) Photos - include at least one image of the product.

4) Availability - where you purchased the product and any other reliable suppliers.

5) Product Specifications - provide relevant product specs.
For Electronics Reviews: include information such as system requirements, battery life, recharging options, voltage information, dimensions.
For Exercise Equipment Reviews: include information such as the size dimensions, weight, whether assembly is required.
For Health Product Reviews: include information such as quantity and ingredients.
For Home Appliance Reviews: include information such as size dimensions, power information, available settings.

6) Original & Detailed Content - your review should be at least 100 words long, which is approximately two substantive paragraphs. Try to provide as much information on the product as possible and be honest in your feedback. If you think the product is good/great/not good, provide clear and informative reasons behind your evaluations. Reviews should be entirely original and not copied from elsewhere.

7) No Spam - spam / promotional content / self promotion / misleading content is strictly not permitted and any reviews identified as spam will be removed.

Disclaimer: Captain Cynic may edit your review to include relevant affiliate product links and content.

Product Reviews Forum Guidelines
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