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Can't We Bleed For Ourselves As Much As Any Other, Please?

User Thread
 51yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that sambear71 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Can't We Bleed For Ourselves As Much As Any Other, Please?
Lay It Down And Let It Teach You A Lesson

It's a beautiful and overwhelming burden you're hiding under, more than enough to deflect the more pointed barbs and criticisms directed at your conviction in crucifixion...but will any assumption of hopeless martyrdom truly complete your crucifixation, or just make what's so meaningful to you a masturbatory exercise shielded in blindingly false glory? For it seems bigoted to me, this numbing belief it takes your blood to save all us bastard sinners from ourselves...indicative of a bias against self I too easily relate to and try to put aside all the same, for sanity's sake.

So, as crazy as it is for me, I have to ask what you hope to accomplish with your fear of surviving the consequences more unnaturally imposed than actual...for this pose blesses nothing but the pretense salvation for any is only possible when innocence is skinned alive, blessing for our cursed existences only available in the blood of some bystander. Cast that rough-shewn nailed wood off your shoulders for a second, and see the guilt-trip inherent in its grain. I don't see how it matters who you are to me or anyone when it comes to such a crux, let alone why Atlas should be slaughtered before being allowed to shrug off such crushing weight...for no matter how much or little we have to carry by ourselves, there's something more than a bit suspect in the idea we have to slaughter our seers just to face our reflections in the everyday mirror.

I can't support that self-loathing notion, no matter how much of this weight I can help take...for no matter how guilty we are of being as we are as a species, collective shaming for the sins of individuals is as fucked up as killing you to save ourselves from self-examination. Don't put this ignoble premise on my person, please...I have plenty to carry without feeling forced to do so for the sake of the world, and self-sacrifice means nothing if the action's only used to conscript our guilty wills into putting reward and punishment before more transcendent notions of morality. Let's keep giving what we will and taking what we're able clean of any desire to make goodness reinforced by the questionable premises raised by emotional blackmail...and resurrect our belief our species wasn't made to live in shame and suffering for the sake of any paradise or purgatory. I applaud your willingness to take the blame for everyone...but we need to grow beyond such infantile ideas about salvation and damnation, far more than we need to be shriven by the sickness that demands we sacrifice anything but what's ours to give freely.

I never wanted my soul to be saved with your flayed skin and seeping wounds...Samuel Bear Davis...

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 55yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that HissyFit is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I'm with you on that one, though I'm not sure we can blame the guy on the cross for the fucked up interpretation by those who came after. Gotta watch out for those christians... good intentions often hide the unconscious devil in us all.

I say look closely at the bias against self .. don't deny it, don't be afraid or ashamed of it .. examine it, question it .. feel the pain of it .. and yes, bleed for it. Perhaps that is all that is necessary to slaughter the false self and comfortably face our true reality.

But again, I love the writing. I'm pretty sure you could write about the toilet habits of 2-year-olds and make it seem poetic.

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 51yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that sambear71 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
...thanks for pointing out that subtle mistake so often made...I do have a thing against making the kids pay for their parent's mistakes, and would hate to do so with a man and/or myth with more father issues than me. I try to, and self-acceptance is coming along...but still far too apologetic about aspects of being I should display proudly. And thank you once more, you tempt me to write a potty-training manual that doesn't bore the reader utterly...

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Can't We Bleed For Ourselves As Much As Any Other, Please?
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