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Sounds of Space: "Chorus" radio waves within Earth's magnetosphere

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 42yrs • F •
Sounds of Space: "Chorus" radio waves within Earth's magnetosphere
'Chorus', also known as 'dawn chorus', are naturally occurring electromagnetic radio wave/s emitted from the Earth’s magnetosphere that are audible by the human ear. These radio waves are caused by particles within Earth's magnetosphere. A magnetosphere is the region surrounding a planet that is dominated by the planet's magnetic field. Solar winds (charged particles coming out of the Sun) blast against against Earth's magnetosphere, causing it to be shaped the way it is.

The sounds in the video below were recorded recently on Sept. 5, 2012 and the sounds were picked up using radio receivers. This video has numerous 5 second recordings of 'chorus' sounds played one after another without any gaps in between.

The chorus phenomena has been known about for decades. The reason they are sometimes referred to as 'dawn chorus' is because often the sounds are more easily picked up in the morning. A similar occurence is the auroral chorus - which can occur during auroras - caused by geomagnetic storms.

All these sounds basically seem to arise out of the interaction of solar winds with our magnetosphere.

The visualization accompaniying the audio in the video depicts magnetic field lines which which represent the magnetosphere (magnetic field) surrounding Earth.
This video appears to have been removed

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Sounds of Space: "Chorus" radio waves within Earth's magnetosphere
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