Time is infinite, yet we never seem to have enough of it. - 68 firebird
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Observing A Sad Situation

User Thread
 35yrs • M •
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Observing A Sad Situation
Inside of depravity, all is depraved. An idea, a way of living, corrupted by the worst things humans have to give the world is a place of its own. Stripped of all that is good and wonderful it is reduced to sensations destitute, anger and fear. And even though the strong spark of life that is in all of us never stops trying to flower, it does encounter many impacting obstacles that do change its behavior.

How can these people live their lives in appreciation of a daily sunset when is such places? Letting the sounds of the birds in the morning give you the best wake up breakfast possible is a skill in the mind that is not always present. There are amazing things in this world. All over the place. And it seems that many people, in many many ways, have many troubles seeing and living within these things.

That is because inside of terrible moments in our minds, are terrible things. And these terrible things have the power to take that which is beautiful and make it seem worthless.

But outside of these things and outside of those places, in a world where they are not so relevant and daunting, they do not exist in such a fashion that impacts our daily motivations .And with out this kind of sensation, life really really is amazing. Every part of it.

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 34yrs • M •
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In other news.

The sun is still shining.
Obama hasn't pushed the red button yet. Birds are still singing and until further notice, the world is still spinning around its somewhat diagonal axis permitting atmosphere to exist as we know which in turn allows us to exist.

So although shit is everywhere don't forget, you can take a shovel and clean your own little neck of the woods. If you are ingenious enough, you may even use that shit as fertilizer or if you are a bloody genious, use it to extract methane gas to power your house.

I hope this helps. and I am not trying to be a smartass. I am just saying that you shouldn't be demoralized because of all the shit that is falling around you. We as humans have always transverse shit filled periods, and we are still here.

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Observing A Sad Situation
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