He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man - Dr. Johncon
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Finally a "THEORY" -any thoughts?

User Thread
 51yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Adam Seth God is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Finally a "THEORY" -any thoughts?
I have an evolving theory, whose growth has demanded I extrovert, an uncomfortable and often a humbling process.....


O.k.... here's the kind of thoughts I wake up with in the morning....


"The center draws me, the non-center into its own center...
the result of this activity, is the creative force of the universe."

dwayne s. south



The Supreme Being is Love
Love is the Breath of Life
To "..become a living soul"... one must learn to LOVE
Takes living to become a living soul, learning.

And another "breaths" that into you, not yourself.
And you "breath" that into another, not keep it.
That's Love in action.


Until that time, we proceed with The Supreme Spirit, or soul.
Which is the annimation of a person before "learning to Love", or "living"
A basically Alive person. A being, not yet complete.

In marrige,

One must LovE, which brings to life your own "Living Soul"
which is that which is exchanged in marrige, LOVE.

When it is Time to Love, and one gives their entirity to the other,
all their "LOVE" - or "Living Soul"

It must be The Supreme Spirit that orchastrates this,
and only an EVEN exchange can be a part of Marrige.

Upon even exchange of "Love" or "Life" or "Souls"
Man takes on a Womans'
Woman takes on a mans'

"...and in the image of The Supreme Being, male and female, made HE them both
and called their name ADAM..."

There can be no contract for the Soul of one
who has not learned to Live, or Love
because they have none
and because
the indwelling annimating spirit of
such a being can only be The Supreme Spirit,

not ours to give sell or contract over.

The Marital Exchange

cannot complete until both have become "Living Souls"
To orchastrate and facilitate this,
the indwelling Supreme Spirit "breaths" into
them both... however long it takes
time wise

Living isn't merely having life.


remains where it is most
needed to bring about the 2nd life, the living life
and dwells between the two Living Souls
throughout the lives of the married two.

Since one cannot become a Living Soul without Love

It is at the point of Marrige,
that the
Souls of Mankind come into existence and
can only Lawfully be exchanged with
their marrige partner.

Under The Law of Creation,

One can be lawfully married, before development.
Upon Development of a Living Soul, it is instantly
transferred to the lawful possessor - husband or wife.

Nothing can prevail against these immutable laws of the creation of the supreme being,
not even the creation, itself, of the supreme being.

No one who Loves, would exchange for their Love, because their
Love gives birth to their Lovers' Love, which is Love for themSELF,

or a Living Soul for them, completeing the balance...


abhors a vaccume, so the emptiness within humanity
is solved by Love, and the exchange of it is all it ever does.

those who have not learned to Love, are wanderers... obviously...
we respect them, and understand their pains...
yet, their wandering days are not over... they appear under the influence
of some darkness or evil

it is just the opposite, they are NOT under the influence
there is nothing inside, but the annimating spirit - the One Spirit
which constantly causes an environment where Love can abound or come to be.

Hence we have the appearence of two ways


A way of Life, and a way of Death.

there are two of each

The 2nd Life begins, (The Living Soul), after we learn to LOVE
having passed that Love on to another, which
begins their own birth to the 2nd Life,
the exchange takes place fullfilling the purpose of Love, (exchange for Love).

The 1st Death, is physical
The 2nd Death, is spiritual

With the 2nd life firmly in place, properly exchanged
and properly lived
we never taste the 2nd Death
We bind, and live on forever and ever - it is eternal
and a mirror image
not only of each other - but a reflection of that
ONE SPIRIT - a copy of that one, and also Eternal.

Ye are all "gods" children of the most High "GOD".


Any thoughts?

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"\\\"The Empty Vessel Makes The Most Noise\\\" - Shakespear"
 37yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that EOTW is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Love is a supreme emotion. It is very powerful. People lose it and they want to kill the very thing they loved just a second ago.

You want to be supreme? Be an object without subject. That is the supreme.

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"Nothing Happens On The Internet."
 28yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that forgottentruth is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
While Love definitely is a very strong and usually irrational emotion that is very controlling... I don't think it's necessary to be supreme.

I mean, it depends on what you are supreme in. Or a definition of supremacy is required at least before we can say "Yes" or "No" to whether it makes you supreme. There could be a supreme being which is far more intellectual than any human being, which has capabilities we can only dream of, but is incapable of loving. Similarly there could be a supreme being that has learnt to love everything, no matter it's race, colour, position or opinion and has survived through helping others etc but still can't do anything the previous supreme being could.

I don't find Love and Supremacy mutually exclusive... It's like saying I'm the best philosopher in the world, but I can't drive a car. The two things are separate and have different properties.

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"All we see or seem; is but a dream within a dream. - Edgar Allan Poe"
Finally a "THEORY" -any thoughts?
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