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Correct Bible manuscripts vs corrupted manuscripts

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 59yrs • M •
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Correct Bible manuscripts vs corrupted manuscripts
What would be the most important deception how satan would like to deceive people away from the truth? That he would tamper with the Word of God by adding the words, leaving out the words, and by changing the original words in completely different words. If he could deceive people by saying that he has the original texts, and that the real original texts are counterfeits, so his deception would be completely successful. He has done this, and by this deception, he deceives a large part of the mankind, and even some of the sincere disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Codex Vaticanus written in Egypt (Alexandria) at the 4th century. The text of Codex Vaticanus collected from one region of Alexandria's Egypt.

Codex Sinaiticus written in Egypt (Alexandria) at the 4th century. Constantin Tischendorf discovered 1844 the Codex Sinaiticus from Mount Sinai, St. Catherine's monastery.

Manuscripts of Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Sinaiticus are not as reliable as the Byzantine text. The Byzantine text had been assembled in Greece, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Africa, Alexandria, Gaul, southern Italy, Sicily, England and Ireland.

The Bible tells us that the apostles traveled in Israel, Syria, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Asia Minor. These churches were certainly kept the original letters of the apostles Peter and Paul and the Gospels in the original form when they copied them forward. Discoveries of the Byzantine texts from the many same places where the Early Church preached the gospel is the evidence that Byzantine text corresponds in the best way the message of the New Testament original texts.

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Correct Bible manuscripts vs corrupted manuscripts
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