Truth, in matters of religion, is simply the opinion that has survived. - Oscar Wilde
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My Neighbor's Dog for President!

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 56yrs • M
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My Neighbor's Dog for President!
My Neighbor's Dog for President!
A Neo-SocialistRealist poem by Wolf Larsen

So come November you can choose between some white Republican motherfucker and some black Democratic motherfucker

Who's going to be the big motherfucker in the White House?

The white liberals & most black people want a black motherfucker in the White House
And those conservative/religious fanatic/crazy right-wing nut-cases want a white motherfucker in the White House

But I'd just assume have my neighbor's dog in the White House instead!

And since the racist white motherfuckers that vote Republican are a bunch of right-wingers let them kiss the right side of my ass!
And since the white liberals & black nationalists that vote Dixiecrat are a bunch of new-"left"-overs let them kiss the left side of my ass!
I don't give a damn which motherfucker wins in November!

I'd just assume that all these politicians both Democrat & Republican get a job! They can all shine my shoes as far as I'm concerned! Let Barack Obama shine my left shoe and let Mitt Romney or whoever the Republican motherfucking nominee is shine my right shoe!

We might as well dress-up all the congressmen both Democrat or Republican in little red dresses too, 'cause you know that Congress is the biggest house of prostitution in the land! I can just see all them politicians in the house of Congress showing their great oral skills to all those lobbyists and billionaire CEO cut-throats!

I don't know who you're voting for in November, but I'm voting for my neighbor's dog! Come November why don't we all just write-in our favorite dog for President?

Copyright 2012 by Wolf Larsen. Advance permission is given to anyone wishing to publish, distribute, and/or read out loud to an audience this work to do so as long as no alterations are made to the work, and credit is given to the author.

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My Neighbor's Dog for President!
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