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My Theory on Life

User Thread
 30yrs • M •
Smellysam is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
My Theory on Life
before you read, their is more that I did not put in here. A lot more. If I didn't explain some parts clearly, its mainly the wording. Play with the theories in your own mind.

Life...is it real? To us, of course it's real.. I'm here. Aren't I? I'm living, I'm breathing. I can think, I can dream.
Is it our last life? On Earth or as a human. Yes, I think so. Unless you get a another life on Earth.
If not on this Earth again, I think we will move on, into the next form to what we call, outer-space. The Universe.
Most people think we die and thats it. That dieing is such a terrible thing and you mourn for loved ones death. This isn't all we go through though.

Humans think that planet Earth is all that matters. I think that it's supposed to be like this. Because if it wasn't, people would think your crazy about things you talk about.
Their are 2 types of people. It's a mind-set. Your brain functions and views things different from others. You can't explain it. It's who you are.

Type 1 - People that think Earth is all that matters. This can involve working hard in school, trying to obey laws most of the time. Basically every action you do is for yourself
and what will make you look best infront of others. This isn't always such a bad thing.

Type 2 - Ever meet those people, that think about life on other planets..? Ha, your crazy. Being a human is the best. Were so smart and have great technology.
Word, to us. Obviously an xbox is cooler than playing catch like they used to do for entertainment long time ago.

This is our only life, after this... what?
We die? Go to heaven or hell? Forever...? Psht, please.
Now, as you read more. You'll understand more. You may think some things don't make sense because I worded it wrong, or just couldn't think of a way to put it simple.
But how can be life on Earth be it? That's the question nobody will ever know. When you die, you die. You can't come back and tell everyone what happended lol.
What happens next?
Catholics think you go to perkatory. Choosing to either pray to God, or move away towards the Devil. In hell, the worst scumbag place ever.
Do we know if Heaven & Hell is another world we live on? Full of Gods creation and beauty? Perhaps it is like space.. and we keep on traveling and learning about new things.
so distant from Earth. Other religions, say you will turn into another form on Earth. Such as animals, insects, ect..
If this is true, maybe this happens because your mind was not complete in human form.

Let me explain my theory, which comes easily to me.
I won't explain these forms in a specific order, because If its true the forms probably happen in the order their supposed to for your journey in life.

Form - Earth
For all we know this can be the our 1st journey in life or our 10th. (I think it's closer to 1) This journey is harsh for everyone at times. To humans, living in this world is always difficult.
Even if you have a lot of money.
(money issues, family problems, ect..) Everyone has them. It can be natural tasks each person encounters. To see if their ready to endure them and finding out who you are.
We grow up with a family and things happen. Can be early in life, or late. We meet new people, have interests, and must make a living for ourselves.
Each person can choose their choices.
You see some people, being nice and smart. If they choose wrong paths that encounter them, can become corrupt and a mess.

We have tests throughout our life, preparing for the future on Earth. Maybe these giants tasks we need to complete on Earth are the things that will choose our path
for our next life. Like the movie Wristcutters, if you kill yourself you might go to a worse place than Earth. If you live a happy life and your a nice person, you might go into a
better life. Could be simple as a dog with a happy family. Opposite, dog with a shitty life. If you enjoyed the nature of God's creation. A life can be an animal that has a habitat in
those kind of places. Living your life in that area..

Form - Animals
Im sure each person thought at least one time ""- What if I was an animal... IfI was a bird, I'd fly around. If I was a tiger, I'd be a stealthy killer."
This can all be chosen on your life as a human and what kind of life you lived. I would imagine if you were a stealthy human, your next life would let you complete it as an
animal in that form. Such as a shark. All they do is hunt. A boring person with no personality may be a boring animal or insect. Like a frog or a deer. Idk
Of course they know they won't become one, but then they heard some people thinking they might become an animal in a next life. This can all be 1 big chain that occurs
with all humans, but we will never know if its true.

Form - Space
A person interested in space and other forms of life may become a star or something involved with the universe.
If we become part of the universe, we will be full of energy.
We will be apart of a galaxy. Milky Way or another. Meeting other stars that could have been people from Earth or another life.
I don't really know what stars would do, or if they can travel. Because when we look at them their always in the same spot.
But for all we know they communicate in a different way, or they don't even need to communicate.
To us it sounds boring. But I'm not a star. I obv don't know what they would do or how their lives are.
Being a part of the universe can just be another looong test/journey before you make it to your next life.
You know how to humans, billions of years is really long. Space, is a picture at night. Because its their every night.
Well what if in star-form you you live as a star until your ready to move deeper into space. Leaving your star behind to die or to be for another to take its place.
Maybe all that matters is our mind and soul. Traveling through energy. Traveling at light speed.
Yes, it all makes sense to humans... "all that was is a shooting star " It's awesome and some people think it's really interesting. Others, would rather drink beer.
You kno how people say "you'll understand when your older" That's kinda what I mean. People don't realize anything other than what happens on Earth.
Because things here is most important to them.

So, when we hear about traveling at light speed, and all of these other galaxies. Do you think just because we cannot see other life, it doesn't exist? Of course not.
We cannot see minds or souls. Closest thing I can think of is Telepathic communication. This consists of two directions, sending and receiving..
Meaning, other life may communicate regularly like this. Or another way can be as sounds. Like music we hear.
Its a totally different form... I don't kno what else to say...

The creators of this Universe made all of these galaxies and beautiful images of space. Yes, to humans that's all they are. Pretty pictures. It takes Type 1 to be able to make the
technology, with is extremely important. Then we will be able to learn about these and understand more.
Since their are so many stars and everything else in space. Moving light years and all of those other speeds can just be the normal way of traveling. Just like humans use cars and planes.
The sky is our space, doesn't take to long to travel from country to country. Well, light years wouldn't be to bad for galaxy to galaxy....

God has the perfect punishment or reward for our actions and beliefs. If were a good person, you get rewarded.
If were terrible you get punished in hell or maybe animal/insect form with a crummy life.

If all of the religions and thoughts are true, then they can all happen to different people. Religion is a main subject on what keeps humans busy their entire life.
Its up to you to decide in what you believe. Perhaps Jesus put Christianity on Earth.. Because Heaven, can be the shortcut to space form... That does seem like the best life doesn't it?
Idk about you, but I would love to be on that form. Being able to travel inside of Jupiter and other planets. Seeing everything else that is out their...
It only makes sence that that is our next journey... What does the next life after space have? What is that like.. We already did the human, animal, and space form..
I can only think of 1 thing that it may be like.. another Universe.. Can involve so many different things...Humans Imagination... video games..

In a way, closest thing I can think of. Is World of Warcraft or the Green Lantern movie.
In a different universe, that includes other worlds is formed so much different.
Minds,brains, thought paths.
The big bang created mass, hot and cold, gravity, cells and all kinds of gases.
Another universe, can create a creature, and make this certain creatures skin have chemical bonds with certain types of molecules in the air from their universes Big Bang.
Then their minds may be able to create fire balls, or magical spells.... pulled in from the air around them.
Like or video games, if you life in the forest.. Your nature. The mountains, your more of a snow/ice guy. So they would create those kinda spells.
We breath in air to live, they breath in magic.. (magic to us, to them its normal)
To use it for good/evil, as humans use bombs and weapons.
Basically like Harry Potter. Just because this can't happen in our
universe, doesn't mean their cannot be another Universe/glaxay with soooo much different shit.

Our galaxy we live in, can be a living community. This galaxy can have a mind of its own. With all of the living things dying, eventually becoming closer to the Creator.
Billions of years isn't a lot of time for a star or planet. Those are like years to us for them. Once a human gets old, they reflect on their past.
Usually trying to be a good person, not worrying what any body thinks of them.
Their at the brink of their human life, moving on into the next. Yes, us humans think they die and that's basically it so we cry and mourn and were sad.
But what if their moving on and we may see them in the future, or we might have new parents, or we might be on our own.

Earth might be the first stage, releasing good and bad humans, trying to prepare them for the next life off of our home, Earth.
Going through all different forms, seeing if their ready.

What if earth, is part of the world of space.. Being infested by humans. A species that is ruining earth a with pollution and gases.. Ruining forests for buildings.. We have our chance for change, which we are not going to go to.

A new change would be legalizing weed. Its for those to thing of these theories, coming together with ourselves and nature. If the world smoked weed, or decided to be smart.. we would be a great world with wonderful inventions.

So basically all that matters on this earth is what you believe in, and to be yourself. Because after you die, your mind and soul is what moves on. Our minds are a world of its own. Sending messages and pictures throughout.

I have a picture, in my head and Im working on it in paint. Of how our space we will rarley explore, is just our next life into the future.

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 41yrs • F •
I'm interested, what is God to you? And aside from that, do you come from a family that prescribes to a certain religion?

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
 30yrs • M •
Smellysam is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Well, all my life until this day Ive when to Roman Catholic Church. They speak latin/english and I go every sunday with my family. I dont really like it anymore since I have these thoughts. My parents have no idea that I think of this stuff.
My brother stopped goin to church awhile ago, and my parents were really disappointed. I cannot do that to them so I just go to church with them. My family heavily believes in Heaven and Hell. You need to believe in the Catholic Church to make it into Heaven.

God to me, I mean. I think every religion can take affect in a certain way. It just depends who you are and what you think.

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 41yrs • F •
I feel like responding but first, I didn't get what you meant by this by this part:

'God to me, I mean'

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
 30yrs • M •
Smellysam is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Sorry let me be more clear.
I believe in God \"The Creator of all things\" Such as Earth and mother-nature.

Many people think that theirs 1 God.
Its a possibility that their is more than 1 for other Galaxies or Worlds.
Like a council of gods?

Maybe, maybe not. Theories can have many different path of thoughts.

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 41yrs • F •
Thanks for clarifying.

I was bought up in a hindu household (Hinduism) and was indoctrinated into the system of beliefs.

What caught me the most about your initial post was something that I related to, in the sense that there was a phase that I went through when I was still living with my parents, where my brain was branching out beyond the typical teachings and beliefs of what people around me subscribed to. I was thinking about the universe and gods type entities and relating them to different planes of reality... and other sorts of things and sorta tying it to hindu gods but using my own mental creations.

There was a day I remember where I mentioned some of the ideas I had to my dad, like ponderingly and his reaction to it was quite sever (in a negative way) It was like he was telling me not to shake his system of beliefs in a very aggressive manner - his stance changed, his face was like twisted. It really startled me.

I asked you the questions I did because I needed to know what the commonality was between your experiencing the thoughts you are and my experiences of similar thoughts - and the most likely conclusion was that this person must be affected by religion in his life in some sever way, and the fact that you mentioned 'god' in your initial post pushed it.

I think my brain was branching out in the way that I was in an effort to escape from hinduism. I didn't know that back then but I see it now. And you have confirmed too that you don't desire to be in the position you are in with Catholicism but feel find it hard to escape because of you parents. The question is, what is going to happen with you now? What will your mind lead you to? and how will you proceed in lieu of your family?

I am no longer a hindu (i don't subscribe to any religion) and I don't keep in contact with "my parents".

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"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
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 30yrs • M •
Smellysam is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
oh yea dude I actaully asked my brother the same thing when I was younger than him.

I asked him if we grew up a different religion, would he go to Catholic faith.
And he said good question but he doesnt know.

He is 6 years older than me so when he stopped going to Church with us, I thought he was becoming more corrupt like my father looked at him.

Now I understand what he thinks since we have discussions about this stuff.

My parents would be heartbroken if I talked about any of this, so I act like im Catholic. I still call myself a catholic, because I do believe in Heaven and hell. I just think if we go to heaven its a faster path into space life or what not.

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 73yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Humanbean is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Sam...look deeper into religious origins, not just the religious dogma spewed by the Church.

I'll give you a brief summary of my perspective.

Abraham's belief...ALL IS ONE.
The orginal Hebrew meaning of God translates, "that which is" in some form.

In other words, the whole universe is God.
We are each a small part...we each have a unique perspective. A man, a dog, a rock, an atom, each an every part has its own perspective and behaves accordingly.

All the parts together IS God...and this is why God is omnipotent & omniscient!

Man's perspective is not better or worse than dog's, rock's or atom's...just different.

Your life begins when a specific perspective of God's entirety joins with a physical existence and ends with its separation.

When someone dies, we mourn the loss of that combined life unit from us. We don't feel sad for God...He still exists...we feel sad for ourselves...the ones that are still living but without the companionship of the particular perspective of God, that we knew as a person (or animal).

Since we are all one, we should learn to live in peace & love & harmony....and this IS the true message of Jesus.

Jesus was saying that it's not following religious dogma of what Judaism had become that was important, IT WAS HOW WE TREATED EACH OTHER.

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My Theory on Life
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