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CC Voice Recorder & Cynamp

A unique and exciting new feature of Captain Cynic is the capacity for individuals to take their online discussion to a new level and vocalise their thoughts/feelings/expressions in a way unlike any other online environment. Captain Cynic is the only discussion forum that has a voice recorder (CC Voice Recorder) and playback application (Cynamp) free for all users to play with and take advantage of.

Using the CC Voice Recorder and Cynamp is easy and if you're new to the site this guide will help you quickly learn the basics of how to make voice posts and how to hear playbacks of posted recordings:

Flash Requirements
You will need to have Flash Version 10 (or higher) installed on your computer in order to use the CC Voice Recorder and Cynamp applets.

Can anyone make a Voice Post?
Yes anyone can make a voice post! Before you can make a voice post you need to have a user account. User accounts are free and if you don't have one already you can create one through the registration page:

Captain Cynic Signup

Do I have to pay to make a Voice Post?
No, voice posting and listening to voice posts is absolutely free!

Do I need a microphone?
Yes, you do need a microphone to make voice posts. Most laptop these days have a built in mic for receiving sound - otherwise you can purchase a mic from your local computer store (or eBay for $5!).

How do I make a Voice Post? - Quick Version
1) Right click on the CC Voice Recorder > select 'Settings' > select 'Allow' > tick 'Remember' > click the 'Close' button.
2) Press 'Record' to record your voice post.
3) Press 'Stop' to end your voice post recording.
4) Optional - Press 'Play' if you want to hear your voice post before you pubish it.
5) Press 'Save' to save your recording. (Important step! Your post will not be published if miss this step!)
6) Once the 'Save' button says 'Saved!', click on 'Post Reply' or 'Post New Thread' to publish your voice post.


How do I make a Voice Post? - Detailed Version
1) Choose your topic!
Okay, so once you have your user account and your mic set up you are almost ready to go. If there is an existing thread that you want to post to go to that thread and either click on the red 'Reply' button or scroll down to the bottom of the thread to the 'Quick Reply' section. If you have your own topic in mind then you can create your own new thread by clicking on the 'New Thread' button in the forum you wish to post in.

2) Checkout the CC Voice Recorder
Focus your attention on the 'CC Voice Recorder' applet which looks like this:

This little baby that will record everything you want to say. This applet also lets you playback your recording so that you can listen to it before you make it public.

3) Enable the Recorder
With your mouse, right click anywhere on the CC Voice Recorder and select 'Settings':

Once you have selected settings a new box should show up. Click on 'Allow'. Make sure the 'Remember' field is ticked. If it is not then click on it. Your settings should look like this:

Now click the 'Close' button. You should now be back to the original CC Voice Recorder.

3) Test out your mic. It's a good idea to test out your microphone before you start recording all the things you want to say - there's nothing more frustrating than spending your time vocalising your thoughts only to discover that for some reason - your weren't being recorded! So, with your mic ready press 'Record' and a do little "testing 123" voice over. You will notice some color changes on the voice recorder and the 'Record' button now says 'ON'. While you record you will notice there are two moving bars on the CC Voice Recorder. The top bar moves every time it picks up sound and the bottom bar indicates how much time you have left before the end of your recording:

Press 'Stop' once you've done your "testing 123". Now press the 'Play' button. Make sure the volume on your computer is enabled so that you can hear the playback. You can also increase the volume of the playback on the CC Voice Recorder using the volume control:

If the test recording plays back then everything is fine and you are properly set up to make your voice post. If you did not hear anything, checkout the 'Common errors' section below to troubleshoot the problem.

4) Record yourself!
Now that you're ready, press 'Record' and make your voice post. Each voice post can be approximately -- minutes long. Keep an eye on the bottom bar - as it fills up and comes close to the end you should start wrapping up your recording:

If you have more to say then once you've published your current recording simply make another recording to continue your communication.

5) Ending your recording:
Once you're done recording your voice post, press the 'Stop' button. Do not press record again! If you do the voice recorder will begin recording from the beginning and your current recording will be overridden!

6) Optional Step: Playback
If you want to hear your voice post before you make it public, all you have to do is press the 'Play' button.

7) Save your recording - IMPORTANT!!
Now that you have recorded your voice post the recording must first be saved before it can be posted in a thread. Click the blue 'Save' button: Saving the file can sometimes take a little bit of time so while that's happening you can sit back, relax and feel good about the post you've just made. It is very important that you do not close your browser while the file is being saved. While the file is saving the you will see that the 'Save' button now says 'Saving'. Once the file has been saved the button will say 'Saved!':

Now you are ready for the final step!

8) Submit your post!
Now that you're file has been saved, all you have to do is submit your post by clicking on the 'Post Reply' or 'Post New Thread' button. Once you have submitted your post it will immediately become a live post. To listen to your post simply go to your post and use Cynamp - Captain Cynic's playback device - to listen to your voice post when ever you like!!

How do I listen to Voice Posts? What is Cynamp?
Presenting Captain Cynic's sound playback machine:

Cynamp!! Our CC Cynamp is what you will be using to listen in on and enjoy the stimulating dynamic of voice posts. It's easy to use - all you have to do is press 'Play' and the other cool control buttons. It's just like an old school boom box - except a cyber version:

Play Button
Press 'Play' to listen to the recording:

Stop Button
'Stop' stops the recording and takes it back to the beginning:

Pause Button
Press 'Pause' to pause in the middle of a recording. Press it again to continue from where you paused.

Rewind Button
If you missed something that was said or want to hear it again use the Rewind button. Every time you click rewind it will take you back 5 seconds. So, for example, if you want to go back 20 seconds you will have to click rewind 4 times.

If you want to skip ahead, click on the 'Fast-Forward' button. Every time you click fast-forward it will take you forward 5 seconds.

Lastly, the CC Cynamp has it's own volume control. Move the slider up to increase volume and down to decrease it:

CC Cynamp is a simple device to use - you can use it as often as you like to listen to voice content on the site.

Submitting Voice Quotes
Submitting voice quotes is a cool feature - it allows you to get artistic with your favorite quotes and express them with real emotion. Far more interesting than words on the screen. Submit a voice quote in the same way you would a regular voice post. The only difference is that quotes are queued for reviewing before they are published - so once you have submitted your quote it make take a few days before it shows up on the live forum. For information on how to make a voice post checkout the following sections:

How do I make a Voice Post? - Quick Version
How do I make a Voice Post? - Detailed Version

Listening to CC Voice Quotes
Listen to voice quotes exaclty the same way you would when using the usual CC Cynamp playback device. The only difference bewteen the normal CC Cynamp and the Voice Quotes playback device is visual - same deal different skin:

To learn how to listen use the playback device head over to this section:

How do I listen to Voice Posts? What is Cynamp?

What are some of the benefits of Voice Posting?
The scope and possibilities of voice posting is broad - its a new fresh way of interacting online that comes with many stimulating benefits:

- Fun fun fun!
Everyone has a sense of humor and everyone wants to have fun. Add just a little bit of anti-inhibition and sparks begin to fly. Voice posts give users the freedom to share jokes, do vocal imitations, create guessing games based on sound... its an awesome canvas for creativity that leads to stimulating interactions - captured timelessly for all to share.

- It's closer to real world interactions.
By hearing the natural nuances and fluctuations in another person's voice as they express themselves is something that can only be imagined when reading regular posts. - More fulfilling interactions.
We're all here for interactions - as human beings it is a base natural desire. Every CC member comes here to receive interaction from others and bounce interaction back. As a result of this thirst, the more interactive a stimulus is the more gratifying the interaction becomes. So naturally, hearing your fellow Cynics inevitably brings you closer to them, fulfilling more of your desire for interaction.

- The opportunity to improve your verbal communication skills.
Writing your thoughts often feels easier than saying them to a stranger in person. Voice posting provides a middle ground where you are verbally communicating but you're still in your own relaxed zone - alleviating you of the pressure that may be felt when communicating to a stranger in real life. And surely enough, the more comfortable and skilled you become verbalizing your thoughts and feelings using voice posts, the ability to communicate to others in your own life can begin to improve. A great opportunity for curing unwanted shyness.

CC Voice Recorder & Cynamp
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