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Did we EVOLVE out of africa?

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 28yrs • M •
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Did we EVOLVE out of africa?
Personally i think we did not. My argument is that if it is true then the more northern Asians would have white hair like the Europeans have because both evolved in a ice place with very little light and practicably the same kind of environment. i believe in evolution but i believe each human race evolved in different places and they all a close resemblance because its the best way in the fact that the mind can operate better if it is upright. i am not saying we are the ultimate of evolution but i am say thus far it has been the best design but it has draw backs. this theory can be proved by the fact that the Thylacine evolved like a kangaroo but is not at all related.

this difference can also be explained if aliens did genetic engineering on us and the did not make us all the same.

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Did we EVOLVE out of africa?
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