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Would you listen to music in a language you didn't understand?

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 39yrs • F •
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Would you listen to music in a language you didn't understand?
I remember when i started my quest to hear every song in the world (an endeavor that would turn out to be fruitless), i started listening to stuff i didn't understand, it was really hard to be interested because it just didn't sound good to me, until i found a few russian bands that i fell in love with (and tried to learn russian because of, i know some, not alot) and listened to even though at the time i couldn't understand.. i can't explain why one language sounded good to me and all the others didn't at all, but i was wondering what other people think of this.

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 33yrs • M •
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I would and do. I find when I listen to music sung in a language I don't understand, I am more along for the 'ride' than anything else.

My favourite song by my favourite foriegn band, a Japanese punk outfit:

Thee Michelle Elephant Gun - Black Hole Love

My second favourite would probably be Sigor Ros:

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Would you listen to music in a language you didn't understand?
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