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 35yrs • F
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I don't know about other people, but I'm a person who is very much emotionally influenced by the aesthetic appearance of their surroundings. For instance, travelling from the countryside to the city is very depressing to me, not only because there are more people, but because the city does not hold any aesthetic qualities that I find very pleasing to any of my senses.

I often walk around the city and feel my spirit lowered as I stare at all of the faceless, characterless buildings. I look at the clean, simple, glassy designs that seem to repeat themselves over and over again, and feel empty. I wonder to myself where the creativity in architecture went and why it isn't here, why this particular city has such a major lack of people who care about art and expressing it through all mediums and all forms. Buildings around me are so faceless and cold and this seems to reflect the society that I live in. Perth to me, is a place so out of touch with general creativity, the art scene is very minimal, it's all about business and trades. & this is all I see of the world so far, and I hope and hope that it's not like this everywhere else. That there are new amazing architectural designs being built elsewhere that will inspire some kind of emotion in me, instead of a feeling of disconnection from it.

Even the houses that surround me are so boring looking, clean and simple lines with glass...very modern, including the house that I live in. It's all about the appearance of sophistication it seems and that is all. There's absolutely no character to them, they just exist, little boxes with windows cut out of them, so incredibly dull and mediocre. And I understand that everyone has different interests and not everyone is concerened with art and design, but I don't understand how it could not affect them emotionally, like it does for me. Is it just me? Do these faceless, clean, cold designs make everyone else happy and I'm just the odd one out perhaps? Maybe.

I wish that we could create a world, aesthetically speaking, that brings our dreams/fantasies closer to existing within reality. Places that take hold of your imagination and don't let go. I'm not sure how to convey what I am talking about in words, but I'm talking about a kind of place that melds nature and technology together into a kind of enchanting, beautiful world, where they coexist efficiently and aesthetically, where we don't feel cut off and isolated from the natural world. Can you imagine? If I could paint you a picture I would. Frustratingly, my drawing ability could not at all match up to the detail and beauty that I can see in my mind.

It's sad thinking about it in the end, because it makes me feel so restless and powerless. I want to see the change happen now, but I know that it won't, perhaps not even in my lifetime. And I wonder if other people feel the same as me, if they are longing to meld dreamscapes into reality. Are aesthetic surroundings as important to other people as they are to me? Doesn't everyone want to see a beautiful, fantastical world (again, aesthetically speaking). Doesn't everyone else want to live in one?

It occurs to me that there is a lack of design in other things as well, the one that stands out to me the most, other than architecture, is animation or CG industry. Most of the cartoons on tv are so ugly and modern looking, designs that you forget as soon as you turn off the tv. I can't even remember the names of these ugly shows because they are just that unremarkable, and yet they are the bane of childrens channels these days, they are all that fills it. Oh yeah - stuff like Brats and Kimpossible. Even good CG animation companies like Pixar Studios have boring designs, though they have generally good stories I think - but things like Up and Ratatouille, they are so unremarkable in terms of character design, I think, though I fully know that I could do no better, but it;'s like they train their animators to animate only in this ugly way. But I often look back at classic disney movies aesthetics, like Sleeping Beauty, and there is such an art there, it's unmistakably beautiful and does transport you into another world. I don't get that with any animated or CG things these days, and I couldn't imagine growing up with all of this aesthetically boring shit that they show children on TV now. I'm so annoyed!


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