Learn as much as you can, at whatever cost, then give it away for free and ask for nothing in return. - untruth
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The what if?

User Thread
 32yrs • M •
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The what if?
"God is the father." This is litteral and your god is your father is his father is his and this is infinity incarnate through mankind. If we were made in his image. Maybe his image is not the way we look but rather this infinity. Feel the now. Breath like a lion and feel your life and breathe the now.

If god is the Alpha and omega. The beginning and the end.
Then Nothing is just as much god as something. "Those who have faith in something and those tho have faith in nothing still have faith." Having this faith makes you spiritual, whether you believe in nothing or something.

John the prophet predicted the four horsemen.
Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.
I want anyone else to name anyway a society can fall.
You cant. He named them all but he is still considered a prophet. I am here to tell you that you and i are just as prophetic as john. THE UNDERSTANDING of what I say is not revelations but A REVELATION!
This is the testament of: Sanity101

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""Faith in something or Faith in nothing. Either way its still faith." Roy Romano"
 31yrs • M •
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"Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.
I want anyone else to name anyway a society can fall.
You cant."


All separate ways a society can fall.

Faith is not always tied to a "God" either.

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"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything."
The what if?
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