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A Better Parking Lot

User Thread
 44yrs • M •
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A Better Parking Lot
It's frustrating finding somewhere to park in a busy car park. Then when you've finished shopping, you need to remember and find your parking space.

When parking on the weekend I came up with an idea...

Basically when you enter the car park, you select an area in which to park, by looking at a basic map, of sections where there are available spaces.

On the ticket, you are told which spot is yours, and there would be clear directions to find that spot.

When you return to your car, with ticket in hand, you should easily find that space again.

When you leave the car park, and give your ticket in. The space shows as available to someone now entering the car park.

Of course a more expensive system could just be sensors in the car park, with monitors indicating where a vacant space is. But I like the ticket idea better.

Any thoughts? (especially feasability...)

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A Better Parking Lot
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