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Egg Drop contest

User Thread
 32yrs • M •
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Egg Drop contest
i am looking for some design ideas for an egg drop contest.

The contestants will design and build a shipping container that will prevent an uncooked chicken egg (Grade-AA Large) from breaking when dropped from a height of 16' 2'. The container must be less than 3000 cm3 in volume, with no dimension longer than 30 cm. The maximum weight, including the egg, cannot exceed 1,000 grams. Judges must be able to place the egg in the container or remove it, without damage, in a maximum time of 30 seconds.

Score = (100000)/[(total mass (grams)) x (volume (cm3)) x (time of fall (sec5))]

the materials are unknown and are provided by the contest so a variety of ideas would be welcomed. This is a contest for packaging engineers and Acknowledgment in the packaging field so really any ideas would be great.

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 30yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that Oblivion is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I did this sort of thing for a 7th grade science project. I think my design meets your requirements.

1 sheet o' construction paper.
2 SETs o' chopsticks.
Egg carton foam matressing.
Duct tape(lolz)

Shape the construction paper into a cone(do not fold). Duct tape it to keep its shape.
Put a small, yet thick peice of foam in the bottom of the cone.
Place egg on top of foam.
Put a larger piece of foam on top of egg.
Stick each set of chop sticks (at about 3/4 the way up the cone) all the way through the cone.
Do the same with the other set to make an X. Make sure the X is at the same level with the top of the foam.
Duct tape to keep the chopsticks from sliding, but make sure they are still removable without hassle.

Purpose of design:
So that the egg is held in place tightly, and the cone will fall onto the chopsticks and the point of the cone. The egg will never actually touch the ground.

Best of luck!

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Egg Drop contest
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