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Appreciation for Human Error

User Thread
 30yrs • M •
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Appreciation for Human Error
I had a conversation yesterday with a girl that I sit next to in physics. We were talking about the actually implications of physics in the field of architecture. We concluded that really there was no propose of her taking physics classes seeing as all the actually calculations are done by computers.

This lead me to think about how computers are slowly taking away jobs. Slowly more and more and jobs that we thought computers could not do, they accomplish. If we continue on the same road eventually there will be very few tasks that a human could do better then a compture or robot and thus will be replaced by a computer.

The question of idea I pose is simple. If people do not learn an appreciation for the human error do you think that humans will eventually not have propose. Similar to the humans in the movie Wall-E or are computers running the planet just a crock of shit and can you as an individual see the beauty in human error?

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"Whether we wake or we sleep, Whether we carol or weep, The Sun with his Planets in chime, Marketh the going of Time. -Edward Fitzgerald"
 32yrs • M •
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The problem I see humans doing, is giving a machine artificial intelligence coupled with its vast potential to store and recall information. We're essentially playing the role of God by giving our creation a power that we do not possess. Whether we know it or not, in order for the machine to learn, it will take after the actions and information given to them by its creator - unbeknown to them - they have the potential to surpass us just as we're doing with our God.

The beauty in human error alone is what gives us purpose. The very fact that we weren't born knowing everything in existence is what makes us so perfect.We are literally forced to learn by trial and error to slowly analyze the mistakes we do make, and perfect them.

Just because we let computers take jobs doesn't mean we have no purpose, because really, computers and machines would just be an extension of ourselves.

But like I said, if we don't want this to head down the wrong path, it's imperative that we know the ingredients to create a new form of life. We must create these machines to follow "our plan", and that would be to coexist.

Although, we will have to leave a sneaky set of characteristics within the machines - instincts. Thinking of it in computer language - these instincts would be the "hidden files" stored in their memory bank, but are still available at the unconscious level. They see the effects of their presence, but will not automatically know where they come from.

We have the potential to invest in them all the positive and progressive qualities we wish we could instinctively resort to. We're a fear based organism, because like all species currently assume, there's a chance we may not survive. But I think within the next 100 years, if we play our cards right, we will never have to worry about that again, and neither should any of our creations.

what a wild tangent.

In sum, its okay if computers and machines possess this power, JUST SO LONG as it is passed along with every consideration. I think by the time we discover AI, we will have enough knowledge and common sense to pass our understanding of the universe on to a new life.

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"I'm a human being, God Dammit!! My life has value!!!"
Appreciation for Human Error
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