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"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"

User Thread
 27yrs • M •
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"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
I'm a child who has gone to church for all my life, taking intrest in religon. In the past few years i've experience videos on atheism effecting my strongly. I've come to think, what seems to me slightly confusing but good theories. I'm not very social and any friends at my school take no time to listen so i'd like to to hear what others would think...

I believe nothing is fact (I know my sentences are mostly statements but i'd like to explain that later), more so events, ideas, everything that happens can be broken into different catagories as to what happened. The human brain being so extensive can think of a infinite amount of ways somthing could've happened.

A event I think can be generally broken down 3 ways as to what could've happened. (general percentages) 90% Logic and reason: What we determine through experimentation, and logic and is very likely to be what happened. 9.99999+% Reasonable doubt: Things that science and logic havent been able to show (Some examples in strange court cases). .000000000000001 (continuing) Imagination: The things the human mind can create and seem so completely unlikely that they are almost instantly dismissed.

I believe that the small percentages containing imaginations ceperating Logic and reason from 100% keeps anything from being fact. I'm sorry that I can't explain this better, it hurts me to try to think extensivly about this. What i'm trying to say is that science, logic, reason, isn't going to go disprove the infinite amount of stories that the human mind can create, making nothing fact, and anything possible.

Don't get me wrong, on small matter such as "this shirt is green" talking in statements and being factual is FINE it's already very likely to be true, why not just say it's fact? What i'd like people to realize is that WE DON'T KNOW, or even we can't know... debates in every field, every subject, every day causes the ending of relationships, starts wars, and ultimatly kills human happyness. when it comes to the subjects of religon, what happens after we die, i'd like people to stop saying "your wrong." and say "This is what I believe, please consider it."

I could probably go deeper but i'm jsut so unsure, I could really use some others thoughts to help me assure myself or find if my ideas are stupid. Please think more extensivly of this than i've explained and tell me what your think.

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"99% Logic, .9+ reasonable doubt, .0+ imagination"
 44yrs • M •
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Hey... I think it's cool you're already thinking about this stuff at your age... I was a fair bit older when that happened for me. (Perhaps that's why you think your friends might not be interested, yet.)
Not sure about your figures (as in, they may be accurate). I guess it depends from how you decied to look at something. For example, let's say you look at a banana, and smell the banana. Here you're quite sure it's a banana. If you had your eyes shut, you'd be less sure (it could be artificially flavoured). I guess that kind of thing plays a role.
I guess if it happened, it's fact. But trying to describe it is hard. Consider a langauge yet to have the right words to do so, and attributes a lot of unknowns or mystery to it's explanation.
Given a perfect classification of exactly what was seen should lead to a 100% chance of a factual statement, although I'm not sure any language, except perhaps some sort of unwritten language of the Universe (the kind of thing you use naturally without thiking) could actually do.
But even then, were you dreaming? Or, is this all some sort of virtual reality? (I guess it comes down to appearances...)
I think ultimately the mind, through reason, will conquer doubt and the imagination, if we get to a stage where someone will let it (and we're developed enough...)
Also, I recently came across the ideas of 'givens' (things not needing proof, they just are...) like 'something' existing, or there being one true reality, that kind of thing. (An interesting one, is, I know 'this' by 'this name'.)
Hope that helps! (let me know if not...) and happy thinking!

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"There is no negative one..."
 27yrs • M •
Permitted is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Thanks, I was just randomly putting in percentages for that as to what it may be. Thanks also foor some good examples I couldn't really come up with one myself without it being overly complex. I agree reason, if given enough, will dictate over imagination and doubt in the mind though those two factors will still exist.

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"99% Logic, .9+ reasonable doubt, .0+ imagination"
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
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