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Revolutionary path to Enlightenment

User Thread
 40yrs • M •
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Revolutionary path to Enlightenment

Revolt for Change. Revolutions happen in our world, proven throughout our history. We revolt against many things, which effect people. The revolution I speak for is a change in our conscious thought and action, as they pertain to self-satisfaction and greed (all forms of greed). The word revolution itself contains the answer. Love. In order to have a revolution of this magnitude, we must understand the true core meanings of love.
Love is simple, simple is love. There is one aspect of love which embraces true understanding of loves nature and meaning. Selflessness. Selflessness is the ultimate sacrifice. Selflessness is the ultimate appreciation of life. Selflessness is a large part of loves core. Selflessness is the course of action taken, when true love is present. Selflessness means valuing all life no matter the race, religion, disability, and all other forms of judgment. In my country, we seem to thrive on self-satisfaction, perhaps not as a whole. However, the group of individuals I speak of control the majority of power and wealth in not only our country but also the entire world. I speak of those who hold more than their independent need. What perhaps these individuals fail to see is that when they hold more than their need, they are in all reality, withholding from people who truly need (what they have). The true measure of love is ones ability to give beyond themselves, no matter the cost, every road leading to love, and love leading every road. A good universal person to look at is Mother Teresa. She gave beyond herself, whether for religious intention or just to help. She stood as a beacon of light to those whose lives were filled with darkness. Another great example is of the realization of love versus possession is Oskar Schindler. In the award-winning movie (Schindler's List) about the holocaust, Schindler finally became aware of the full impact of the holocaust at the end. (the realization of both love and life being taken, without reason) At the end of the movie he said 'I could have done more.' All though Schindler saved many bloodlines, he realized that 'things' (all his possessions) could never replace life He also realized what he still possessed could have saved more lives. Israel planted a tree to commemorate Schindler for his efforts to save lives. It was appreciation for his selfless act. His act of love.
Another part of loves core is communication. No matter the relationship, communication is the glue that makes and sustains any human relationship. The very basic core of any understanding is made through communication. Communication of thought is what gives us individual perspective and personal opinion. Communication is how we express love; physical love, verbal and nonverbal communication of love . Communication allows for self-expression of feelings and emotions. Communication teaches us interpretation and problem solving. Communication gives us history. Communication involves listening.
One of the simplest, yet most important acts of love is listening. When people are frustrated or feeling negative emotion, most of the time they are just looking for understanding and someone to listen to them. Our ability to listen provides both people with personal gains. The person vents their feelings and frustrations, relieving 'stress'. The listener gains understanding of the communicator and can better relate to the communicator. Enhancing the relationship positively. Listening also teaches us patience, compassion, forgiveness through understanding, and inner silence and peace.
Inner silence is a beneficial practice of love. It teaches non-judgment. When a person no longer judges people, they have reached the state of inner silence. When a person can look at another person without bias or first impression that is non-judgmental. It's like Dr. King said, 'I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.' Judging not by what we see when we look at them, but taking the time to know the true person inside of them. Inner silence teaches us to master bordem. It also teaches us to focus and relax. Inner silience can be achived through meditation and reflection. Love can be better understood through reflection. More specifically, self reflection. For instances, when two people are in love, they must be able to reflect on mistakes of the past in order to prevent the same problem from reoccuring in future similar situatuions. Reflection can teach us how to except criticism without taking it personally. If one reflects on their own mistakes, it is a form of self criticism. Excepting ones own faults teaches change, and also teaches exceptance of other perspectives. Refection when used for self improvement can help teach personal balance. Balance provides peace. Reflection is perhaps the most influential thought process that the brain can use at this period in time. It is important in all aspects of life. We reflect on historical events, to learn from the mistakes. We reflect on problems and outcomes of those problems. We reflect on love, and we reflect on choices. The reason we have trouble looking at negative reflections or aspects of our lives is because we fear what we do not know how to change. The only way to stop the negative reflections is to correct the situation when it reoccurrs in life in a similar situation as the negative reflection first occured. Negative reflections or memories hinder ones ability to both love and live a life of happiness. People who live with negative reflections often have regrets.
The most important part of love is growth and change. When people grow and change, for self improvement, that is a Revolution, noituloveR.

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"I never let the negativity of life, dull the beauty in my life."
Revolutionary path to Enlightenment
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