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Reflected Light vs. (More) Direct Light

User Thread
 43yrs • M •
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Reflected Light vs. (More) Direct Light
This one came to me a few weeks back. And I am pretty sure it's true for me. Perhaps you can tell me what you think, whether it works or not.

Basically, I was watching TV in my room with the light off. I was looking at the TV for some of the time and then looking away the rest of the time.

What I noticed was that when I was looking away from the TV it took my eyes some time to adjust to the different colours reflected on the walls when the picture on the TV had changed dominant colours. For example perhaps from the green shot of a forest vs. the blue shot of a clear sky.

When I looked back at the TV at what would have been the same source of light, my eyes adjusted to the colour changes much, much quicker.

I began wondering what this would mean... And I haven't got far yet...

I figured it had to do with reflected light, perhaps even refracted light...

I tried to see how a similar effect maybe brought about in other circumstances. But only came up with, 'the shadows from the Sun and Moon', and 'reflected light from car head-lights'...

Apart from it taking the eyes more time to adjust to different sources of light, I am wondering what relevance or importance this effect has. And also, whether it is something that is unique to sight or whether this kind of thing is experienced by the other senses. And yet furthermore, how does this effect affect thought and thought-patterns?

Would really appreciate your ideas on this one...

(If you're wondering where to start, try watching TV with the lights off and look at the TV, then away, and repeat this a few times and see what you see)

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 69yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that cturtle is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Not sure what it is you are asking as I tend not to watch any boob tube without a room light. I was taught it is bad on the eyes. Kind of like the reason for screen savers . . . Sitting in the dark results in dilation of the pupils {similar to changing the aperture setting on a camera lens} as ray emission causes a residual energy in the phosphorus coating on the tube so does it produce residual energy in the material that coats the back of the eyes so looking away causes dispersion of the charge but when you look again at the source the latent image is naturally going to reform more quickly.

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Reflected Light vs. (More) Direct Light
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