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Twisted Fairy Tale Script

User Thread
 33yrs • F
A CTL of 1 means that xloobyloox is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Twisted Fairy Tale Script
this is my script now. its had alot of changes lol...


Set in a fairytale land, a far far away place called Twisted.


Kirsty Yeoman: The Princess

Jake Potter: The Prince

Jenn Barr: The narrator/monster/evil fairy Twisted (revealed in the end how all three are the same person).


(Spotlight on narrator who is downstage right)

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a far far away place called Twisted, there lived a few people who went about their lives like normal people would (pause) all except one couple. This couple were of a peculiar type. (light fades and a red light starts to flicker.)

When the narrator is speaking this part the red light flickers to show what looks like the couple killing someone or something. while the narrator speaks offstage the light stops flickering and the couple walk forward to the edge of the stage with blood down their shirts and they both smile evilly until the light fades.

Narrator: Just these two people, on one not so sunny day in June, never seemed the same again.

(Lights out spot light back on narrator.)

Narrator: Well to everyone they may seem like a typical everyday couple pause

(Spotlight on the couple centre stage )

the couple are now sitting centre stage on two chairs looking still and emotionless.

Narrator: But no one really knows what goes on (pause and light starts to fade) behind closed doors.

(Dim light almost out and narrator walks across the stage)
Narrator: Would you like to find out?

(Lights out and end of scene).

(this is where we find out about her and see how she's turning evil red light for evil moments).




(this is where the accident takes place)


(part one)
GOING CRAZY - leading to deaths

(Kirsty and Jake are onstage rocking back and forth, the voices that Jake hears, Kirsty doesn't. The voices that Kirsty hears, Jake doesn't.)

Kirsty: Do you hear that?

Jake: No i don't hear anything. (Jake hears voices) I HEAR THEM NOW!!

Kirsty: (looking at Jake) No, I don't hear anything now.


(part two)
DEATHS -continuance of 'Going Crazy'

Kirsty and Jake are both going crazy from hearing voices. The voices are the demons, from the Evil Fairy Twisted. Kirsty doesn't want to give into the voices so she is going to kill herself.
Kirsty's Death

Kirsty dies by hanging.

(Kirsty walks onstage with a red spot-light on the chair centre stage and then sitting at the table, looking around the room, eyes twitching, hairs a mess starts her monologue.)

Kirsty: (stuttering) The... the voices... c...c...cold.. so cold.... won't go away.. won't...won't...leave me alone.... (stands up and tries to shoe away the things around her but they are only in her mind. she stops and puts her head between her legs and screams.) AHHH! JUST GO AWAY! (addressing the audience.) They kill...him...b...b...but... I love him. I have to (shakes her head) I can't, they want me too...but...I can't! I have to...kill......myself. (She stops shaking her head and just sits still.)

The rope is attached to the ceiling but its already cut in half just taped back together until she pulls it in the black out when she kills herself.

So, Kirsty comes onstage saying her monolog and as she goes up on the chair, puts the rope over her neck and says goodbye the lights go out Kirsty pulls on the rope like is has broke and the lights go back on with Kirsty on the floor with the rope around her neck and the chair tipped over.

Jake's Death

Jake dies by shooting himself in the head.

(So, Jake comes onstage after Kirsty dies and he sees her lying on the ground with the rope around her neck, he is going to shoot her but he realizes she's already dead so he says, "shit". Jake looks down and see's that Kirsty has a note in her hand addressed to him and he takes it out of her hand and starts to read it.)


Jake: (talking to himself says) Oh well i might as well kill someone.

( Jake raises the gun to his head the lights go out and you hear a gun shot.)



(Narrator comes onstage and stands centre stage holding a fairytale book in her hand)

Narrator: What's up with these fairytales?

(Addressing the audience and holding up the book).

Narrator: Everyone living (using hand quotations) "happily ever after". Why are the fairies always helping poor little Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty? Why doesn't the bad guy win?

(Turns her back to the audience and sighs and shakes her head and then turns back round and looks at the audience.)

Narrator: I don't know why I did it, I wasn't born for that, but I was so sick of people asking me for things, sick of making other people happy when i was just (pauses and sighs) miserable. I had to show people that I didn't want to do what I was doing anymore, I wanted to use my power (elevates voice) Yes! All my power to bring (starts to remove cloak) evil. I was no longer the world famous Fairy Godmother, but The Evil, (takes one arm out of cloak) Fairy, (takes other arm out to reveal wand) Twisted!

(Raises wand and cloak drops then lights out and then a red light fades in and the narrator is putting the cloak back on.)

Narrator: Now, I told you when we first began 'no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors' and I asked you if you would like to find out. Some of you cowered away, some of you were eager to find out, but for those who thought they knew everything (starts to put on mask and walks forward fast) You don't.

(The narrator puts on the mask and pulls the hood of the coat up to reveal the audience that she is in fact, the monster.)

Narrator: Some times things are meant to be kept secret...


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"Why kill the bumblebee when your the pain in the ass?"
 51yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Sorceress is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Now that is twisted! What on Earth made you want to write such a dark script? I hope I don't sound mean, but as a play, it really needs a lot more work, your scenes are going to be so short they will be almost non existant. It's an interesting idea and I think you should read it back to yourself a few times and try and picture the scenes on the stage and how a person in the audience might view it then have another go.

I hope you don't mind my critique - its not terrible, its a really, really good idea but needs to be expanded upon. Good luck.

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""Each child holds the world in an open hand to mould it into any shape they choose.""
 33yrs • F
A CTL of 1 means that xloobyloox is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
its ok... and its much better in the play it turned out awesome

and the scenes had to be short it was for my drama GCSE it couldnt be long... only 15 - 20 minutes... just a biginning middle end. use of dramatic techniques and so forth...

thanks though haha

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"Why kill the bumblebee when your the pain in the ass?"
Twisted Fairy Tale Script
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