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Jesus' Blood

User Thread
 32yrs • M •
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Jesus' Blood
Because of what Jesus did,
Because he died for me,
His blood forgives my sins,
The blood that sets me free.

When Jesus died upon the cross,
Golgotha was the place,
He bore the crown, which cut his brow,
Blood pouring down his face.

The Romans they did floghim,
33 times the whip did crack,
Jesus bore the pain for me,
As blood dripped down his back.

When they nailed him to the cross,
The nails drove through his hands and feet,
He bled, as his skin was broken,
That, in heaven, we both might meet.

One last time, they stabbed him,
Blood poured from his side,
That one-day, when he rose again,
In his name, we would take pride.

Because of what Jesus did,
Because he died for me,
His blood forgives my sins,
The blood that sets me free.

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"It could be worse... I could have been a mormon."
 51yrs • F •
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(thought you'd appreciate this one christian dude)
love and light -Sorceress

How Great

How great is the love that he bestows
How wonderful his spirit
How glorious the light that glows
and the truth within it.

How strong is the hand that guides me
and leads me on my way
How mighty is my saviour
who delights in me today.

How can I show my love for him
and prove my heart he's won
for unburdening from me my sin
through his most precious son?

How faithful is his presence
that never leaves my side,
He knows my deepest feelings,
When I have smiled when I have cried.

How comforting his healing love
that banishes all my fears,
which are carried on the wings of a dove
to heaven with my tears.

How euphoric is the joy
that is all that now remains
in his great love I can employ
the power to shed all earthly chains.

How humbed in his spirit's grace,
I feel his gentle touch
that opens up a new found faith in me
that means so very much.

How can I prove my love for him?
By answering his call,
by listening to God's love within
and then by walking tall

And sharing out that healing light
that he has given me
to carry on the daily fight
with darkness, fear and misery.

Laura Crean.

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""Each child holds the world in an open hand to mould it into any shape they choose.""
 32yrs • F
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i like your poems but i don't believe in jesus


good poems though

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Jesus' Blood
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