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Supreme Court Stymies Atheist In Cross Issue

User Thread
 45yrs • M •
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Supreme Court Stymies Atheist In Cross Issue
"The Supreme Court intervened Monday to save a large cross on city property in southern California. A lower court judge had ordered the city of San Diego to remove the cross or be fined $5,000 a day. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, acting for the high court, issued a stay while supporters of the cross continue their legal fight.

Lawyers for San Diegans for the Mt. Soledad National War Memorial said in an appeal that they wanted to avoid the "destruction of this national treasure." And attorneys for the city said the cross was part of a broader memorial that was important to the community. The 29-foot cross, on San Diego property, sits atop Mount Soledad. A judge declared it was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion."

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 64yrs • M •
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Hey - I made a post about this on my blog also:


Some people have called me a liberal (there is no such thing), but my closest friends are progressive, but this is where we will part ways.


High court intervenes in fight over cross>

Some try to say that separation of church and state means that you can't have any crosses on government land. It was put there long ago to honor dead soldiers back in the day when people didn't complain about nit picky things. So now its an historacle monument to honor dead soldiers, to keep it, the city will have to pay 5000 a day in fines (you see - its all about money as Mammon rules our land).

How come there wasn't an issue with separation of church and state when they put it there? Because today there are people who hate religion and they have a weapon to go to war against it. I feel sorry for them, and us, because as we are fighting to clime over this ant hill that has become a mountain, real people are dieing over real problems that need to really be solved and while we are standing on the rail road tracks bickering over small stuff a train may run us over if we're not paying attention.

The way I understand it, separation of church and state means that the state DOESN'T get to take that cross down, but must rather respect freedom of religion and freedom of speech AND for the ass holes who don't like it, may you forever live down wind of your own farts.

I had to get that out, now I feel better.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
Supreme Court Stymies Atheist In Cross Issue
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