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Life-Now, then, or to come!

User Thread
 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that 730 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Life-Now, then, or to come!
Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?

'Life is a cycle, a circle that can only be lived in a straight line. A motion that can only be experienced in the present and comprehended through the past.'
- The Great I AM

Even before the beginning of time the creator existed, even before the beginning of the beginning of time the almighty has been around. Excellent and marvelous, pure and merciful, life giver and creator, all knowing and omnipotent, greater than great is he in all the earth and in all the heavens. Angels cannot sing his praises enough and words cannot be numbered to tell of the Almighty's majesty, how marvelous is your name and how merciful and generous is your being. I will sing of your praises even unto the ends of the earth, even unto the depths of hell. From the highest star to the valley of the bottomless pit and beyond, even unto the birds and creeping things, even unto the trees and the living creatures of the fields. Creation sings your praises, let the volcano praise you with lava and splashing heat, let the earth rumble at your presence, let the winds blow and twist at your word, let the waters be troubled and separate from the land at your coming, oh how excellent is your name. Bless the Lord, and all his hands have created; all his word has whirled into existence. Bless the Lord with all my heart and praises be unto you!

Through the eyes of man, the eyes of the living soul which was a product of the creators hands, has spawn an eternal abyss. A place where understanding ceases to exist, where knowledge thrives on foolishness, and where wisdom is mere guess work instead of insightful vision and light. The being called man has invented ways in which to suppose his existence and also to imagine his future, one that he could not possibly see or know. I mean all knowing belongs to the creator of knowledge, so how could man ever put himself in the shoes of the creator? Those are humungous feet to compare to a tiny size 24, or rather the biggest foot of any human being. Man has spoken of life like it was created by him, and has become more infatuated with the gift more than the creator who gave it to him; the same creator who said that he is life itself, a life that can only be obtained in fullness when you acknowledge the giver; the one who is the ultimate source. Ask! But who in all of creation can answer the ultimate question though? Who can say what life is? Why so many theories on what the gift of being should be, or what it could be, or what the self wants it to be, and not what it is? If all these questions cannot be answered by man and can only lead to more questions then we must turn to the one who created the life itself, the Holy one of creation, the Almighty, the all powerful, the first, the last and everlasting.
One might ask then how do you approach such a being? How do you converse with something you cannot see? Where is the creator? If I could know where he is then it would be easier to talk to him and ask him what I needed to know, right? Questions upon questions upon questions could be asked on how we might want or need to talk to the almighty, but still with all these questions an answer is not found. Then ah hah! The answers would begin rolling in from every religious and non religious stand point on this green earth; every mind would want to explain what the self knows. Some would say get on your knees and pray, some would say just talk to him like a normal friend, others would say meditate and focus all your energy on listening, heed to your conscience, close your eyes and imagine a conversation, while some folks would just rather say that the creator doesn't exist as the list goes on and on and on. With so many people having so many different answers which is the right one? If everybody is talking and stating their opinion, how can you hear when the almighty speaks to you? His voice is as clear as an explosion in the center of an abandoned city, yet because of so many other voices by people who wish to speak for the almighty the message gets lost and doesn't get to the receiver. I'm one of those persons because I'm giving you another point of view to look at; this is another voice that you will hear. Is it the right one? That however depends on how much you search for the right voice. Cheer up though because only the faithful ones will take heed, have patience and listen, those who wouldn't have given up a long time ago on what the right voice should sound like. Others have become weary and they have held on to a voice which was right to them at their situation in a certain point of time and have stopped their journey on the pathway called life.
A long time the Good shepherd has been calling his children home, and a longer time he's been waiting for us to listen to what he's been saying for so long, yet we're still pre-occupied with living our care-free (free of care/caring) imaginations. And if our lives aren't care-free we live in worry of tomorrow and the fear of not knowing. What don't we know? Are we so concerned with our bodies and what we should eat, or what we should wear or where we should live, that we don't realize the thing we really don't know is the love of the Almighty creator? 'He takes care of the birds who do nothing but eat and sing praises, so why wonder and worry about yourself so much?' This is the same thing that it says in the bible, but how many people actually listen to what the bible says? Oh I get it, that's not how the world is right? So why don't you act and make the world what it should be? Go back to what you know, what you were born with, and not what you've learned through a world which unjustifiably kills and destroys the bodies as well as the souls of its own people. Reality as we see it is not one run by love, but by fear and lust for power by robbers and murderers of the laws and will of the Almighty. All is a part of the Almighty's plan, but how long will we stand aside and see our lives fold into nothing while we look to fill our bellies and souls with the vain and temporal things of this world. What is immortal the spirit or the body? Where is love in the heart or in the gift? Realize where you are, search for where you came from, and make steps to where you need to go. We've been cut off from a very special gift because of our own imaginations and lusts, yet we still search after those same things and cut our selves even deeper. Are you ready to make a change yet? Or do you still need to see more damage being done to yourselves and those around you for you to start thinking about what reality is?

Blessings love and light.
Sebat ena Selassa

'In the beginning was the word, and the word was with the creator and the word was the creator.'

There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet slips the mind every time. Number one is that in the beginning there was only one thing, and that was the word. The word is what created everything, the word is what the creator had, and the word is what the creator is. All there was in the beginning was this same word, all the creator had was his-self in the beginning and nothing else.
Number two is the simple fact that the only thing we should be praising is the word. Not a man, not a piece of stone, not a piece of wood, not a book, but a word; a living word that is the almighty, the only source of life that could ever be. The word is the essence of the spirit; actually the word is the spirit. And it's so amazing how vast and powerful words are, yet how misused and empty persons of unfulfilled understandings make them out to be used/treated. Where is this word you may ask? Well the creator of life, the creator which is the word (which is life), has been so gracious to place his word inside of us. Life comes from and is this word that we take for granted, yet without it we would return to what we were formed from...Dust!
This topic of the word however is so delicate that speaking on it takes the most time and complete explanation. You see word emanates from sound and is formed by the mouth, otherwise it is useless. What's the point of forming words with your mouth and producing no sound behind it? When you do that you don't make words but only impressions of words, so I guess it's safe to say that innately word is the sound. Now that sound is useless if there was no way to project it, and the projection of that sound is only made possible by the air. Words can only travel on the air; they are formed/created in the mind but only reach the ear on the wings of the wind (words can be written on paper but they will just be an impression or a form, they are not live or living unless they are uttered in the speech). Still even before the word can get to traveling anywhere it needs to be transferred from the mind, from a thought, and changed into a reality, a new marriage between sound, air, and the heat inside of your body which would allow for any such formation to take place.
Now that you can partially realize how words are made then you can begin to understand/overstand how the creation process took place. Heat, air, and moisture/water in a compressed combination that would be uttered from the mind of the Almighty to come together and create a reality; a new realm of physical nature (remember that creation starts in the mind). Through this combination the Almighty spawned into existence a new life, a physical life from the spiritual life that existed before, that has always existed. I mean if anything is ever to be understood by the spirit is that it's the first thing that orders action, the first life, the first understanding or the beginning of all things. The spirit is what the almighty says he is, the heaven which is so widely spoken of is his realm, his home, his place of authority where the first spiritual beings (us and every other breathing thing on earth) was created. Creation of a physical realm is useless though if there is no life in it. How can your body survive if it had no breath in it? How would you think, discern reason, understand, or even show emotion if you didn't have thought/the spirit of life inside of you? Therefore the Almighty placed a piece of himself inside of the physical world that he created; if he didn't then everything would still be dust. A being is only created when you combine the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect of reality.
The creator placed inside each and every one of us his word. The life which is himself, the life that he distributed to each one of his children in the spiritual world, that could be married with this physical body to create a living creature which can taste both realms; the word which is also the breath and the sound. Man was created in the image (an exact look alike) and the likeness (having the exactness of being) of the Almighty. Why then would man think any less of himself? We have been given a privilege to be in likeness of the creator to enjoy the fruits of his labor, to eat in his garden called earth to bathe in his oceans and rivers and such, so why are we living in all of this confusion? What does the corporate world have to do with living a life of freedom, peace and love other than pure enslavement? We make life too hard for ourselves because we seek to please a king who is already pleased with us because he created us. Everything was perfect until we messed it up, and we're so lost in ourselves that we're yet to clean up our act but we live like we have. We need to stop for a second and think about reality. Not the world of stress and day to day troubles, but a world that we once had and the reasons why we do not have it anymore and make a stand (And according to the Almighty to fight is to be at peace, to walk away and let foolishness be foolish; leave the foolishness and walk away). Be that single solitary voice that speaks and no one listens to except the Almighty creator. Be that explosion in an abandoned city so that only the ones who need what you have to say will listen to you. Open up your mouth and your heart so that the almighty can use you; yes you will look like you're crazy to the world, but who cares what the world thinks if the creator of life sees you as a jewel. Open up your mind to the word, the word of love, peace, and harmony; the fruits of the spirit, the power of the almighty.
A word of hate and destruction is such a misuse of power. The Almighty king of the universe didn't create death. I mean just look at the two words beside each other and you will see a drastic contradiction. Life was created from death so why would you want to destroy life again by using the thing that was used to create life; the word? Why put a fellow human being down for something you don't understand? You're only putting yourself on the path to destruction and setting the receiver of your words to follow the same road that you are walking (ignoring can help, but how many are so strong of spirit?). If you don't understand a situation, then be quiet and wait to see the outcome; patience is a virtue that is hard to attain but like life needed to exist. Silence is the next best thing to speaking, because silence is death. A balance of life (the word) and death (silence) is always needed for a perfect existence to take place. If you don't know how to be patient and silent, then you will always be talking and always be obstructing the Almighty from speaking to his people, yourself included. Now is the time of redemption and condemnation of the spirit. Now you either live in righteousness or you die in ignorance and shame (spiritual before the physical). Why then would you want to voice your opinion in such a delicate and detrimental time? This is the end of a long road that we've been traveling so why not give the almighty a time to have his say? We've been pushing ourselves in the forefront and stumbling over so many obstructions in our way, yet still we don't let the creator do what he said he would do. Who has better eyes to see the path; man or the one who created your eyes? Man can tell you so many ways to make your life better, so many ways to improve your self, so many ways to destroy what has been given to you by the almighty; so that you could digest the lies you're being spoon fed. If the Bible is the written plan for man why don't we listen to it? Why do we seek after the dietary plan that man comes up with and not the plan that's found in the bible? And even further we seek the dietary plan in Leviticus and not the dietary plan before sin in Genesis? Aren't we trying to get back to the place we used to be? The purity we used to once obtain?
The problem of sin is that it's sweet, it's beautiful, and it's a comfortable place to sit. It's like riding down a peaceful river in a boat and you're way up the stream close to the source. Now you know that there's a waterfall at the end of the river and you know that you're going to have to jump out of the boat at some point in time before the end but you sit and fall asleep along the way. What happens if you never wake up? That's the exact way that we're sitting in sin, right now we're sleeping and having so many unrealistic dreams of what life is right now, and how life is going to be in the future with all the new found loves of technology and the different celebrations of times and having all around fun. We're dreaming and not living; and if we're dreaming then that means we must be sleeping in that boat and not listening to the rushing waters, and just about to topple over the end of the waterfall. It's like you were told in the start don't fall asleep in the boat and you ignored and took a nap; so who's going to save you in the end? It now falls on if you die when you fall, or if you just get knocked around a bit and survive. But from the height that sin has placed us, it looks like if we fall over this edge we'll dive right into a bottomless pit that we've been digging from the day eve believed the serpent. Forgiveness could be asked, should be asked, but how many people will actually take that step? 'Oh I ask for forgiveness all the time!' but who do you ask forgiveness from?

The Almighty Truth which is the creator!

God! Who is God? Where is God? What is God? A god is anything that can be given praise or worship. Agree? A god then has no boundaries of what it can be, it has no name (unless a name is given to it by the person who created it), no real form (unless it is made into one), no real substance (unless it is created from a mass already present), basically a god can be empty space and still be praised. Hence you have Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Pagans, Rastafarians, Atheists, and so on. If a God can be anything then, what is it? Is it an anything? 'Oh precious and merciful is the name of the lord!' But what's the name of the lord; God? But I thought we already said that God can be anything? That has you going around in circles doesn't it? And we all know that the Almighty is not one for confusion but only simplicity; so who is God? Every religion says that they have the true name for the creator of life, but if everybody has the true name then none of them would be wrong would they; so why all the fighting? Ah, I see. People only fight when there is a right versus a wrong, so if everybody is fighting to say they're the truth then somebody must be wrong in this whole mess of confusion, and still nobody wants to be wrong (It takes a man/woman to admit that they're wrong). Again the Almighty doesn't confuse, he uses simplicity to make you understand his good works; so then who is the being that confuses and tricks the mind?
All of Christianity no matter catholic or protestant or whichever, believes in Jesus the son of the Almighty. Every Christian praises Jesus as the saviour of the world, the one who became a human sacrifice to die for their sins. Born in a manger in Bethlehem (Africa), conceived by a virgin (one who has never had sex before), performed miracles then died and resurrected to go back to his father. Now Jesus is only the son of the Almighty how can he be the creator? He said 'I am in the father and the father in me'. He realized where he was supposed to be, and that's at the side of his creator, where all of us are supposed to be also. People say the words themselves but sometimes they never listen to what they're saying. Christ came as an example, not as a miracle worker that would one day be praised as a God. His example was simply to show the world that we're all the same, the Almighty (which is the word) came down to speak to his people to show them the right way. Now the people of that day who were supposed to have the truth and light denied him of every truth that he spoke of, even his right to live. Do you think that after committing such an act of hate that the ones who killed Jesus would let anybody else learn of his teachings? Don't you think that they would cover up, exaggerate, and confuse the story so that nobody would ever rise up against their regime again? When you put out a light you expect it to stay out, and if it doesn't go out you keep trying to kill it until you're satisfied (and you might go to extensive lengths to put out a stubborn flame). So believers of the word, not Jesus; were being killed all through time even to this day. Why? Because they believe in a word, in freedom, in justice against an unjust system, in love, they believe in the right thing to do; and because of that we are spiritually and physically killing them one by one. The word was what Jesus believed in, the word was what he was killed for, and the word is what so many of the religious outcasts of today believe in.
After so much arguing and fighting and persecution we still don't know what the word is. So here's a list that can help you on your way:

Consideration of others

And these are only a few of the words which describe and which is the Creator, the word; the power of the Almighty which is alive in the trinity of the Mind (Father/creator), Body (son/creation), and Soul (breath/life/spirit). Haille Selassie I, Amharic or Ethiopian meaning the 'The Power of the Trinity.' Who can fight against reality except the imagination? History is real is it not? And where is the imagination other than in the mind? The mind can create whatever it wants but how can the creation find its way into reality? Does it not need a body? A physical tool to be put into existence? A name put into existence into a body which was created by the word of the Almighty, then filled with the word of the Almighty; which was also brought into this world and this reality by the Almighty (like each and every one of us), is so hated by the creations made by the same Almighty.

There's nothing more that's needed to say if it's not searched for;
Blessings, love, peace, and everlasting mercies upon those who read this word.

Inspired by the Almighty H.I.M
Written at the hands of Sebat ena Selassa
Blessed by the word of the Almighty Creator!

The Last Poem

A physical man is really not what we look for
A fisher man but fishes is really not what he hook for
His voice is the sound of the high that we cook for
So why is it so hard for us to see the true law?
We go to church but really what is the suit for?
And if we're told to walk in the dirt, then what's the boot for?
See we're unsure of our beliefs so we're lukewarm
But just wait for H.I.M to open your mind and you'll soar
Some people hear the truth and say that I'm a rebel
But if I'm saying what the world is saying then 'I am the devil'
So if you see the solution that's boiling in the kettle
Understand that you're the water and not the little that settle
The five elemental song, because from my birth
I breathed air, was born in water, and my body was the earth
And if I take in mind that I'm obtaining the spirit in whole
Then the final piece just has to be the fire in my soul
Listen! I'm not trying to be a nicer man or fight a man
If I only just believe in the lord I'm a brighter man
So while you're steady hoping for the lord to save ya
You're missing the reality waiting for H.I.M to take ya
I'm telling you if you're sure and you wanting the best behavior
Don't think about it, just trust, the rest will be second nature
And if you don't believe me I'm upping to make a wager
I bet that if you let it go you already escaped the danger
The water of life is flowing and it's ready just to bathe ya
Stop trying to accept the man, relax he is the saviour
Alas a poetic mind, divine but yet idle,
But yet the greatest poem alive is in the bible
The groom is coming soon do any of you feel bridal
See I don't want just a sea of love; I want the wave to be tidal
If we speak from the heart then why are we so cold?
And if your spirit's truly immortal why we look so old?
See I'm just trying to learn the way of the father
Because it's missing me
And this you see we learn when we're understanding our history
Black man was created by a black man
On a land where the richest soil is the black sand
So if we as black people are image of H.I.M man
Why in the heavens could we not be powerful as His hand?
The fruits of the spirit food we need to eat
So why hunger for anything else y'all, yuh nuh seeit?
We've been told ask and the door shall be opened
But we standing right in front the door silent and steady hoping
Stop talking about being a better person
Just love H.I.M, nothing else and you'll be a better person
We're living in a decision that governs our life
Our hell or heaven is now, we either live or we die
See all of this ain't complicated we won't be needing the stress
Because if knowledge of H.I.M increases we start using our bodies less
What a mess of a funny situation turned serious
We wonder what our fate is not our life, so curious
And so inferior when really we're kids of the king
Prisoners to earth and we have dominion over the thing
Let's get to actually being the thing we speak
People read a book, and see how much more you think
The blood and the bread, what we eat and we drink
Or could it just be the breath that actually is the link
Listen, we reaching a valley of no return
And if you know you ain't with him then you know you'll burn
Learning is the greatest gift we ever got from JAH
Because our mind is like the universe and learning never stops
You're way more powerful than you think young man
You don't need to try and be a superman young man
If only all these words could ever reach you young man
Then you would learn how to be a child and not a young man
And y'all thinking it's immaturity instead than
What the father said, that only his child can make it to heaven
Let your mind gravitate and elevate just a little
May we stop the stressing and just think for a little
Your brain is a powerful tool, yes I feel you
So don't you think our power can be more than just a little?
We steady say we live good to die so we live
I'm saying we can live good to live and to live
Y'all just be wanting the reward
So you work your life towards but really man it ain't that hard
Now I ain't judging a soul see this here's just truth
Half believe ignore the little things and half need proof
His kingdom brings wisdom inside of each tooth
So why can't we walk through walls and shoot through roofs
And if I cease to work you'll say that I'm lazy man
And if I speak of only H.I.M you'll say that I'm crazy man
Because he's not the one to show you sights so you'll be seeing
His spirit shows you truth so you won't need a religion
I don't wanna be like Christ
I want the Holy Ghost power that makes me wanna be like Christ
I'm tired now I don't need that strife
And if what I say it ain't true be happy then to take my life
Don't close your eyes because you close your mind
And if you don't want to see the world you close your blinds
Y'all already know and believe in the creator
But why you think black ink is the best on white paper?
Black is beautiful, black is our practice
Light won't exist without the black in the darkness
All of the hate must cease, trust this
How you think that we ever gonna gain peace?
Sin hits hard and the mark has scarred me
Some think it's wrong, but JAH bless the words of Bob Marley
He never brought a worldly mood
All he did was say real words so that the spirit was soothed
Drink from the wine that you brewed
All that you've said will kill you, yes I'm telling you truth
And if I'm ever telling it crude?
Then let me fall from the place where the pillar has stood
The last angel's calling hear his cries
The cry baby's balling hear his cries
The truth's no more wanted hear his lies
You only see true light when you near his eyes
Hear me wise and all smart people,
Make me understand why I may not talk evil, Make me sane
Make me know that I'd never know joy if you never made pain
My strain let it be what you rise up on
And right that I do that you smile upon
Die in the truth cuz the life is gone
See the shadow past the man, cuz the light is on
The slowest man to speak will sleep in his soul
But if you just believe then you will see gold
And if you search for the right thing believe you'll see it
Because anytime you lose the blood you obviously lose the spirit
And an angel holds the trumpet of JAH and shows the sinner
But in reality picture it, don't it look like a singer?
The voices of many angels you want the gift
But listen to a song and try sing all the parts for yourself
Look to what you have and not what you want
Half the things you have is vanity, All the things you need is JAH
I don't need clothes, work or nothing else
You think I'm joking? I have what I need see I was born with breath!
Let's differentiate the good and the evil with no stress
And let's drink in his purity not spill the cup for a mess
The time is almost over people come and hear the word
If intelligence is foolish to the wise forget the nerd
And if I talk in a stutter forget the slurs
Just make sure you hear me and you don't forget the word
And if you come before the king then remember to bow
The revelation ain't after people, judgment's coming now
You fail to listen to the sound of peace in the morning
So hear me dying people, this is the final warning
Time's run out, be careful to have a hope
JAH children is JAH children, Christianity is the pope
It feels like you've been handed the short end of the rope?
Good you're supposed to be last, He will help you to cope
Hold your throat and taste that you're headed for straight destruction
Stop adding up your trials and look for the second function
And if it's sin that I've ever drank in life, then throw the cup
Against the wall and to the floor people, YOUR TIME IS UP!!

Written for the praise and honor
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah
HAILLE SELASSIE I, Defender of the Faith, and the embodiment of the immortal soul.

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"Being is not knowing!"
 34yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that eyestien is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
It seems as though only reality goes in circles but life was not found yet
( what are your thoughts on that)

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"I am samrt because I know I am dumb"
 38yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that 730 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
^^ friend life is reality. how else can you live? every single experience and thought is a piece of reality. and every piece of reality is a function of life. no? or so?

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"Being is not knowing!"
Life-Now, then, or to come!
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