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Prophecy - Page 2

User Thread
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
319. Sobbing dog (6/12/05)

A decade ago, I was charged by a dog several times. The dog rushed to me, looked like intending to bite my hand. I had to raise the hand high to avoid to be bit.

Later I thought the dog did not intend to attack. It was a dog trained to sniff the hand to see if it contaminated with drug. The dog looked ugly: crazy, thin, dirty, most of hair were off with pink skin exposed in the air. I was angry. Those agents abused the dog, harassed innocent people, carrying out such operation as their job. That dog obviously was heavy addicted, wouldn't live long.

In April and May this year, there were many rainy days. In mid-night, I often heard a dog whimpering. Until in early May when I have read the news of Marijuana (see #316), I then knew Feds framed the case a marijuana one. It solved my puzzle of unusual wet days and the sobbing dog. I think it was another dog trained to sniff the sprouting marijuana. The whimper of the dog reminded me of that heavy addicted dog Feds sent on me ten years ago.

320. Create a schizophrenia case (6/12/05)

I have a thread "How Feds murder people" in a web site Totse. I used to post follow up every ten days. In 5/5, I posted the follow up, saw the thread was lifted to the top of list, which meant new message was posted, I then left. On 5/16, when I came back, I didn't find the message I had posted last time.( As you see, they came with a serial number.) I thought I might have missed it last time, so I re-posted the missing message again. This time I noticed that though the thread was lifted to the top, there was no show of new posted message. I didn't know what happened and had to start a new thread "Strange thing".

On 6/5, I found the old thread was on top of the list. I clicked on it and found the latest messages I posted which once I couldn't see now were in display. Which put me in a very reluctant situation. Same messages repeatedly posted. There was also my complaint of "no show".

I have talked about that my computer was controlled by another server of Feds. I think they intercept the information of Internet and sent me the old image. Other people can see the whole one while I could only see the part of it. Other people would think I was insane when I made double post and complained of "no show" while they could see it. This is how Feds created a "schizophrenia" case.

Next time, when Feds show you marijuana (or drugs) found in the yard, it may be truth. Only the marijuana (or drugs) was planted by themselves. If they show you the fact that someone complained of "no show:" while you could see it, they might show you the true phenomenon. Only that fact was created by a technique trick.

Recently some of my serial thread in other web sites missed part of messages. Obviously at the purpose to create more "double post", or "illusive complaint". So much for the credit of FBI and DEA.

Now you will understand why on 5/3, news said, "Government officials say recent research makes a stronger case that smoking marijuana is itself a causal agent in psychiatric symptoms, particularly schizophrenia.". All this took place in the month (4/19 to 5/19) requested by letter of Homeowners' Association.

See that "schizophrenia post" at: "How Feds murder people" and "Strange thing"


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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Explanation to (2) of "330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack". Why I relate the rain to the framed case and London bombing. The unusual rain was used to urge the sprouting of marihuana in a framed case. Be noticed that I talked about the rain six weeks before second London bombing.

331. Interest rate (8/2/05)

At first, I thought the "terror attack:" on US would take place in early August. Because Feds arranged a trip for my relatives at that time. The trip will cover New York and Canada from 8/6 to 8/13. Anytime if possible, Feds always arranged a trip in the case because it's easy to plant to arrest during a trip or murder by an accident. The latest travel Feds arranged was in April. In that plot, H.A. gave a final date to fix garage door on 4/17 which I viewed as action date of Feds. It coincides with the return date of my relatives. That China trip took almost one month vacation date on my relatives so I thought there would be no more trip for them this year. But when Feds needs it, people have to obey, so do the companies they work for. It reflects the eagerness of Feds. (When I use the word "Feds", I mean D.O.J. and its accessories FBI, DEA... , not Federal Reserve.)

Why pick up this time? Because on 8/9, Federal Reserve likely will once again raise the bench interest rate. As I have said, Feds bought a lot of houses in my case, so they desperately try to make the interest rate low to keep the house value high.

What did they do to keep the interest rate low?

1. Intimidation on financial group not to raise the rate too fast. A trick Feds is good at. Despite the covert intimidation, there was an open one in last August(2004) when Feds raised alert of certain financial area to orange code. When people doubted, they said it was from a seized computer of Al Qaida. The seized Al Qaida was finally proved an informant of Feds.

As a result, Federal Reserve collaborated. Greenspan dropped the interest rates from 6.5% to 1.75% in 2001. (A 4.75 drop in 12 months) House market boosted. Now the economic situation forces Federal Reserve to raise the interest rate to anti inflation and housing market balloon and maintain dollar from collapsing. Greenspan raised the rate in a measured (stagnant) step. (A raise of 2.25 in 12 months from 1% to 3.25%)

2. To reduce the employment. A high employment means a hot economy that enterprises will chase capital investment to deal with the increased wage, raw material etc. That will significantly push up the interest rate. .

Bush administration carries out a weak dollar policy which makes merchandise made in US cheaper to the foreign buyers. Dollar depreciates almost 1/3 to Euro and 20% to Japanese Yuen. Bush also cut the tax to let people have more money to spend. (It's a trick though. He lets people spend on their debt. He has a historical budget deficit. People have to pay off the debt later by paying more tax)

Do these policies work? Yes, it creates demand but does little to boost employment. Because Feds tried their best to reduce the employment. How?

(1) By outsourcing jobs. When it was criticized, they threw out a strange theory that outsourcing will benefit US economy in future.

(2) Stop hiring new workers. Big firms did not hire workers when demand increased. Same workers have to do more job. The result you could see from media in later 2003. When they beat the drum to say "Growth is now super-super strong compared to super strong,'', "U.S. 3rd-Qtr GDP Grew at 8.2% Rate, Fastest Since '84". They never mentioned about the jobs. They only said the productivity is increased by a double digit. In another word, 10 workers must do the job originally 11 workers did. For this phenomenon, they invent a new word:"Jobless recovery".

(3) Lay off working people.
Jobless recovery went into year2004. It was an election year. Bush's economic advisers predicted in early February that the US economy would add 2.6 million jobs in 2004. But that was against Feds' interest. Then we saw, "MCI to slash 7500 jobs"(5/11/04), "Dupont will lay off at least 2500" (4/9) "Seagate to cut 2,940 jobs" (May or June 04) "AT&T to cut 7,500 more jobs"(10/8) ..... At last, Bush was unable to make it a positive topic in his election campaign.

The explanation from Greenspan was that enterprises still lacked of confidence. That in this economy recovery, enterprises had an unusual conservative attitude to increase new capital investment and hiring more people.

Rare people know all these problem were caused by Feds. Bush's election, public's interest are out of consideration. Feds' interest, how small it is, is always at first place. They control CEO of big firms.(see "291. CEO and company (2/14/05)" and #292) So by outsourcing, controlling hiring and spending, Feds can handle the process of economy. Experts are confusing with the development of interest rate and over-heated housing market. They will understand it if they view it from another angle.

And now you may understand why China can maintain its currency exchange rate without being punished. It's all about inflation. A low inflation will help the interest rate low. That's what Feds want.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
332. Interest rate (2) (8/7/05)

To keep the interest rate low, Feds also

3. Reduce the money supply by containing the wage increase.

Re: US real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years
By Christopher Swann in Washington
May 10 2005 17:59

Real wages in the US are falling at their fastest rate in 14 years, according to data surveyed by the Financial Times.
Inflation rose 3.1 per cent in the year to March but salaries climbed just 2.4 per cent, according to the Employment Cost Index. In the final three months of 2004, real wages fell by 0.9 per cent.


4. Try to keep inflation rate at low figures. When the gasoline price and house price go up like a rocket, Feds suppresses the price of other merchandise to lower the inflation index.

(1) One obvious method is to reduce the price of automobile. The auto price plays an important role in inflation index. Be noticed that in recent two years, the price of automobiles hasn't risen. It even goes down despite the rising steel price. To maintain the inflation index low till the August plot, though exhausted, the auto manufacturers made a last ditch effort by pushing out "Employee discount" in July.

G.M. lost more than 1.1 billion in latest quarter in North America, overwhelming solid profit at financing unit GMAC and its operations in China, Europe and Latin America. Why G.M. could make a profit abroad but lost heavily in domestic market? Because its operation abroad is normal under economic principle while in US, it was operated under a twisted, artificial command. CEO of auto makers work not for the interest of share holders but for the interest of Inside Group.

(2) Keep the exchange rate of Chinese Yuen with US dollar.

Cheap merchandise from China keep US inflation low. But it also caused a large trade deficit with China which will hurt US economy in long run. For years, there is a big US and international pressure on China to urge it abandoning the fixed currency rate policy. China didn't follow. Because it is covertly supported by Inside Group. The threat of trade punishment is never carried out. Greenspan even defends China by saying that the appreciated Chinese Yuen has little help to improve US economy.

In early May, media reported that some financial firm predicted China would raise its currency value in mid May. One news among the reports caught my eye. It was a sentence: "Gold Sach firmly predicts that China will re-value its currency on May 18." For the first time it strengthened my belief that the re-value of Chinese currency related to a secret deal between the secret police of two countries. I knew Feds prefer the current situation of Chinese currency because it keeps US interest rate low. But did they have a secret deal?

I had thought 5/19(Thursday) was an action date of Feds. (H.A. letter of "overgrown tree" set the last date to fix was 5/19) The collaborate plan should be carried out at about same time. The most important thing was the word "Gold Sach". In my experience, stock market is another main cash register where Feds withdraw money from. In the period when stock went bull (1999-2000), I observed Gold Sach was the firm which gave signal to Feds in stock trading.(when to buy or sell) In my opinion, this firm has close relationship with Feds. It must have inside information that China would raise its currency value on 5/18.

May plot went sour. So did Gold Sach's prediction.

Then it came 7/21, the second London bombing. There was no death this time because the master bombing in US didn't take place to the plan. It also came with the re-value of Chinese currency. A 2% adjustment, far from 10% to 15% which US demanded. Because US interest rate still has to be kept in low. But it confirms my belief: They had relationship to the plan of D.O.J.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
333. Manipulate long term interest rate ( 8/12/05)

Fourteen months ago, when Federal benchmark interest rate was at 45 years low of 1%, the interest of 10 year bond (Federal treasure 10 year note) was 4.8% and the 30 year mortgage rate was about 5.6%. After Federal interest rate being raised from 1% to 3.5%, the 10 year bond rate is about 4.3% and the 30 year mortgage rate is about 5.8%. Either has little change or even has a drop.

To economic rule, long term interest rate always follows the track of short term rate. Now it is moving in a conflict way. Federal Reserve raised the interest rate 10 times, the median price of housing market goes to higher and higher. Economists puzzled. Even Alan Greenspan said that he does not have a good explanation why the long term interest rates fall when the Reserve has been raising short term rates.

Rare people know it's the work of Feds. (Inside group such like D.O.J., FBI and DEA) They hold a large quantity real estates so they resist any change that will influence rising house price. The tactic they used also include the following:

1. Keep the rate of 10 year Federal treasure note low by letting foreign countries (mainly Japan and China) buying a large quantities of US Treasuries. 10 year bonds is the main factor to influence the 30 years mortgage rate.

2. Expand the bond market of home mortgage. Japanese and Chinese government continually buy in the bonds issued by Gunnie Mae(US Government National Mortgage Association), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Supply a large quantity of low interest fund to home mortgage company.

Japan is a puppet of US. It follows the order of Inside Group. China, has secret deal with Feds, collaborate in any side related to framed case.

3. Intimidate Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae to expand the home mortgage lending business. In 2003 and 2004, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae suffered scandal of account manipulation and financial report problem. Top executives were ousted. As a result, in 2005, the two firms raise the ceiling of single family house mortgage from 333.7k to 359.65k. It said that will help consumers to buy high price house. It also flame the heated house market.

There is always a purpose when a scandal revealed. We learned it from Lewinsky scandal and Watergate scandal. And the result of scandal on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae helped to create a housing bubble. It developed a potential crisis that in this April Greenspan had to urge Congress to restrict the multi billion-dollar holdings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, warning that their huge debt could imperil US financial markets.

A housing bubble is formed. It will drag US economy into a quagmire in future. All for the interest of Feds.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Explanation to (4) of "330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack". Why did I relate the Patriot Act meeting on 7/21 to the framed case and London bombing.

334. Patriot Act meeting on 7/21 (8/17/05)

I like reading. I went to library frequently when I had the drive license. The knowledge I learned from book helped me to resolve many puzzles.

I had bought a book from annual library book sale. "Spy catcher" is a candid autobiography of a Senior intelligence officer (British MI5) Peter Wright. (The book was published in 1987, New York). In it Wright talked about how they tried to catch the spy by contaminating the secret document with radioactive material. If the spy took the radioactive document through a check point, it would touch off a Geiger counter. Then spy could be caught. Wright admitted that the radiation would hurt people's health.

After my leg was hurt in second time, I realized it was not the problem of the muscle. I started to relate the hurt part of the leg to the back pocket where I kept money. It was Peter Wright's story reminded me of it was a radioactive money used for tracing. Later I knew the official term for that kind of money is "isotope money" when I complained to D.A.'s office. (see "3. ISOTOPE MONEY (How agent find cash savings at your home)"".

Another big one is E-M wave. (Electrical- Magnet wave). In early 90s I also found Feds had a technique to force people to sleep. I didn't know what was it. I could only speculate it was a radiation.

It was until about in 1997, I borrowed a book "CIA" from the library. When I read the story of how Soviet got a technique invented by Pentagon, I almost jumped up. So that was the sleep wave - an E-M wave imitated brain wave. (see "16. EM Sleep wave (5)"

I am a big target of Feds. It's natural they'll search where I went and what did I read. When D.O.J. demand a library record search in Patriot Act, I thought it was particularly for my case.

When I first started to write about my story in Internet, I found a strange phenomenon. I could see my messages when I logged in with my user's name but failed to see it with other's name. I confirmed it by the computer of my tenant who had a separate phone line and by the computer in public library. This is a tactic of covert censorship. The poster thought his message could be seen publicly while as a matter of fact nobody could read it except himself. I was once puzzled why Feds hadn't controlled the phone line of my tenant and library which gave me a chance to find their trick. Then the demand of D.O.J. in Patriot Act explained it.

Normally FBI must apply a warrant to monitor a specific phone line from judge. In Patriot Act, they demanded the surveillance power be expanded to all phone lines target used. Thus they can connect their control server to all lines. Even I click into a new line, I still got a fake phenomenon. Then their secret wouldn't be revealed.

In last passage of article "Patriot Act supported", Mercury News on 7/22 wrote, "Although 16 provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire, most of the congressional debate has focused on a few sections. They include one allowing the FBI to seize records from financial companies, libraries, doctors' offices and other businesses, and another that permits "roving wiretaps"that apply to a person rather than a particular telephone."

Mercury News is a local media. I view it as a propaganda tool of Feds. It was not a coincidence that it picked up the two from all 16 provisions - the two I think were particularly proposed on my case. It is an intimidation and a power show-off. But it also proved what I said is correct. In "327. London bombing (7/12/05)" I said "I think it was the work of D.O.J." The later development of July 21 second London bombing and events occurred the same day confirmed it. (see "330. London bombing is a justification for coming US attack (7/27/05)"

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A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
342. Homeowner Association again (9/12/05)

To collaborate the September plot, Feds activates H.A. again. Ten days ago, I received a new notice which said,

"Enclosed you will find new procedures adopted by the Northvale Board of Directors for Dispute Resolution and Architectural Alterations....."

It announced new "Minimum landscaping requirements" which covers "All grounds visible to the public" and "Enclosed yards". It means now they will interfere the privacy of the backyards.

Of course, it came with intimidation: "Effective 60 days from the date of this letter (November 1, 2005), the Board of Directors will strictly enforce these guidelines. Owners found in violation will be subject to fines up to $50 per day until the Board of Directors is notified in writing that the violation has been corrected. In addition, the City of San Jose Code Enforcement Division may be notified in order to assist the Association in bringing a property into compliance."

The notice was from: Brad Fox, Association Manager
PML Management Corporation, 655 Mariners Island Blvd. #301, San Mateo, Ca. 94404

Three years ago, H.A. had played same trick on me. I had called that man Brad Fox several times and even wrote a certified letter to him, but never got a reply. (see "95. A notice for a meeting" Now when Feds exhausted everything, they create new procedure and requirement to persecute.

I view that PML Management Corporation as a support group work for the Feds.

What is their purpose this time? Here is another notice from City Council member Chuck Reed I received about same time. It was a free offer. "The City of San Jose is providing free Rubbish & Metal bins at each dump site for household use to dump things you would normally pay to take to the dump." The date: Saturday, September 24, 2005.(Rain or shine)

Why on 9/24? Because I don't dump the rubbish. I am afraid Feds will plant in garbage to frame a case. It used to be done by my wife.

But she will leave on 9/22 for a trip. (see "339. The September plot (9/2/05)"
A notice from H.A. forced a new requirement to clean the back yard before 11/1.
City offers a free dumping in time on 9/24.

I don't think it was a coincidence. Feds arranged me to do the dumping work on 9/24. I believe they plan a framed case on that day.

343. Killing two birds by one stone (9/17/05)

In August, my wife prepared a Burma trip for Dr. Wang. (The trip was in later August) Since Dr. Wang is a target of Feds. (see #242.) and Burma is a drug output source, (In 2001 secret deal between Feds and Chinese secret police, the framed drug case was started from south west China, the source was from Burma, it's obvious) I think Feds is preparing another big drug case.

Then I saw most of my family members were arranged in a trip in mid-September. A sister who wouldn't join the trip got sick. My wife was invited for a trip between 9/22 to 9/29. And I was arranged for a dumping on 9/24 which is part of a framed case.

The Feds' plan is clear. A big drug case is framed to break off on 9/24. Arrest will be carried out on that day. All other of my family members will be eliminated in a travel accident a week ago. To make the accident not so unusual, within a month there were at least four big airplane crash. And of course, if the framed case goes on successfully, on 9/24 there will be a big terror attack in US to distract. In former messages, I have repeatedly talk about this tactic. There is a similarity this time too.

Have you ever noticed that there will be a big anti-war protest on 9/24? Is that a coincidence? No, it's not. We know FBI infiltrate almost every organization. It is said the leadership of US Communist Party is controlled by FBI. Without the financial aid from FBI, US Communist Party can't survive. So it's natural that the leadership of anti-war movement are infiltrated by FBI too. Is 9/24 a particular day? No. Why it is selected for demonstration? Because Feds arranges a big terror attack on that day. It will not only distract the public attention from a framed case, but also will humiliate the anti-war movement to prove Bush is political correct.

The same tactic has been used last year in 6/19 plot. (see 6/19/04 plot at 232, 233,236, 237) Here I repeat a paragraph I wrote one year ago.

RE: 236. Help puppet Bush (6/24/04)

There are two events in June which I think were arranged deliberately at this time.
One is the Michael Moore's "9/11 Fahrenheit" will open to public on 6/25. Which will give a negative image for Bush. If there is a big bombing taking place on 6/19 or a little later, then the film will be neglected by public.

Another event was the report issued by 911 investigation commission which said there is no credible evidence that Saddam and Al-Qaida had cooperated to attack US. The panel disputes Bush's reasons to invade Iraq. It was reported by media on 6/17. This, too, could be neglected if there was a big attack taking place on 6/19.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
345. Hurricane, a tool to distract (9/27/05)

I allege the recent hurricanes were practice of climate war. It was part of framed case plotted by D.O.J..

1. Motive: As I have said, the September plot planned to kill two birds by one stone. Hurricanes were developed to help this purpose. (The main action was terror attack)

(1) To distract the peace movement, New Orleans was drowned by flood caused by Katrina on 8/29. The tragic scene thereafter occupied the whole page and screen of media for weeks which at same time drowned the news of Cindy Sheehan's anti war bus trip that started one day later.

The national emergency rescue was deliberately delayed. Military waited three days for orders. The slow re-action is not only incompetent but a crime when a city was drowned. But this was what inside group needed. The delay of rescue could create more stories of death, loot to draw public's attention. The media even activated an accusation war of who should be responsible for the slow action All these aimed at one purpose, to divert public's attention from peace movement.

Of course for the big demonstration of 9/24, Inside Group prepared a big hurricane. Media blew the trumpet to propaganda that Hurricane Rita was shaping up to be one of the strongest Storms ever to hit the USA, exceeding even Katrina. And the landing date of Rita was exactly the same day - 9/24.

As a project to distract, hurricane Katrina and Rita was a success. There is little report about anti-war gathering. They checked up the momentum of Peace movement at the loss of thousand lives and hundred billions worth of properties.

(2) To cover up the framed case, Katrina also played an important role. My case is a big one. Feds has accumulated large quantity of real estates property in the case. To keep the value of these properties, they abuse the power to keep the long term interest rate low. Feds creates a strange phenomenon: all other merchandise were in low price which include automobile, computer, food, clothes .... except the house. To maintain a booming real estate market, they almost make the long term interest rate equal to the short term one. But all these are artificial. Once I was eliminated and they released their properties, all the restriction on other merchandise will be released too. There will be a big inflation in US then. Long term interest rate will go sky rocket. For this economic crisis, Inside Group even prepared to squeeze more from American people. They passed a new bankruptcy law for those potential victims of the coming economic tsunami. And Feds also prepared a justification for that crisis. When despaired people get angry, government will attribute the failure to the hurricanes. It damaged oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico and caused high gas price. Everybody will believe so because they feel the bite when they pump the gas. The real cause of the crisis will be neglected. Hurricanes would be the excuse of an economy depression if the 9/24 frame case has been carried out.

Ophelia was another storm developed around 9/10 in East Coast. The newspaper said "It loitered in the Atlantic for days, and is trudging so slowly that it should spend two days on North Carolina.", "It's been very difficult to get a feeling of what Ophelia is going to do." The strange thing is here. For Rita and Katrina, the media seemed knew what they were going to do and even draw a timing route for their future movement. Why they couldn't tell Ophelia's?

I know why. Ophelia was a work of operation team of climate war. The team worked it out after they finished Katrina and then after Ophelia, they went for Rita. The task for Ophelia was to distract, (or even play a role) in a trip accident. My relatives were then in a trip in East Coast and Canada.(From 9/10 to 9/17). On 9/2 and 9/7, I continued to warn that Feds would create a travel accident to eliminate my family members. (#339, #340). To justify it, they even produced several air crash within a month. Ophelia wandered along East Coast, it was waiting for the decision of Feds. Its movement puzzled FEMA team.

On 9/15, news said Ophelia left East Coast for ocean. I knew Feds had postponed the plan of travel accident

Feds had planned the Rita even stronger than Katrina. They even put the landing date on 9/24 the action date. But it was too evident a plot after my revelation. When in final days, news changed the tones said that Rita wouldn't develop to category 5, I knew the 9/24 frame case and bombing plot went sour.

But the persecution won't stop. It goes on. (to be continued)

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A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
351. Hurricane (2) (continue to #345) (10/17/05)

2. New Orleans was selected to be a sacrifice.
(1) Most residents there are black people. It accords to consistent deed of Feds. Black is always the sacrifice.

(2) Hurricane used to cause damage. But that's not enough to bring public's attention. To reach the aim of distract, they need news of death, a lot of deaths. Nothing can help them to achieve this goal more than to drown a city. And New Orleans was a city fits Feds' demand. They knew this at least four years ago. The reality is exactly the same as Civil Engineering predicted.

CIVIL ENGINEERING (October 2001 issue )
Drowning New Orleans
A major hurricane could swamp New Orleans under 20 feet of water, killing thousands.

By Mark Fischetti

(3) A news rarely reported by mainstream media:

Locals, Officials Suggest Levees were Intentionally Blown
Evidence suggests there were "cracks" in levees that were intentionally ignored, questions over how they failed.

Steve Watson, September 9 2005

Could the levees in New Orleans have been INTENTIONALLY blown out in order to provide the justification for total FEMA federal takeover?

The locals certainly seem to think so, yet, as usual, the mainstream media is barely picking up on this wave of opinion, so it is left to us once again to bring the issue into the open.


3. Artificial characters of Katirina and Rita and their similarity.

(1) Timing:

Both took six days to develop from a tropical storm to a strong hurricane to land the coast. Katrina was a tropical storm on 8/24, it developed to a category 5 hurricane on 8/28 and landed the coast on 8/29. (the 6th day) Rita was a tropical storm on 9/19, It developed to category 4 then weakened to category 3 on 9/23, (as I have said, the framed case went sour so it was unnecessary to make bigger damage) it landed on 9/24 (the 6th day)

(2) Route.

Both hurricanes started from Bahamas. Both moved westwards to the Gulf of Mexico. They marched without any hesitation. The chart shows their routes are two smooth lines.

(3) Steady development
Both two hurricanes developed in an evenly step that in final day Katrina upgraded to category 5, (Rita would have)

(4) Accuracy.

In Mercury News of 9/20, (the information must be of 9/19, when Rita was still an original tropical storm) there was a map showing the route Rita would take. It specifies the location and timing of Rita. The late development proves it was approximately correct with particular accuracy on timing.

A strong artificial hurricane needs following condition:
(1) A big operation of chemical spreading in large area for days.
(2) To form a hurricane, even with the help of chemistry, it still needs a large amount of water vapour. So it must be in an area with rich water supply. .

The Gulf of Mexico is an ideal area for such practice. (Of course, the most important thing is that New Orleans is there.) Then you see two similar hurricanes formed and moved along the coast. Far enough in the ocean to have plenty water vapour supply, near enough to save the cost of operation. They gathered strength within 6 days and moved in a direct line. Because any extra day or way out of line were unnecessary which would have been a waste. (to be continued)

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A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
352. Pre-psychological propaganda (10/22/05)

On 7/7 and 7/21, there were bombings took place in London. It was a cover up operation to justify the plotted master bombing in US. To deceive the public that these were the work of Al Qaida. The unusual events happened in same day (July 21) may prove my allegation.(see #330)

Then Feds planned a big action day in September.(9/24) They also planned an elimination of my family members and arranged a trip accident for them. To make the accident not so unusual, Feds, too, prepared a series of airplane accidents to cover up it. In three weeks from 8/14 to 9/5, there were four big air accidents.

1. On 8/14, a Greece plane crashed near Athens, 121 killed.
2. On 8/16, a West Caribbean Airways plane crashed in Venezuela; 152 killed.
3. On 8/24, a TANS Peru plane crashed in the Amazon jungle, killing 37.
4. On 9/5, an Indonesian jetliner crashed in North Sumatra, killing at least 60 of passengers. (The above information were from news of the day.)

When I first heard of Greece accident, I only impressed by the mysterious situation (lack of oxygen, frozen) before its crash. But when the Peru air crash took place, I realize it might be an operation to cover up a coming air accident. My relatives were arranged in a trip between 9/10 and 9/17. If an accident happened, it would be easily added one more to the above list and wouldn't cause any notice. That's why I talked about this twice in 9/2 and 9/7. (see #339, 340)

Pre-psychological influence is a very important tactic Feds uses. We have seen scenes such like Lewinsky scandal, Wen Ho Lee's case, WMD in Iraq..... The recent one is the hurricane Katrina and Rita. Which mainly planned to justify for a high rising inflation. So media want us expecting a gas of 5.00/gallon because most of the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico were damaged by hurricane and so was for many oil refineries. That how much money would spend for the refugee and re-build.(e.g. 400,000 people live in the hotels and how much that costs for one day's rent) Now these kind of information are disappeared from media. Or proved to be exaggerated. What I see is the oil dropped below $60.00 a barrel.(10/26) Why, because the framed case went sour and Feds still must keep the interest rate as low as they can to maintain a high housing market.

If the framed case have went successfully, I believe you would meet another face of media. Then you would have believed that all that sudden jumping high inflation was caused by oil and the natural disaster.

The latest movement of propaganda activated by Feds is the Bird Flu. That's another psychological war to justify a new slaughter in the name of natural disaster. Watch how the media propaganda it under the command of Feds.

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353. Hurricane (3) Chemical and Greece air accident (10/27/05)

When I said Hurricane Katrina and Rita were created by Feds for a framed case, there were sarcasms such like "You mean government has a weather machine?", or "to create a hurricane with a fan?". Those people, either are very ignorant, or most likely, to smear a truth on purpose. Government doesn't use an oven to produce a warm weather or use a fan to blow wind, just like they don't sprinkle the water to make an artificial rain. They use chemical. (see #218. Chemtrail and climate war)

Control climate generally means control the movement of air stream. By controlling area air pressure or temperature, people can build artificial air passage or air wall, (of course, invisible, but sometimes people saw the chemtrail in the sky) guide the air mass move to area they want. Either it is cold air mass, or warm air mass, or humid or dry air mass.
Now let's turn on to the crash of Greece air plane which I alleged one of four accidents done by intelligence. It caused my attention for its mysterious situation. Here are news about it.

Cypriot plane crashes near Athens, 121 killed
By Yannis Behrakis

A Cypriot airliner crashed into a mountainous area north of Athens on Sunday killing all 121 people on board after apparently suffering a loss of cabin pressure or oxygen.

"The pilot has turned blue," a passenger said in a mobile text message to his cousin, according to Greek television. "Cousin farewell, we're freezing." "


Quote, "Greece Plane Crash Kills All Aboard

"Shortly before the crash, the jet pilots saw one of the airline pilots slumped unconscious over the controls, ...... Some Greek media reports said fighter pilots also could see oxygen masks dangling inside the cabin."


What took place in the Greece plane seemed as follows: the cabin lost pressure, oxygen and temperature.

But it's a Boeing 737. One of the most advanced air craft. And the plane has a well designed oxygen supply and pressurization system. So far we have never heard any problem of the insulation broken which caused low pressure that killed the people on board. This was the only one.

A spokesman for the European Aviation Safety Agency, Daniel Holtgen, based in Cologne, Germany, said: "It is highly unlikely that the loss of cabin pressure alone would cause such an incident. There would have to be other contributing factors." (source, the above Yahoo News)

What were the other factors? It's a puzzle. Then it came the Katrina and Rita. In a TV news report about a research plane which flew over the hurricane, I caught what the researcher said. He said he couldn't believe it that the air pressure was incredible low outside the plane. It suddenly touched off my mind. I thought Feds spreading chemical to control the pressure of air to alter the weather. If the air pressure could be created so low to astonish the researcher, (it was in open air, air would flow from other area to refill) then what would have happened if it was in a closed cabin? I thought of the Greece plane.

I think it is a chemical which is easy to gasify and easy to react with the element part of air (either oxygen, nitrogen or carbon dioxide) and developed to another substance.(either liquid such like water, or solid) Air, after losing part of its element, has lost pressure. The chemical reaction also sucks heat.

A hurricane needs a warm air mass with rich water vapor. Ocean supplies it. A hurricane also needs big air pressure difference and temperature difference above it. This chemical supplies it. That's how an artificial hurricane developed.

When that chemical is used in a closed cabin. The low pressure and temperature it created will kill the people inside it. Oxygen may be exhausted as a component in the reaction. That's what happened in the Greece air plane.

I allege Feds used the same chemical in Greece air accident as they used in hurricane creation. It's not a coincidence when I said the four air accidents was a cover up operation of Feds and Katrina and Rita were created for the same framed case. (to be continued)

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354. Another air crash to cover up (11/2/05)

On 10/22, a Nigerian jet carried 117 passengers crashed shortly after takeoff. I believe it was another swift reaction to my accusation of the four recent air plane accidents.(see #352) But how could they response so quickly on same day? Because to prepare the article of 10/22, I did a google search about "plane crash" on 10/21 to collect information. The surveillance team expected I would write about their crime. To make the air crash a common events, they created another one. Nigeria is picked up as a sacrifice because it's a weak country.

In 21 days from 8/14 to 9/5, there were four big plane crashes. It was a cover up operation to justify a coming air accident planned between 9/10 to 9/17. (my relatives travel date)

The next fatal air accident in the world took place 47 days later. (9/5 to 10/22) It was a swift reaction to my accusation that the four air accidents were intelligence operation.

355. Hurricane (4): Chemical and climate war(11/2/05)

The chemical used to create a hurricane is possibly a kind of refrigerant. When the compressed refrigerant is released in air, it gasifies quickly and sucks a lot of heat. That's how a refrigerant works. When it is used in a closed cabinet, that plane becomes a cooler of the refrigerator. This was what happened in Greece air plane.

Freon was a popular refrigerant. Several years ago, scientists said it destroyed the ozonosphere and banned it. It means Freon reacts with part element of air.

To destroy the ozonosphere takes a large quantity of Freon. I think it was the result when it was used in experiment of a covert climate war. I also believe this is why Bush rejected the Tokyo treaty. The government knew they are altering the weather deliberately.

Since climate war depends on chemical spreading, how can Feds apply it on other countries? Read the news here.

Quote, "Treat of shoulder fired missiles prompts action

By steve Johnson
Mercury News, 4/8/2004

Some federal officials hope to modify US commercial planes to fire lasers, launch flares ...... fly at night with lights dimmed to foil terrorists armed with portable missiles.

While no planes in this country have come under missile attack so far, the government wants to be prepared."

A device which launches flares also can spread chemical. And how can it avoid being spotted with a chemtrail? Fly at night. All this was in the name of anti-terrorist.

Anyhow, the proposal was denied by the House due to the high cost. Then I have heard two news.

One was in newspaper. (I didn't keep that newspaper because at first I didn't realize the real meaning behind it) It said because the fuel cost was too high, commercial airline decided to reduce the flight weight. One way was to reduce the water reserve which used to flush the toilet by half.

The other one was from a TV news. It said a family was stunned when their roof of the house was broken through by a chunk of ice. Later it was proved the ice was the toilet water of a commercial plane. It said the toilet water released by air plane encountered with a cool air and froze to an ice.

My allegation is this was an experiment when a commercial plane was reformed to spread chemical. It may also prove my allegation that the chemical was a kind of refrigerant which can freeze certain amount of water instantly.

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356. Tsunami, flooding and meteorite (11/7/05)

Now let's go back to Anthony Carr's prophecy again.The two paragraph without picture. (see #324)

1. Meteorite hits US. A super size meteorite will hit a desert city of America.

2. Big lake area will become a water country. Storm will sweep over the boundary of US and Canada. There will be a great flooding in Big Lake area. Few boat will survive it as Noah's Ark. Besides, nuclear explosion will cause tsunami in Cuba. Half of Cuba will be drowned.

Since I think Anthony Carr's words were no more than Inside group's project covered up by the name of "prophecy", I kept an eye on "tsunami, flooding and meteorite."

In December 2004, there came the Big tsunami. In August 2005, there came the big flooding in New Orleans. Then what about meteorite? It came in December 2004 though didn't draw much attention. Here are news about it.

Quote, "Meteor Explodes Over Jakarta
Josh Pringle
Sunday, December 19, 2004

Astronomers say a meteor likely exploded over the Indonesian capital of Jakarta Sunday morning.
Witnesses say there was a bright object with a tail of fire streaked across the sky, and then there was a loud explosion.


Quote, "Unknown object falls on Indonesia
Meteor or bomb? Officials not sure, no injuries known

Jakarta, Indonesia (AP)

Indonesia air force radar detected an unidentified object falling toward the Earth at a great speed before disappearing at around the same time as the noise was heard.

Police have been on high alert in Indonesia in recent days after several Western governments reported that Islamist militants, blamed for a series of attacks in recent years, were planning more bombings."

(Mercury News, 12/19/04)

I believe it was an experiment of space weapon. A practice of a missile cruised in space to hit the target on earth. But a missile is not a meteor. Everything would be clear if there was an investigation. That's why the news drew a tail, to hint it might be a terrorist bombing. But they could make people believe that without any practical exercises, (hundreds of hours at least, I suppose) the students of flight school could actually drive a modern plane to hit any target they wanted. It's still hard to ensure people that Bin Laden also has a space weapon. So we never hear anything further about that meteor.

It's not a coincidence that both events which Anthony Carr prophecied (tsunami and meteor) took place in Indonesia, almost at same time. (12/19/04 for meteor, one week later, on 12/26, for tsunami)
Because two months ago, in October that year, Yudhoyono became the President of Indonesia. Inside group then had a safe place to carry out their experiment for new technology under the protection of a puppet dictator.

What about the flooding? Eight months later, we saw Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

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358. New secret deal (11/17/05)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is now on a six day trip in China. He had planned his visit to China in this May but cancelled the trip later. I think it was because I revealed he was on a mission for a secret deal for the Feds. (see "303. April plot and secret deal (4/12/05)", "323. Arnold's role in recent plots (6/22/05)"

Will this trip a different one? I think it is on same purpose. A new plot is planned. Arnold is sent to confirm the secret deal. The soured old plot is replaced by new one. But the content is the same. Big event happens to distract the framed case. Natural disaster breaks out to cover up a mass killing.

On 11/14/05, Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Beijing, China.

On 11/15/05, Mercury News reported:
Terror threat warning issued by U.S. consul

The U.S. government is warning of a possible terrorist threat to American facilities in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The warning was sent out by the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou. "

On 11/16/05, China Confirms Human Bird Flu Cases
Government Races to Stop Spread of Deadly Virus

BEIJING (Nov. 16) - China reported its first human cases of bird flu on the mainland Wednesday, including at least one fatality, as health workers armed with vaccine and disinfectant raced to inoculate billions of chickens and other poultry in a massive campaign to contain the virus.

Also Wednesday, Vietnamese authorities reported bird flu outbreaks in three more provinces, bringing to 12 the number of cities and provinces affected recently. Vietnam is in the middle of a campaign to destroy all poultry in most of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, its two biggest cities


The confirmation of the bird flu will cost a lot for China. It means to vaccinate billions of poultry and slaughter millions of birds. Plus the coming mass killing and economic loss when the pandemic outbreak. It is also a rarity that China allows a "terrorist attack" to be taken place in its land.

All these indicates that China has got a big compensation in the secret deal.

The possible action date likely will be on Festival (Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's day) when there is a family re-union.

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361. Storm is now a killing tool of Feds (11/27/05)

Back to 9/24 framed case. In "#342. Homeowner Association again (9/12/05)" I talked about How Feds arranged a trip for my wife between 9/22 to 9/29 so they could frame me in a special "9/24 Neighborhood Cleanup day". Then what would happen to my wife while she was in South east Asia?

They prepared a trip accident.

My wife told me a lucky story when she returned. The travel group would tour Haloon Bay in Vietnam on 9/27. Some big boss in the group gave up the tour with the excuse they must attend a meeting or just plainly said they were afraid of the typhoon. Only a few tourists went with my wife. But the typhoon miraculously left the Haloon Bay a day before so they had a nice boat tour.

On 9/30/05, there was a picture in Mercury News which shows a woman walking through rubble caused by Typhoon Damrey. "The worst storm to hit Vietnam in a decade. Officials said Thursday they had recovered 38 bodies so far."

I think there would be a "boat accident caused by typhoon" on 9/27 if the 9/24 framed case went on successfully. The good luck for my wife was not a nice trip but a safe one.

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364. Cover up tactic (12/12/05)

When Feds carries out a plot, they used to perform some similar incident to cover up the main one to blind people. That's why when I saw four big air crashes took place from 8/14 to 9/5, I thought they would have a major one targeting at my relatives on their 9/10 trip.
The other reason support my allegation are motives and suitable conditions.
1. The Greece air crash. The plane took off from Cyprus, a divided island occupied by Greece and Turkey. If it was proved a perpetration, Turkey would be the suspect. And as I alleged, it also was a test of new killing weapon.

2. The Columbia plane crashed in Venuzuela. The passengers were mostly French. Since the invasion of Iraq, France is the most hated country of Inside group. Feds even planed to crash Eiffel Tower with plane. (see Anthony Carr's prophecy)

4. Indonesia's air crash. That's the most evident one. The president there was a puppet agent. He might be benefit politically from the crash too, like what happened in tsunami. The governor of Sumatra was on board the crashed plane.

3. I couldn't find any reason for the crash of the Peru plane. On 10/22 in "352. Pre-psychological propaganda" I illustrated four accidents as the work of Feds. 12 days later, Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru, was arrested in Chile. No one has a clear idea why he jumped on a private jet on Friday, Nov 4, and zoomed off toward Santiago from Japan. I think he was set up in a trap. He became a compensation to Peru from Feds after I have revealed the truth. Fujimori was a most wanted by Peru government.

Similar secret deal were seen between China and US. Peng Ming was arrested in Burma in May 2004. Wang Bing Zhang was kidnapped in June 2002 in Vietnam. Both are famous dissenters of China. Both had their base in US. And both were delivered to Chinese government in a third country where they thought they were safe.

In late November, media had a report that Singapore would execute an Australia whom was found carrying heroin. I didn't take much notice at it at first. But when I saw another topic "UK, US nationals arrested in Singapore" (for drugs) 2 days ago, I remembered Dr. Wang. His wife has relatives in Singapore and they often go to Singapore. He was a target of Feds too. (see "242. Dr. Wang is a target "

The sudden rising topic coincides with the aggressive persecution of Feds these days. I worry it may be another plot by using a real case to cover up a framed case. The secret police of Singapore had a tight relationship with US'.

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