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born gay - Page 13

User Thread
 25yrs • F •
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It would be interesting to conduct large-scale experiments that measure people's sexual preferences over time and see how they change.

Also I know that there are different percentages of the population of each species that are homosexual or bisexual. I think it was seagulls or albatrosses in which one third of nest pairs were 2 females and researchers did not even realize that for a long time, just assuming that they were all male/female. Perhaps birds would be an interesting test subject for this experiment.

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 25yrs • M •
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Well, I can't figure out how to post my own so, as I have been growing up I have been lost. I have started hating people and not even watching the world around. If u ever see me I always ignore u but, the funny part is I'm good at talking to others. I would love to do everything alone and feel everyone at my school is a dumbass. Then, I started to pay attention to boys and now I kinda like one. This to me is weird but, everytime I see him It just makes me think. I feel like I'm so lost because everyone who I work with says I'm so gay cause I'm to neat but, I never thought I liked a boy till I looked at this one at my school. I have been looking and keep seeing how we act alike. I would notice how we would always when walking at school, take the straps from the backpack and start playing with them. Then, never talk. I don't know why can someone plz help me.

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born gay - Page 13
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