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subconscious soul

User Thread
 41yrs • M •
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subconscious soul
We are aware of the conscious mind and not the sub/unconscious mind I have a theory lets say the sub-conscious is our minds direct connection to the 'soul' our soul is aware of everything we do but we are not aware of its capacity because we don't interface with our subconscious, if we look at magik, telepathy, psioncs etc... we start to see a pattern of meditation, rituals, obe these are all ways of bring about a sub conscious state.

I believe that if we can control the sub conscious we can control our surroundings via the soul interface seeing as all things are made of energy. Think about it hypnosis patients remembering past lives for instance I further more believe that reincarnation exists as a learning tool for our souls to mature but we are not aware of these previous lives under normal brain activity due to the gap in the soul subconscious interface.

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""Veritatem quaere et insaniam inveni""
 35yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that lastresort is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Intresting, very intersting. I have another theory about the "soul"


Our brain is a makeup of electrical frequencies and energy. When we are happy, one type of frequence goes up, and another down. When we dream, one frequence goes up, and another down. This is true with all feelings or "states of mind" THE TOTAL FREQUENCY ALWAYS REMAINS THE SAME


According to quantum physics, everything happens... there is an infinite number of dimensions. Every dimension has its own frequency, some closer to the one we're in right now, and some incredibly different. the closer frequencies are very similar but the spread apart frequencies are dramatically different.

Those who have mastered meditation and those who are using telepathy and psioncs have the ability to control the TOTAL frequency of their mind for the period of time they do the "activity" for, thus causing them to switch dimensions temporaraly. This allows them to be able to change things in the new dimension wich consequently changes the old.

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 41yrs • M •
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I was looking for a forum to share that same exact theory! Hadn't thought about connecting reincarnation to it though. I have some other aspects that I have used this theory to explain.

With our soul being aware of much more than we are consciously, and are consciousness getting us in trouble, it has a variety of ways of protecting or warning us. Selective memory I believe to be a misleading term, which is nothing more than repressed memory. Maybe ppl convince themselves things, rather than the subconscious protecting from breaking down. Blocking memories of horrible experiences and slowly revealing them as we are able to handle them. Gut feelings or intuition also being the souls way of passing knowledge.

I like to imagine the capability of the soul, and the more connected to our soul, the more capabilities we have. Such as how the woman I believe is my soulmate has the ability to just know that I did something, as if I was told on. When I've told even the smallest lie, I swear it seams like I sabotage myself and confess so I learned to just not lie to her. She's probably the only person that could keep me on track, and of course my soul would know or see that she has that effect.

Anyways, I have more but i could go on and on.

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subconscious soul
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