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will religions join with the returning of Jesus?

User Thread
 46yrs • M •
ahmetcelik is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
will religions join with the returning of Jesus?
It is a fact that those centres of power that have religion and its moral values in their sights have combined the wide opportunities at their disposal and are acting in alliance against people who have religious beliefs. It is actually not that difficult to destroy, in the ideological sense, that wicked alliance, to eliminate the negative and destructive effects of atheist- materialist indoctrination, and to bring about a society where proper morality, happiness, peace, security and well-being prevail. The one way of doing that lies in the three revealed religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) joining forces in the light of that common objective.

The task of sincere Christians, Jews and Muslims who possess a conscience and common sense is to wage a joint struggle against evil and those who engage in it, to help one another and to act in a spirit of unity and cooperation. That unity must rest on the principles of love, respect, tolerance, understanding, harmony and cooperation. We must bear in mind the urgency of the situation, and factors likely to give rise to conflict, argument and division must be scrupulously avoided.

Here, Jews, Christians and Muslims are called to join in the light of common objectives to wage a joint struggle against atheism, social and moral degeneration, and to spread good morals throughout the world. This call is to all the sincere, scrupulous, benevolent, agreeable, decent, pacifist, and just Jews, Christians and Muslims.


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 38yrs • M •
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In my unimportant opnion I think your post was full of bullshit. First off, who are you to narrow the relegions down to "three" as the only ones who can set right to this world of wrong. I think Taoism is far more likely to set things right in this world. Also who are you to say that this world isn't exactly the way that it is supposed to be? It might be that God has things the way they are for a reaon. As if "if things were any better, we couldn't live here.". We would never learn, because we never queston, because everything is the way we want it.
And as to Jesus and his returning who are you to say that he will. We actually have no to proof to the way things are, Bible or no Bible. And if he does come back,(by your on theroy) the very "relegious" people of, Judism and, Islam are still going to hell, because they didn't beleive in Jesus. Who in that relegion is the only way to heaven. Why is that if they are the ones along with christains, who have the responsiblity of setting this world right. That would make God a sufficient Ass-Whole, I should think.

Sorry Bad Day!

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""So this is where im supposed to wright something snazy and truthfull?"-impossible."
will religions join with the returning of Jesus?
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