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Systemic Theory

User Thread
 36yrs • M •
rraseley is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Systemic Theory

Worrying about the personally perceived dangers of prooven methods and technologies can and will, if unchecked and misunderstood, lead eventually to first the fear of, and subsequently the personalization, rejection, and long term denial of new and exotic technologies, ideas, and experiences. I believe that the fear of or apathy towards new things in a natural reaction based on the energy changes that take place in the brain when individual <B>Systemic Thoughts</B> must alter, rework, or even completely get rid of themselves.

How Systemic Thought Exists in the Human Mind

Systemic Thoughts exist in all areas and states within the mind, but most of what we would think of as complex thought, other than dreams, occurs during the waking hours. The conscious mind of a human exists because of its ability to use, produce, and manage <B>Systemic Thought</B>. Only because humans have the ability to freely associate anythought in their head, they have superiority to animals. The act of evolving without any physical change at all, which is the apex of the shift of power in nature to those who are smartest.
What is this thing that I keep refering to as a <B>Systemic Thought</B> you might ask. A <B>Systemic Thought</B> is a self contained set of thoughts that; are generally related in subject matter, but can also be incohesive or fragmented. <B>Systemic Thought</B> are generally made up of a cohesive group of individual ideas or smaller <B>Sub-Systemic</B> thoughts.(The set of thoughts that allows you to know how to brush your teeth or walk; Sub-Systemic thoughts are much more basic in ability and complexity. A <B>Systemic Thought</B> Is a free floating, formless, flexible, and fully integrateble set of skills, ideas, techniques, or all three that allow you to anything more complicated than putting on a pair of pants. For example the thought processes that allow your body to play soccer are <B>Systemic Thoughts</B>; they allow you to anticipate the position of the ball, to calculate trajectory, speed of the ball, or even look at an opposing player and asses his physical or even mental condition. <B>STs</B> (as I will call them from here out) are able to "move" freely and connect in any other <B>STs</B> to form advanced, deducive, and intelligent predictions and ideas.

Systemic Thought and Nature

That, after all, is the one true difference between man and everything else that has evolved. The ability to choose, there is no right or wrong in nature, just the cycle of life; which is an absolute. The only animal that has the concept of right or wrong, the only animal that has the power to imagine. Beyond the traditional arguments of the exsclusivity humans have on consiousness; there is something very real at work.

The Exsclusivity of the Human Brain

Through the Systemic Thoughts theory it is possible to make extremely educated guesses about all sorts of problems. It brings to light another argument between animal and human consiousness; the fact that human beings are the only species on earth that has the ability to choose, on many levels, something harmful over something helpful. The conscious smoking of cigarettes or the sub-conscious decision to go into a situation that you know is dangerous because of curiosity; or the supression of feelings of hunger, pain, or any range of human emotions. Not only are these choices made all the time but they are celebrated in some cultures and instances. We are told, taught and conditioned to reject and work against nature, mentally at least.

Nature's Sabotage

We are handed down certain instincts from nature, among these is an animal urge to maintain; maintain the population, the hunting lands, the breeding areas, and personal dominance. Deeper than this is an urge to resist any change that would <B>rewire</B> the programming that exists already. This is for a couple of reasons, one it enhances the ability of the animal to reproduce more exact genetic copies (which for whatever reason is desirable by nature), to make sure that the power they have in their brain is used soley for passing down behaviour to the next generation, and I believe to prevent the predator from using intelligence to gain major advantages over another animal. However because of evolution we are passed down some of these same traits, of an animal nature that make us inherently resist change regardless of the positive or negative merits of that change. I believe this is not only psychological, but chemical, electrical, and emotional.

Only through the free association of Systematic and Sub-Systematic Ideas is a being conscious and self aware. The concept of Systemic Ideas also sheds some interesting light on the concept of the historical, some would say <B>duty</B>, of man to do illogical things; not just occasionally, but on an epic scale. The concept of Systematic Ideas revels several truths about the illogical nature of man and helps make sense of the reasons for illogical behavior. A human gathers and stores information, generally, from a logical stand point. However once this information is stored there is not plausable reference of logic between thought and thought or system to system. At this point a human being is in a unique position to "interprit" events or meanings through their own personal system of logic. If you combine this with first the ability to take any two ideas randomly from thought, instantly, and privately associate them into something new, and then define that with your own reality to create entirely new SIs (Systematic Ideas) or SSIs (Sub-Systematic Ideas) and secondly the self contridiction that every human has inside of firstly the self defending SSI of perception and personal logic that are telling us to maintain the drive of nature to remain in constant cycle, everchanging but equal; and secondly the constant drive from both within and from society to reject the basic Systemic Ideas built into us by eveloution and nature as not applicable to a species that because of human kinds flawed logic, does not exist within nature, but in spite of it.

The Theory as it Appliest to Human Psycological Evolution

My theory of the nature of Systemic Thought is as follows. All action regardless of condition occurs within a cycle or because of interaction with a cycle. This can be apllied to every area of science or philosophy; but seems particularly applicable to the behavor and workings of the self-aware mind. Lacking mass requires that these Systems are not traditional systems that we think of, but are more comparitive to the behaviors of energies such as light, sound, and electrical energy. Therefore these systems are likened to applying an electric charge to a huge coiled chain link fence (our brains), having the ability to connect, integrate and transfer their energy to anywhere on the fence. If you had ten electric currents on the same fence they would all be one, seprate, inactive, and yet completely integrated. This is a gross understatement of complexity, keep that in mind though. Only through this seamless integrated network of Systemic Thoughts do we have the ability to defy logic as the process of action, as it exists in nature, (reaction, action, reaction, etc.) only then can we remove both natural logic and reverance for natures customs, a desire to perpetuate a species without advance, and finally remove the hard wiring put in our psyche by millions of menial natural existance. Systemic Thought is not just the precurser of self-aware, conscious existance, it is the very definition.

The Theory as it Applies to Human Emotion and Society

The very nature of a Systemic Thought is resistive to change. Not changed based on logic or human thinking but it is resistant to change on a very basic level; as is any other established system. One of the major parts of the "SI" Theory is that any group that consists or When you think of the Systemic Thoughts as energy, groups or individuals of it using the pre-existing framework of your brain to do what is required of them. A <B>SI</B> is resistant to change on an ionic level. One of the main principles of the <B>SI</B> theory is that all established systems, regardless of situation or function is inherently resistant to change on two levels. Change on an ionic level and change on an behavioral or social level. When something you experience changes an idea that you hold, indiviual or systemic, there is a natural negative response. In humans this manifests itself in the form of anger, stress, disdain, or even obsession; any of these could be the result of a changing idea, forced or adopted. But it is real, and everyone who experiences change, experiences the discomfort of the mix of our inherent natural characteristics and the unpredictability of the self-aware.

Abstract Applications of the Systemic Thought Theory

From this you can derive a new definition of the concept of the definition of the smallest possible matter, and possibly define it as the smallest cohesive unit greater than one that resists the use or loss of energy. You could also move this classification over in theory if you defined a conscious entity as a cohesive group of atoms larger than one that has the ability to resist change without necessary adapting to it physically.

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 35yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that [MiA] is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
you know .... i never thought of systermic thoughts and it's pretty cool to read and think about it
i don't really get your theory though... could you break it down a little ?
thank you

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"The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care .... right ?"
 36yrs • M •
rraseley is new to Captain Cynic and has less than 15 posts. New members have certain restrictions and must fill in CAPTCHAs to use various parts of the site.
Three types of thought:

Systemic Thought - The free association of ideas outside of the logical systems and tendencies of nature.

Sub-Systemic Thought - Hard wired instints or instructions, exists in ALL life forms.

Singular Thought - The type of thought that most, at least moderately, advanced animals posses. Although non abstract or very flexible in nature, they facilitate some level of psycological funtion. (i.e. learning, adapting, even base animal emotions)

All systems resist change inherently because all systems resist losing energy, and the very act of changing or altering a system always uses more energy than no changing this.

When you combine all these factors, especially in humans, it helps shed some light on our contridictory nature. Inherently all our systems are resistant to change, even though the facilitation of Systemic Thought patterns are, in nature, ever changing and adapting. This explains the human tendency of a feeling threatened or hostile towards a change, just because its a change. This is the physical manifestation of our psychological structures not wanting to use energy.

Application of these theorys can be made over a wide area of, not exsclusively but most effectively, human social patterns and psychology.

That is the shortest breakdown I could muster... very bare bones.

Thx for the interest

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Systemic Theory
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