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Quantum questions

User Thread
 55yrs • M •
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Quantum questions
Have just finished a great book called quantum questions - not as high brow as it sounds, just a series of essays on the convergence of science, philosophy and religion - In it Schroedinger makes the point that when we dream we appear to experience something similar to our every day existence (with some obvious quirks) but what hadn't occured to me was that you (the dreamer) are actually in control of all the other characters in your dream although you don't realise it. In essence everyone in the dream is an individual but intrinsicly linked at the same time. If you think about it this is pretty close to modern day thinking and particularly Eastern philosophy about "God". I'm not suggesting we are all stuck in some "Matrix like" dream but it gave me a good insight into what i think God realy is...i.e. not an Old man with a long white beard

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 64yrs • M •
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The Hawaiian religion that was outlawed by the Catholic Church - Can't remember the name, but, they claimed that they could predict the future and even change it through their dreams. They knew we were coming before we got there and allowed it believing that we were gods.

In the Venture Inward, a publication by the Association of Research and Enlightenment. They have run some recent articles about what you're talking about. I don't think it was exactly the same, but close.

Two things that are important. You cannot remember all your dreams in detail, so you have to write them down after you awake so that you can study them later and second. I Controlling your dreams takes practice. Its called Lucid dreaming. I don't do either one - but I should.

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Quantum questions
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