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Tagged > Secret service
THREAD GovernmentSecret service scandal
3 Posts • 2116 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Does anyone know exactly what it was that these secret service agents did? I just heard it was prostitution, or using them or something.
 36yrs • M
THREAD JokesKookie's Trivia
34 Posts • 13055 Views
Jokes & Games
Code name given to Frank Sinatra by the Secret Service NAPOLEON
THREAD GovernmentSecret service scandal
3 Posts • 2116 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
It wasn't prostitution that brought down the secret service it was the agent's stiffing the girl out of the agreed $800.
THREAD GovernmentBush and God's will...
28 Posts • 7394 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yes, a nation-state's secret service is only an extension of that state. America is responsible for the acts of the CIA.
THREAD Judaismcommercialism of the kabbalah
2 Posts • 3601 Views
Religion Forum
A religion that's also known as "the secret". If it is a secret, I don't know about it. Not knowing about it, how can I answer your question. I have heard the name Kabbalah, but...
THREAD Governmenteconomic and social system in the USA?
9 Posts • 8394 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Not sure what you mean by social system but economically it works something like this : If people need a type of goods or a service, a company, seeing that money can be made, provides the goods/servi...
 38yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
 48yrs • M
good service
 33yrs • F
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWhat's In Your Name?
92 Posts • 25273 Views
Talk Talk s.html Harkness is a secret scottish clan, unfortunatley, I'm not in on the secret. I think the secret got lost. :D
 40yrs • F
I love poems
 39yrs • F
Not of this world
 2022yrs • M
U wanna know the secret to life then u m,ust find it for nurself its different for everyone.
 47yrs • M
What is the secret of happiness?
 39yrs • M
The only way 2 people can keep a secret is if 1 of them are dead..
 44yrs • M
Fear the Lords who are secret among us.
 36yrs • M
I am but the gadfly, “to sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth.”
THREAD Bush Secret Plan to Draft Elderly Revealed
1 Posts • 2694 Views
Jokes & Games
(2004-10-19) -- Previously unseen documents released by the Kerry-Edwards campaign today reveal a secret Bush administration plan to draft the elderly into military service. "If George W. Bush...
THREAD Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
10 Posts • 4083 Views
Talk Talk
What Internet Service do you use, and what are the Pro's and Con's? I have had AOL since it was 3.0 or something like that, and have had a good time chatting in their Chatrooms, but that...
 39yrs • M
I\'m in a doom, doom generation, pacin\', ancient electric secret
THREAD Vidmail...
1 Posts • 1851 Views
Talk Talk
With Skype and video calls on mobiles, I believe a natural step forward may be video messaging... This could be by email or by phone, or an amalgamated service combining both. With extra features l...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWhats your name?
73 Posts • 17494 Views
Talk Talk
What is her secret anyway- victoria's secret that is. Like... does she have a penis? By the way, my names Rob
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligion has history
55 Posts • 12550 Views
Religion Forum
We make a habit of supporting the wrong guy around the world. Ho Chi Minh was an American agent in the Secret Service in WWII, Castro got his law degree at Harvard and was a frequent guest on talk sho...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Bush Motorcade Aims Assault Rifles At Protesters In Florida Prison | May 12 2006 Eyewitnesses are reporting that during Bush's recent visit to Florida, protesters were shocked...
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