The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible. - Oscar Wilde
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Tagged > Neuroscience
THREAD Consciousnesswhat is free will?
20 Posts • 31524 Views
Philosophy Forum
The current understanding according to neuroscience would suggest that there is no short term free will. The brain processes information and sends signals to react to a situation far quicker than y...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismAetheists Are Illogical
70 Posts • 24421 Views
Religion Forum
Atheists do not believe in the existence of god(s) so it makes no sense to say you are an atheist yet believe in god. I doubt whether many would accept your description of god as 'reality'....
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 62544 Views
Religion Forum
Going back to evolution - some electronic sources I know... Nature Neuroscience, Scientific American (some you might have to subscribe to). Otherwise, look up sources whose links originate from sch...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionThe power of thought.
10 Posts • 4929 Views
Philosophy Forum
The question you should be asking yourself is: where are my conscious decisions coming from? Most people would argue that we can indeed choose, that we have a will. But some neuroscientists are pro...
THREAD SpiritualityI'm think I'm losing faith in God.
48 Posts • 16831 Views
Religion Forum
saying "I don't know" is an answer and then the man created the computer on his image... i'm talking about "Binary numeral system". Our brain functions on this system...
THREAD ConsciousnessLevels of Consciousness
29 Posts • 10722 Views
Philosophy Forum
Has anyone here actually read anything about neuroscience (other than Everett and expansion)? It seems like people are just pseudosciencing at each other here. Telepathy? I think you mean you have...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyInescapable Human Emotion
27 Posts • 6535 Views
Psychology Forum
Awakend, I feel part of what you are trying to express here is concept that does not actually exist. The Freudian idea of levels of development, or any version of it, are groupings people have deve...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionThe power of thought.
10 Posts • 4929 Views
Philosophy Forum
If I understand correctly you are arguing how we choose the value of certain thoughts over others, according to a belief system we also choose. And that is what give certain thoughts power. I asume wh...
THREAD BiologyMeditation altars brain structure
18 Posts • 6848 Views
Science & Technology Forum
an interesting article I found: Scans of Monks' Brains Show Meditation Alters Structure, Functioning -- SCIENCE JOURNAL By SHARON BEGLEY - November 5, 2004 All of the Dalai Lama's gues...
THREAD DrugsAcid as a Catalyst
11 Posts • 3402 Views
Psychology Forum
Writing in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, the Johns Hopkins researchers note that most of the 36 volunteer subjects given psilocybin, under controlled conditions in a Hopkins study published in 20...
THREAD FuturologyWhat do you think the Future will be like?
43 Posts • 16421 Views
Science & Technology Forum
A thousand years is much too far to make any reasonable prediction.. Think of being in the year 1013 and trying to imagine what 2013 would be. No one could have guessed any part of 2013 correctly. I c...
THREAD ConsciousnessLevels of Consciousness
29 Posts • 10722 Views
Philosophy Forum
Everett is on the right track with the percentages being "urban myths", coming from I don't know where, and don't know anyone who knows where. Having been working (not finished) i...
3 Posts • 4454 Views
Philosophy Forum
I got his from the website This pretty much explains the sense of smell. "We think that we smell with our noses, [but] this is a little like saying that we hear with our e...
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