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Tagged > Herman
 52yrs • M
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THREAD ElectionsCain is the man
1 Posts • 2060 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Last night Herman Cain told everybody the truth. He wants to do what's needed where all the career politicians just want to pass what they think can be passed. What good does it do to comprom...
THREAD ElectionsCain and Paul
24 Posts • 6354 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The problem with Herman Cain is he's a devout Christian who stands for truth and accountability while being unaffected by secularist, textbook psycho-babble. Would that about sum up your position...
THREAD BooksCatcher in the Rye
28 Posts • 15158 Views
Talk Talk
I read the book when i was 13, then again at 16. At that time i loved the book. I read it again at 18(now) and i dont know what i saw in it. I cant say its a bad book, i just think it does not have th...
THREAD ElectionsDo Americans Deserve who they vote in?
0 Posts • 622 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Considering the painful past of this country where racism is concerned, Cain is making a valid point. Had you lived it in this country you wouldn't be able to dismiss the significance of what he...
THREAD GovernmentI'm sick of government
5 Posts • 2805 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yeah, it's possible. I was upset the other day. Had to deal with bureaucratic nonsense that wasted my time while failing to accomplish even the stated goal of the bureaucracy in the first place....
THREAD Who is you favorite teacher
11 Posts • 4865 Views
Talk Talk
"sorry if i butchered anyones name" I doubt you have to worry, if there is something teachers are bound to have a great sympathy and understanding of, its butchering peoples names, every...
THREAD ElectionsCain and Paul
24 Posts • 6354 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Decius, As you you know I generally have the up most respect for your opinions. But on this one issue you have seemed to show a very closed and narrow mind. You are correct when you say we are not...
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