We are born with everything we need to know, but its up to the individual to get it out of one's self. - Kevo
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Tagged > Earth
 19yrs • M
Chosen by God
 46yrs • F
One People, One Earth, One Future
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Earth - food for thought
6 Posts • 1987 Views
Philosophy Forum
Many of us have a view of The Earth, and how objects interact with it. And we likely rationalise night and day, and the four seasons of the year, by "seeing" the Earth spinning on its axis o...
 41yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 32yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 54yrs • M
EARTH: You are here.
 55yrs • F
down to earth
 37yrs • F
THREAD AstronomyEarth From Outer Space
8 Posts • 6482 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Some facts about our planet Earth: • Earth is the third planet from the Sun. • Earth formed 4.54 billion years ago. • Life formed on Earth 3.6 billion years ago • Approximately 71% of Eart...
 56yrs • F
peace on earth
 43yrs • M
what on earth????? i did what last night?!?!?!??
 51yrs • M
womman were put on earth to look sexy
 53yrs • M
the coolest fellow on the earth
 33yrs • F
There will be peace on earth when it falls apart!!
 38yrs • M
Enjoy your live
 54yrs • F
humans r wolves above our earth, but don't be
 45yrs • M
a love earth
 42yrs • M
this place rocks earth!!!
THREAD Is this relative? HELP!
17 Posts • 6118 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have a question? I don't know if anyone can help me with it. Now I know when I jump up not only am I moving away from earth, but earth is moving away from me as well. I was wondering if when I la...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Earth - food for thought
6 Posts • 1987 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think I do get this. What you're saying is that, based on the premise that we observe objects dropping directly to Earth, when we take into account the fact that the Earth spins at 1,000 mp...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeNothing is fact?
20 Posts • 15695 Views
Philosophy Forum
BTW: The Flat Earth Society is a real hoot. Per their wiki, as all of these claims are necessary to have a flat earth given the evidence: -All space travel is a hoax. -Half sunken ships are raised b...
 40yrs • F
dont b fooled by da rocks that i got
 34yrs • F
Josh Hartnett is the sexiest guy on earth!
 44yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
 32yrs • F
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
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