Don't believe your eyes, don't believe your ears, don't believe anything that you are, were, or think you will be. For if you do, you shall sure fall into my trap, and I shall kill you slowly under these illusions. - Aubrey Asylum
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Do we really exist? - Page 3

User Thread
 37yrs • M •
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ha ha...I think the answer to this might lie with some basic understanding. Its the case of the whole being more than the sum of its constituent parts again. If you look at atoms..u can keep dividing their structure further and further...but when do u actually get to a point. Even if you agree there is a point..something must connect that point to another. If there truly exists a single point in time everything would happen in an instant and this would be nonsensical so things must operate on what I can probably best call flows. The control, be it chemical, physical, metaphsyical etc., is the link that binds what we perceive or classify as distinct elemnet...this control we can conceive as as Nature of God or whatever is just. The things is it must be inter of external...I prefer to think at as the weaves that make the tapestry...its not colourful until you see it at the appropriate scale relative to your perceptive reference.

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Do we really exist? - Page 3
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