Sometimes you have to do what you don't like to get to where you want to be. - Tori Amos
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Tagged > Women
THREAD Question!
5 Posts • 2684 Views
Talk Talk
i think women in porn tend to exaggerate a bit. i mean, i guess some women do make a lot of noise and some women dont really make any. but honestly, they can still have a good time without yelling and...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 27891 Views
Psychology Forum
I'll have to admit that there was a time when I thought that women were the bane of my existence, experiencing much of the cruelty and confusion you, IHW, may have endured from women. I realize n...
THREAD RelationshipsI have nothing but contempt for the western woman
35 Posts • 14991 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I too am interested in knowing - what are some differences between western women and eastern European women? What is the insanity of western women? btw - eastern Europe is countries like Russia/Cro...
THREAD Male vs. female
5 Posts • 2962 Views
Talk Talk
anyone is able to train themselves to be physically fit or strong enough to take a test if you work hard enough. this goes for women. all standards should be equally difficult to men and women. women...
 33yrs • M
men for others, women for me
 68yrs • M
love beautiful women
 52yrs • M
I just love those celebritie women!!
 41yrs • M
Most of beauty women fan
 37yrs • M
I ve Older Women
 47yrs • M
celebrity women
 48yrs • M
Women Are Magnificent Creatures
 50yrs • M
THREAD Intimacypercentage of women who swallow during oral sex
36 Posts • 137589 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
As a side note, I've only recently realized how, despite the fact that I do not dehumanize women in a social context, women are profoundly dehumanized sexually... so much so, that neither women n...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChicks and Fake Phone numbers
64 Posts • 39707 Views
Psychology Forum
lynnie- "Okay dingle, Cruel Women? Can't men figure out if a girl is interested in them or not. Seems as though it might be obvious in some ways. On the other hand, what about men that p...
THREAD IntimacyThe Trojan
5 Posts • 2018 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Actually if what I've read is true that's not a patch or the sort of innuendo and smutty hummer that flys around at some women only events. It seems many women feel quite comfortable indulgi...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 13053 Views
Psychology Forum
women already rule the's a woman power thing now isn't it??.....from the day eve sinned women have ruled the world because adam gave up his power to her.......we fight for wome...
THREAD Gender PsychologyJeans and heels are painful
39 Posts • 12864 Views
Psychology Forum
But what is freaky is that they still wear heels and constricting clothing even when it hurts. Just like women in the Victorian era worse corsets. You'd think people would made the connection tha...
 58yrs • M
women are hot
 50yrs • M
Women are beautiful
 37yrs • M
I love women
 43yrs • F
i love women
 32yrs • F
Female dominance, women on top!
 56yrs • M
Thank God for women
 49yrs • M
I love women.
 36yrs • M
asian women are HOT!!!
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