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Tagged > Women
THREAD Society & SociologyMy American nightmare
34 Posts • 63031 Views
Psychology Forum
116. The death of FBI analyst (2/28) There is a Chinese proverb: "There is no three hundred taels of silver here." It said once a man who hid three hundred taels of silver under ground. T...
THREAD Life & DeathLife: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
7 Posts • 2896 Views
Philosophy Forum
The Word In the beginning was the word and the word was with Jah and the word was Jah. V The Bible There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet slip...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 19092 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus maintained His physical human body. He did not go back to Heaven and become spirit....He did rise from the dead His soul would have returned to His corpse and made it live again Now your contra...
THREAD Know your Fluoride: Think its a Joke? Look into it.
7 Posts • 3790 Views
Talk Talk
http://www.preferrednetwork.co m/FLUORIDE_STUPIDITY.htm Go ogle Nazi and Fluoride sometime. Here's the article from the link that I couldn't help but post in its entirety. FLUORI...
THREAD War & TerrorismFull Text of Bin Laden Tape - Comments of all flavors welcome
2 Posts • 1865 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/mid dle_east/2751019.stm Bin Laden tape: Text US officials say they believe the tape is real The following is the full text of an audio message purported to be b...
THREAD Society & SociologyMy American nightmare
34 Posts • 63031 Views
Psychology Forum
111. How they plant. In late December 2000, in bank statement I found a check (amount 5000) paid by my wife to her company. I asked her what was it for. My wife said she had bought a house in her...
THREAD IslamIslam.
19 Posts • 5096 Views
Religion Forum
Islam and Christianity Similarities and Differences by James Abdul Rahim Gaudet, Rabia Mills and Syed Mumtaz Ali ---------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------...
2 Posts • 2758 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
POETRY AN ODYSSEY I am a victim of beauty! It chases me like a hunter chases the wild animal in a forest. It is not that it finds me on its own: I always walk into its trap willingly like a fool. B...
THREAD ChristianityGay Bishop = Gay Jesus?
48 Posts • 11339 Views
Religion Forum
Well now I didn't think it was possible... but here I am. Pardon me if I seem disjointed this time around, but you've succeeded in bringing me out of positing retirement and I haven't p...
THREAD LawThe Doctorine of Pre-emption
3 Posts • 3655 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
This thread is soley dedicated to the discussion of pre-emption, which is detailed here in this article, please leave comments about the validity of Operation Iraqi Liberation out. The New Bush D...
THREAD IslamThe Qur'an
110 Posts • 20477 Views
Religion Forum
Try to read it all....if you can.*dead* What really happened during the Crusades? So what is the truth about the Crusades? Scholars are still working some of that out. But much can already...
THREAD Funny TidbitsInteresting Facts
6 Posts • 2784 Views
Jokes & Games
1. 1,525,000,000 miles of telephone wire a strung across the U.S. 2. 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't d...
THREAD SocietyFacts vs Bush-Bashing
13 Posts • 3312 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I won't be contributing to the war of graphs again, this has been done. What we've found here at this site is that contradictory statistics can be found from equally federal and or credible...
THREAD ChristianityWhy I Am Not A Christian
5 Posts • 2592 Views
Religion Forum
Thought I may make a thread for this essay. Its rather massive, but its worth the read. No really it is!*cool* As your Chairman has told you, the subject about which I am going to speak to you toni...
THREAD StoriesPostcards from Purgatory
1 Posts • 2080 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
1st Postcard Kiss it all goodbye; remnants of childhood imaginings evaporating off crumpled pillowcases and vibrant dream worlds overshadowed by monochromatic reality. There was a boy back there;...
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