The slowest way to die is to live. - Danny123
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Tagged > Step child
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHow Do You Cope?
3 Posts • 3101 Views
Psychology Forum
For the Parents and family of special needs children I would like to hear how each of you cope with the constant or near constant needs of the child/children. The frustration of seeing the child a...
THREAD Cliqueless
0 Posts • 5643 Views
Philosophy Forum
Intelligent is defined as to be "able to understand". But I think one also has to be intelligible..." capable of being understood", in order to be an intelligent person. Just b...
 38yrs • F
trying is first step towards failure
 40yrs • F
Don't step in the bullshit
 37yrs • M
"Trying is the first step towards failute&quo
 26yrs • M
hope is one step further on the path to dissapointment
 26yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
 36yrs • M
A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step
 33yrs • M
I know not, the first step to wisdom.
 35yrs • M
It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
 50yrs • M
 28yrs • M
Get outta here Satan!
 30yrs • F
only if it has to do with destinys child
 54yrs • F
every child a wanted one
 38yrs • F
< no additional information provided >
THREAD FuturologyEvolution of thought
4 Posts • 2140 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have a theory that i would like other people to consider, and hopefully tell me what they think about it. I believe that there are different levels of thought, attainable only through epiphonies,...
 36yrs • F
life is like a flied of newly follow snow where i choose to walk every step will show
THREAD Is someone trying to tell me something?
4 Posts • 3020 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I got into one of my e-mail accounts tonight and found a letter from a publisher over in the UK. After having read some of the my work that is published here in the states they want to publish some of...
THREAD Hipnotize Yourself
5 Posts • 4342 Views
Jokes & Games
Step 1: Ok, heres the deal, Turn All the lights off in the room so all you can see is your computer screen. Step 2: Secondly, Crank your vol. up so you can hear what the guy in the backround is say...
 39yrs • F
You're like a child you don't see the knives people hide
THREAD Walking!
10 Posts • 2832 Views
Talk Talk
Sounds awesome. I bet he is a cutie. When are the other 2 due? How old is your step-daughter and how did you end up with her. I mean I am not trying to be nosey or anything but most of the time women...
 31yrs • F
All things that have passed away! Behold a new beginning!
 27yrs • M
once more unto the breach
 37yrs • F
time heals all wounds
 50yrs • F
Never Give Up!
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