If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace - Thomas Paine
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Tagged > Emotional songs
THREAD Three Generations Fish ~An Article~
1 Posts • 2150 Views
Talk Talk
~This is an article that I submitted to a Local WIldlife/family life TV Program and they are now going to be doing a segment on it for their show as well as publish the Article. Just felt that maybe h...
THREAD Astral Travel/ Projection
10 Posts • 4900 Views
Philosophy Forum
O.B.E. (astral projection) Recent events have affected all of us but the death of a friend has drawn out the feelings of helplessness. As we observed his passing, the desire to comfort and to be com...
THREAD ChristianityWhy I Am Not A Christian
5 Posts • 2783 Views
Religion Forum
Thought I may make a thread for this essay. Its rather massive, but its worth the read. No really it is!*cool* As your Chairman has told you, the subject about which I am going to speak to you toni...
THREAD ConsciousnessThe prince
7 Posts • 4260 Views
Philosophy Forum
regard. One’s bodily position can be checked in general, as well as one’s state in general. Emotions are a degree from the fixed state, but can be regarded as having a transitive state. Percepti...
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 10763 Views
Religion Forum
Did I state anything against commenting negatively? Show me You said nothing, against, in terms of telling people not too, but that was not the point I made. Don't be discouraged by the negative...
THREAD StoriesPostcards from Purgatory
1 Posts • 2293 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
1st Postcard Kiss it all goodbye; remnants of childhood imaginings evaporating off crumpled pillowcases and vibrant dream worlds overshadowed by monochromatic reality. There was a boy back there;...
THREAD SocietyFacts vs Bush-Bashing
13 Posts • 3567 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I won't be contributing to the war of graphs again, this has been done. What we've found here at this site is that contradictory statistics can be found from equally federal and or credible...
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