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What do you think about the rascism ? Can it disappear ? - Page 2

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 44yrs • M •
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I agree somewhat with the fear of the unknown, but in America the unknown in reference to the relationship between white and black, by this point, has become rather small wouldn't you say.

It is not fear that leads to racism after a point, especially after a couple of hundred years, it is hate.

Hate has been bread to an entirely new height. Generally speaking the equal opportunity laws coupled with a hatred the general black population feels toward whites leads whites to hate back. It is a vicious cycle.

On an amusing note however, I have personally witnessed whites and blacks stop fighting to stand shoulder to shoulder against Mexicans. So I suppose the only way to stop racism is to find a race that all can equally hate and fear together, hence bringing about a society that is bonded by their personal fears.

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"What is true power?"
What do you think about the rascism ? Can it disappear ? - Page 2
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