Life is often hard. The blade is my only comfort. i used to rely on you, but since the last heartbreak i desided that my own blood, and my self are the only things that cares about me. - Blood_princess
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What Gods or Goddesses do you believe in - Page 3

User Thread
 65yrs • M •
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There are those who follow the leader and then there are those who follow their heart.

Unfortunately there are far to many who follow the leader and ignore the truth that cries out from their heart.

I'm not innocent, I've been stupid. I've followed really stupid stuff in my time. I'm just glad that my heart was louder then the lies I've been taught.

In the name of religion, a lot of very ugly things have happened. Most recently was the American Indians. They were called heathens, they had red skin like the devil, etc.

I love religion and I very much believe in God - but I truly understand those who have difficulty with the concept.

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"A fool says I know and a wise man says I wonder."
What Gods or Goddesses do you believe in - Page 3
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