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User Thread
 43yrs • F •
A CTL of 1 means that Karmapolisa is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I dont think its possible to explain why we're here, where we go after this life etc...because its impossible for the human mind to understand what "nothing" truly is....or isnt. We envision blackness because we still envision some sort of space that has blackness in it but it is truly nothing....no time, no space, no light. Im not saying that I think when we die that nothing happens.....Im saying that I think somehow we may be the nothing....currently we are this nothing peering through a physical body at form. We cannot ever experience the nothing if we ARE the nothing. I think only a few people know why we exist and that requires some kindof "grace". I think that its nothing that we can imagine. we imagine things in linear perspective and cause and effect with causality......which sucks because Id really like to be able to understand ...but i dont think my mind will ever be able to wrap itself around Truth.

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"If I had your physiology, your prior experiences, your family, your body, your life, Id be doing exactly what you are doing."
 58yrs • F •
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I'm reading a book called "Fingerprints of God - the search for the science of spiritiality". It is quite interesting & gives research info on both sides of the debate of a higher power or God as I like to call the creator. Check it out because it will open even the most closed mind on either side...

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 58yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that fearless5555 is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Stop wasting time and energy worrying about this, it doesn't matter at all to anyones life in the now. if you've been brainwashed thru religion when you were a child to fear this then all your life will be a waste for others to use you to their advantage making you a victim all your life, because you were influenced during a time when your brain was underdeveloped to discern the truth from others, that's mental rape or mental pedofilia, if you ask me. Therefore you cannot construct a valid opinion ever again based on this cruel and evil idea set upon you. Who gives a fuck what happens to you when your dead, your dead!, there is no pain when your dead, only in life, so why create mental anguish to carry with you all your life wondering and limiting your actions and your potential for anything. And Death to those who set these types of ideas in motion upon others, especially upon children.

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"Teach the people how to get along with one another because we already know how not to!"
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