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My thoughts on our world at 3 am

User Thread
 25yrs • M •
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My thoughts on our world at 3 am
First let me just say, the spacing may be erratic, because when I get flows of...thought, I just write it down, and this time it was on note pad, so forgive me.

Stop thinking about the world in terms of "Over there" and "over here"
and think of the world as "Here" Just because oceans separate us, don't
mean we are in a separate world. Just like a lakes don't
geographically separate the towns and states we live in.

That is all oceans are, big lakes.

All land is connected in some way, physically,
and metaphorically.

With that fact, I have come to the realization that,
if we do not have a centralized government, something other than the
U.N, which does not control to the extent of governments, we, as a
civilization, will not survive. Though I do not think America should be
the head of this, because our government is quickly becoming a shell
of it's former glory, but that is a discussion for another time.

We need to stop being so jaded, and apathetic to the problems that face us
Our species needs to grow up, and move on from superficially
things. We need to invest on a middle ground of economics, between
capitalism, and Communism. Where you are paid adequately to the work
you put it.
Perhaps where all business is semi controlled by government,

The government will control all money, giving you what you
earned. with the government controlling the economy, we have the
potential to make a truly utopia nations. One with no greed, hate,

We also need to stop taking such violent solutions to problems
we do not fully understand.
Like serial killers for example. There are
many different types, But all killers, on all spectrum have a reason
for the things that they do.
We need to treat these reasons, and the
emotions behind them, so we can learn, and attempt to prevent future incidents.

And lastly

The greatest thing, or rather, greatest leap we
all could take, is to define common sense. Common sense is almost a set
of emotional laws we have, just as reality has physical laws it must always adhere to. We as a planet, but learn to live for nothing but your self, with out shutting out the other people that are a part of YOUR family. No matter how great the distance, or genetic similarities,
we all come from the same tree, we are all family, weather you want to
believe so or not. This revelation solves racism as well as other problems. Every black male is my brother, and uncle, Every Asian woman
is my sister, my aunt. Love all like you love your family. For at our
current time, that is all we have, is each other, at the end of the day, at the end of your life, you will have NOTHING, but the people who
share the time you have given, and vise-verse,

People are asleep by more than the "American dream" we are all controlled by the "Earthen
dream", We can strike greed, hate, war, pain, if we all just awoke, and realized we only have one life to live, and we shouldn’t be spending
that time with such negative, and regressive thoughts, actions, and feelings. We need to rise above such petty, and childish things. We need to become unified in our goal to make life, of every significance, more than what it is today, because not only are we related to each other, we are also related to every living thing on this planet.

We must rise, and turn our current living into something more than failed attempts, and devious schemes. We must learn to feel with our thoughts, and not think with our feelings.

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"" I'd rather be a Witty fool, than a Foolish wit.""
My thoughts on our world at 3 am
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