I would rather have my ignorance than another man's knowledge, because I have so much more of it. - Mark Twain
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Trip Report

User Thread
 33yrs • M
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Trip Report
Trip report.

Ive recently been medicating with the substance "DMT" through the means off Dmt infused herbs called "Changa"

I'm interested in any trips you have experience whether they've been induced by chemicals or any other means.

Let me offer you a trip of my own...

I had a little bit of changa left, from what i had managed to acquire from a practising shaman.
Id spent the best part of the week hiking in the lake district hitting the pipe on picturesque peaks.

Me and my two friends decided to go for a walk and find somewhere to hit the chang.
We stumbeld upon a bird watching hut which during a windy day seemed ideal.

I stacked up a fat nut and toked slowly filling my lungs.
As i slowly released like always the Dimitry rushed my body as i closed my eyes the back of a bus drove away from my vision giving way to a Chinese city. It felt like i was in the back of a Chinese mans head peering through his eyes. He was talking to a lady wearing a long blue coat who was carrying a little Chinese girl she smiled and was carrying a book but the writing was to blured. I rember sitting down in a shop door way next to a bus stop as the hustle and bustle blurred into shapes and just like that i shot out of the mans head and opened my eyes...

Shortly after i hit another big hit this time i was facing a blank wooden wall of the bird hut.
I closed my eyes and was greeted by large gates as the opened a fair ground filled with people and circus performers all waving and smiling as i advanced inward a rush of excitement grew over my body with a slight feeling that the entire fair ground were shocked and intrigued by my presence.
On this trip i felt an entity next to me the whole time but found it hard to communicate.
All of a sudden i started slowing down until i was walking backward as everything rewinded in front of me (i thought it was an indacter that the trip was over so i opened my eyes the wall in front of me was still going mental so i closed my eyes but i was still going backwards in the fare ground until i reached the exit but this time the gates were a large hospital door with small blurry windows. On the other side of the door there where people pully faces... but now i was in the bird hut still with my eyes closed but i could still see the hospital door in front of me and the enteti to my right climbing in a
nd out of a wooden box.

Dmt trips are so hard to describe but hope you got the gist

Your thoughts

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"We breathe natures breath until we are tired and layed to rest..."
Trip Report
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