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What is homosexuality in humans and animals? Opposites philosophy.

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 33yrs • M •
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What is homosexuality in humans and animals? Opposites philosophy.
All people of homosexual and transsexual orientation are "mistaken", because they don't completely understand their nature, and what the second half they need! Actually, the mankind has two natural traditional kinds of love, which are based on such science as "socioniks". The first traditional kind of love is when a strong by nature man conquers a sensitive and gentle woman. And the second traditional love is when a strong by nature woman as a predator grasps as a victim a shy and constraining man, who cannot resist her female persistence. Then, there is a question: why are there unconventional sexual relations? Before answering to this question, it would be necessary to say, that each person has the aura and the personal energy field. And when we communicate with each other, we exchange with not only words, but also the еnergetics. We can feel and remember the natural energetics of other person! Scientists quite recently started to prove the aura and the energetics of a person with the help of pictures made by "aura cameras". The aura of a person could see such known clairvoyants as Vanga and Edgar Cayce, too.

Why is there an unconventional sexual orientation among men and animal males?

That thing, which men call homosexuality – is actually a "loss of sexual orientation". The loss of sexual orientation occurs because of the communication, falling for women, accustoming to the female and female energetics. That is, those men, who since their childhood were generally brought up only by a mother, without a father, or closely communicated with the female company, were very amorous, the majority of them doesn't feel an excitement to a female organism as they got used to this female energetics, and start to feel a certain excitement to man's energetics while communicating. Certainly, there are men, who, though, were brought up in the female society, but after all grew traditional people. But if a man at youthful age, being brought up among women, couldn't get used to the man's company at least in simple communication or in any mobile sports, it is quite possible that he will have a certain unresolved in time “psychological problem", with the bigger perception of this phenomenon from outside which can develop into the unconventional sexual relations.

The excessive female energetics is the main reason too for occurrence such phenomenon as "transseksuality", when the man, because of female energetics, allegedly feels inside something natural female, and creates to himself the same modern images of fashion, as well as a woman, thereby being mistaken. From ignorance and the wrong understanding, a man often chooses a way of the unconventional sexual relations. But all these feelings are not a real manifestation of an organism, in spite of the fact, that scientists say. Because some scientists say that the reason is put in genes and sexual hormones or in any structure of our brain. But there are other scientists, which consider that the reason of this phenomenon authentically “isn’t known", and the all existing opinions scientifically are not proved, but after all, homosexuality is not a norm, it is a "deviation" from the norm, and it refers to a psychosexual "frustrations" of preference (parafiliya)! There are all bases to consider, that scientists are wrong in their explanation of this phenomenon into the account of biological components of a person!

By a principle of loss of sexual orientation, this phenomenon occurs in fauna too, despite force and growth of other males. That is, in such cases, when females generally bring up their posterity without a male, this posterity gets used to the female energetics and is gathered this female energetics too and in the future they observe such homosexual phenomenon. Take lions as an example. At a male, being in the man's company, the female energetics in the organism starts to react. And that male, feeling this energetics inside, wrongly takes males for females, that is why appears a sexual activity to their sex. So, the unisex sexual phenomenon occurs rather by "mistake", but not of any special call of the nature. Sexual activity can be observed to inanimate objects too, and even to a man, and that fact tells us about the small understanding of psychology of animal beings of the sexual partners, but about a sexual function, which they wish to carry out. But the matter is that, after all, at a male of lions the orientation restores, and begins the usual natural sexual way of life! Males start to be in the sexual contact with females, and females in turn deduce the posterity. And males of lions have no any unisex sexual action. The low budget experience of supervision over males of hens proved that the bisexual relations occur only at those males, who are in the prevailing female company of females. And in purely man's company males have no homosexual behavior but only generally fight among themselves. For the same reason, such phenomenon occurs to all other polygamous and monogamous animal species, at which the unisex sexual phenomenon was observed.

Proceeding from it, it is possible to understand, that homosexuality at animals is not a prevalence under the strong being over the weak, but it is temporary a loss of sexual orientation. And the prevalence of the strong over the weak leads to leadership and often to objective management, as well as at men, but with the addition of force of "mind", in the most various human psychology that is not homosexual and doesn't lead to it. And in fauna there are no such males, who would have one, the clean homosexual direction of actions. The heterosexual relations occur more often than the homosexual. Everything says that so-called homosexual people are "mistaken" in conclusions about themselves as animals cannot adjust the psychology in such way that not to execute the main natural function of "reproduction"!

To those men, who are strongly got used to a female, it is necessary to get to any man's company, to get used to it and to find themselves in this company, thereby to be "re-educated". Or to find a strong by nature woman, who will take the lead in the relations, and thereby will take away this female energetics. And men don't need to be mistaken in what is felt in relation to their sex as it is not true love or the real sexual inclination. And it is the clearing of female energetics in the organism, and accustoming to the society. And it will slowly disappear away over time! And when the person will be mistaken nothing, he can show the real natural sincerity and naturalness that is highly appreciated in society!

Why do unconventional sexual relations at women and animal females appear?

If at men the unconventional sexual relations occur generally from a surplus of female energetics in the organism, at women, on the contrary, there can be unconventional sexual relations from lack of man's energetics in the organism, because of lack of communication and relationship with men and incorrect understanding by a woman the feelings to the person of the sex. The matter is that, when women communicate among themselves, their auras and the personal power field collapse that leads to the energetic splitting in the organism, occurring something like "tension". It is simply so arranged that at men in man's company the energetics become stronger in the organism, and at women, on the contrary, in the female company without men, the bio-energetic collapses. These feelings are not any manifestation of love, something man's, or a sexual inclination to the women. But now becomes clear, why women happened to be such honest with each other. Because of the bio-energetic destruction, occurring in the form of tension and interaction in the communication, women consider that they become in any sense as little sisters, as twins, by the organism and energetics. It is shown, for example, in sincerity, sympathy, and mutual understanding, into the account of various life experiences.

As one of the main sources of the energetics of an organism is "the sexual system" of the person, it becomes clear why women can wrongly consider these feelings as a certain sexual excitement on the relation to each other, that generally occurs in the childhood and teenage age, when the organism wasn't completely gathered yet with the sufficient energy, and the most important, man's energetics received out of, from men. But if women, being mistaken, will take such feelings as any manifestation of love or a sexual inclination on the relation to each other, and will begin the unconventional sexual relations, the bio-energetics in an organism and sexual system will collapse even more strongly, and the woman becomes more bitchiness to the world around and more feministic to a male, and it will be difficult to a woman to fall in love really with the man and to establish a high-grade family. And scientists on the carried-out researches proved that all women of the unconventional sexual orientation, who long time were engaged in these relations, had a much weakened immunity and, because of it, the pallor of a face and the all organism, as the aura and the bio-field – are the main parts of the immunity of a man!

If we look at fauna of females, we will see such phenomenon, when the female "jumps" on a female or a male and behaves seems like a male. This phenomenon is observed at artiodactyls, monkeys (a macaque, a chimpanzee bonobo, gorillas, etc.), and other different types of animals. But it is impossible categorically to call this phenomenon an unconventional sexual inclination! And it speaks that the female by nature feels and knows how should occur to it the satisfaction and fertilization. And it shows on an example of the next similar being what should make the male with it, and thus as though training, raising, and inducing males to sexual actions. It is impossible too to call this phenomenon as a manifestation of man's natural sexual inclination, because the female has no man's genital for similar sexual feeling! As animals don't have that psychology as people do, the female from misunderstanding, without analysis shows the sexual desire on everyone the next similar to animal, females or males. And the male, at the sight of this phenomenon, on certain surprising natural chain "reaction" right there, first of all goes to such manifestation of a female (sometimes confusing to males who are on females already) as the male understands that the female has a sexual desire and she demands a male. After pairing, and exchange of energetics and fertilization, the female often stops to make such actions as received that are necessary for it. Females of the most various animal species can have a "various" display of sexual desire and readiness for pairing, but natural "sense" of such actions, remains the same!

Women don't need to be afraid of showing true both gentle sensual, and strengths of the nature to the opposite sex. To see how it is felt, and to be natural. To take the lead and operate something or someone. It is not something unequivocal man's because in any case, it is the strong natural female! But at the same time, it is necessary to be correct, consecutive, fair to the world around, and tender with the harmless men!

More about natural human sexuality!

People of homosexual orientation often they say what they have there is a "right" to free choice of sexual partner and development of such relations in the society. But, the question arises: "and who has given them such a right, state law, natural, or of God? If state law, then it is clear, because of the state controls the "man". And, as we all know, in mankind there are a lot of "phenomenal facts", but, unfortunately, there is no reasonable answers to these facts, even from "scientists", for this reason, at all mankind can be various "delusion" and erroneous solution. But as in occasion natural and divine law? After all, we are created in the image and likeness of God. But we are created with a "one" gender, which in natural function intended for the "opposite" gender! And homosexuality – it is human "perversion", as and "zoophilia", because it is not on the natural functions of the body! Anus on nature is not intended for sexual relations! And the church not simply affirmative, saying that the homosexuality is a sin, because in mankind lived more wise people, which knew that such relations only make harm to mankind, and not give the benefit! This means, that homosexuality is not needed mankind!

There is an opinion which says, what the cause of homosexuality can be "reincarnation of the soul in another gender person's". But this view is erroneous, despite his believability. It is quite possible, it is the cause of "transsexuality ", not of this action, associated with fashion and erroneous psychology, and with feelings and memories from a past life other gender, but not homosexuality, because with reincarnation in another gender person's acquired a new natural function of the organism. Two single-pole magnets are not attracted to each other. This explains the natural law of opposites in the world. Consciousness, psychology, and feelings, may remain unchanged, but the gender, sexual functions, and bioenergy of the organism, as well as, feelings and memories from a past life, change in natural the direction of an organism in relation to the opposite gender, which can be compared with reincarnation on some other planet, on which the same way can remain consciousness, but acquired other functions of the organism according to the law of one or another planet. Research carried out with the help of regressive hypnosis prove, that the soul is often reincarnation in another gender, but people can have traditional sexual relations, full family, and their children. And Jesus Christ consciously not said about reincarnation, to prevent erroneous psychology and global acceptance of same-sex sexual relations as a norm.

There came an era of the Aquarius!

Our world changes and the mankind pass a certain stage of "evolutions" of the organism. Changes of time and sincere feelings occur "periodically", changing to several times a day. But the farther in the future, the more women start to feel to men that men, in relation to women earlier felt! And men, on the contrary, start to feel to women that women, in relation to men earlier felt too! Now women will lose a sexual orientation, because of big "accustoming" and a surplus of man's energetics, and in this regard, from not accustoming to the society, at least, in simple communication that are the feelings because of man's energetics, about what, it is necessary to take easier and not so seriously and not to perceive these feelings as it is the reaction of man's energetics in a female organism, and accustoming to the society that over time through certain feelings passes! And at men, on the contrary, the aura, the power field will collapse, and the immunity will start to be weakened, because of the unisex sexual relations or even at simple usual communication and interaction among themselves, arising from lack of female energetics and from the wrong psychological self-image about the natural sexuality, which occurs in the kind of some "tension" in the organism, that is not the manifestation of love or a sexual inclination to the man. And it is energetic feelings of all organism, including also a sexual system, when splitting bio-energetic in the communication and interaction which in the future anew will restore and become stronger!

And now it is necessary to say that the unisex love doesn't exist in general, because the unisex sexual relations don't give us the real internal sincere satisfaction. What people call the unisex love – is actually deep "psychological auto-suggestion", based on incorrect understanding of ourselves and our nature or on various human feelings, which aren't love or a sexual instinctive manifestation. And the nature can't influence a unisex sexual inclination as the nature itself consists of contrasts. In each live being the sexual inclination to an opposite sex, for reproduction and education of the posterity is put by the nature. It is such conclusive and initial natural instinct! The person should understand that if we choose a way of the unconventional sexual relations, these relations won't bring us true love, happiness and pleasure, because it is not established by the nature as a natural instinctive function. From this there is the scornful attitude of our society to people of such way of life, from an internal contradiction which comes sooner or later in the person, with the bigger perception of this phenomenon from outside but which passes in the future. And such relations, not to mention various venereal diseases, cause bad psycho- physiological condition and a bad state of mind of an organism which bring over time the negative consequences in our life that is already proved by various scientists and psychologists!

But that there was true love, it is necessary to choose the second half completely opposite to ourselves, by the organism, features, and energetics that "the natural lock" was created peculiar, it is desirable in one age with not so big difference of years. For example, if a man is strong by nature, he needs an appeasable woman, gentle and sensual. And if it is a strong by nature woman, she needs a sensitive man, soft and acute. It is those natural and instinctive relations owing to which there will be new families and will born children, as the integral and important part of true love - is the birth of children, thereby the manifestation of other natural parental instincts which bring the additional pleasant vital feelings. And the true love in such relations will slowly arise, since friendship, and desire to be together and will slowly reach the "peak", at more advanced age. Also it is not necessary to hesitate to show the arisen sympathy to the potential opposite second half as it is the natural desire and a peculiar requirement of an organism, thanks to what, the person in the course of life will find the present natural, and the sincere happiness and internal pleasure!

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 61yrs • F
A CTL of 1 means that sunonleaves is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
that's a lot of words to convey an incorrect assumption.
i am a bisexual person and by no means is my sexual orientation wrong, or misguided, or anything of the sort.
sexuality is not a 'right' in the way you portray it.
it is a natural part of who we are (who i am) and homosexuality is a natural (albeit not all that common) part of humanness, the same as it is in the rest of the animal kingdom.
you can spout off all you like about what you think it is all about, but it's obvious to me as a non heterosexual person that you are way off the mark.

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What is homosexuality in humans and animals? Opposites philosophy.
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